Why Sterling Silver Earrings are a Must Have in Your Wholesale Jewelry Collection 

In the realm of fashion and accessories, the beauty of sterling silver earrings stands as an enduring testament to timeless elegance and versatility. These dazzling jewelry pieces have risen from simple embellishments to become mainstays in sophisticated collections that captivate wearers with their understated charm and versatility. In this article we will explore the myriad reasons why sterling silver earrings wholesale deserve not just a place but a prime spot in your wholesale jewelry collection.

Versatility in Design: An Open Canvas for Imagination

Sterling silver earrings are a playground for creativity. They offer an unparalleled versatility in design. Craftsmen can mold this precious metal into a variety of styles from delicate studs to intricate hoops that cater to a lot of tastes and occasions. Whether you’re aiming for a dashing, minimalist look or a bold, statement piece, sterling silver provides the perfect canvas for design, ensuring there’s a pair for every ensemble and mood.

Reasonably Priced Luxurious: Approachable elegance for everyone

Ease of cost shouldn’t come at the expense of style. As the most cost-effective form of luxury, sterling silver earrings offer the same dazzling sheen as their gold counterparts without the expensive price tag. Because of their affordability, they are a top choice for people looking to build an elegant jewelry collection without breaking their bank balance. They appeal to both seasoned collectors and those who are unfamiliar with fine jewelry.

Fashion’s Everlasting Bosom: Timeless Appeal

Trends in fashion come and go, but sterling silver earrings have an elegance that is classic and never goes out of style. Elegant or formal, silver’s understated sheen never goes out of style and instantly elevates any outfit. Purchasing sterling silver earrings is a celebration of timeless design that never goes out of style, making them a priceless addition to any collection. It’s not simply a nod to current trends, either.

Resilience across Generations: Establishing a Legacy

Jewelry is a legacy rather than just an adornment. The 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal alloy that makes up sterling silver earrings is incredibly durable. By strengthening the metal, this alloy guarantees that it won’t tarnish, scratch, or wear out over time. Selecting sterling silver means making an investment in items that will last a lifetime, serving as heirlooms passed down through the generations, with each pair having a unique history and tale to tell.

Naturally Hypoallergenic: Comfort Without Sacrifice

The joy of wearing earrings shouldn’t be affected by allergic reactions. The hypoallergenic nature of sterling silver minimizes this worry. Since the composition of the alloy reduces the possibility of skin irritations, sterling silver earrings are a secure and comfortable option for people with sensitive skin. Because of this feature, a wider variety of wearers can appreciate the elegance of these earrings without being concerned about unfavorable comments.

Maintenance Ease: Elegance Without the Trouble

Nowadays people’s lives are very busy so accessories that are both attractive and simple to keep are very essential. Earrings made of sterling silver fully satisfy this requirement. It is typically enough to give them a little washing every now and then with a soft cloth and mild detergent to keep them looking as good as the day they were bought. Sterling silver earrings have a practical value added by their low maintenance, which makes them a desirable choice for people who want elegance without having to deal with a lot of upkeep.

Keeping Up with the Trends: Tradition Blends with Modernity

Despite their classic appeal, sterling silver earrings are nonetheless influenced by current trends. To keep sterling silver earrings fashionable, designers constantly recreate timeless looks and incorporate contemporary components. Their versatility adds a dynamic element to your collection, appealing to fashion-forward people who are looking for pieces that are able to subtly combine tradition with modern flair.

A Sustainable and Ethical Option: A Careful Selection

Sterling silver has become an ethical choice in a time when consumers are more aware of sustainable and ethical products. As the market for jewelry is growing at a fast pace, ethical sourcing of silver becomes more and more important. Wearers and collectors of sterling silver earrings can feel good about supporting a more ethical and sustainable method of jewelry making which will help to advance the positive development of the sector.

Pro Tip: Keep sterling silver earrings out of direct sunlight and store them somewhere cool and dry to preserve their shine. Use a gentle cloth to clean it frequently to avoid tarnishing. Keep them away from harsh chemicals, lotions, and fragrances to maintain their classic sheen. Your treasured pieces will remain elegant for years to come with this easy care regimen.

In summary

Sterling silver earrings are a celebration of grace, adaptability, and timeless style rather than merely being accessories. They are an essential part of any extensive jewelry collection due to their ethical considerations, affordability, timeless appeal, durability, hypoallergenic nature, ease of care, and versatility in design. The ever-changing world of fashion and personal style is a tribute to the enduring attractiveness of well-crafted, timeless items that transcend fads and stay cherished and current. Sterling silver earrings are a testament to this. Therefore, create room in your collection for the classic beauty of sterling silver earrings, regardless of your level of experience collecting fine jewelry.

At P&K Jewelry, we constantly strive to provide our clients with jewelry that is not only exquisite but also incredibly practical and easy to care for. 

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How To Care For Sterling Silver Earrings & Prevent Them?

A high-quality pair of earrings is a timeless investment when maintained properly. Learn how to maintain the beauty of your sterling silver earrings for many years. Elegant women have treasured silver jewelry’s enduring beauty for centuries. A pair of sterling silver earrings is an investment that will pay off for years with the proper maintenance and cleaning. Your silver jewelry can maintain its stunning sheen for years if you follow simple care instructions.

Sterling Silver Earrings

Silver and copper are combined to make sterling silver. The ratio is approximately 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. It’s possible to see references to 925 silver on websites or in jewelry shops.  Sterling silver is an excellent material for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings because it is lustrous, durable, and malleable. In addition, it can be formed into a wide range of attractive patterns and shapes.

Because they are elegant and robust, sterling silver earrings are a common choice for jewelry. Sterling silver earrings, however, are susceptible to tarnishing over time like any silver. Silver is vulnerable to corrosion when exposed to air and moisture, known as tarnish. Silver is not harmed by tarnish, but it might appear dingy and unclean.

On sterling silver earrings, corrosion can be avoided in several ways. One method is to keep them in a dry, relaxed environment. However, keeping them in an airtight container is a different method. Finally, you can polish them with a gentle silver polish and a delicate cloth. If your sterling silver earrings tarnish, the silver polish will make the tarnish go quickly.

The regularity of use and maintenance determine how long sterling silver earrings last. They can last a lifetime if they are created well and cared for. They might only last a few years, though, if they are often worn without being adequately cleaned or cared for. However, sterling silver rings can endure 20 to 30 years if treated properly. 

Let’s discuss some ways to care for sterling silver earrings-

  1. Pay attention to water and humidity

Be sure to remove your sterling silver earrings when it’s raining or humid outside. Sterling silver is affected by water in many ways. Also, take off your earrings before working out because sweat, believe it or not, can react with silver and some skin tones. 

Sea and freshwater can dull your silver, but they won’t harm it like chlorine. The best general advice is to remove your jewelry and pierced ears if you expect to get wet. The final step should be to put on your earrings after your skincare and makeup regimens. Silver can react with chemicals in lotions, hair treatments, and perfumes and get dulled. Start with your beauty routine, then finish with sterling silver earrings, rather than beginning your appearance with earrings.

  1. Avoid using chlorinated water

Although sterling silver earrings will last considerably longer than inferior quality earrings if worn all the time, it is still preferable to remove them before showering or bathing. Removing them when they come into contact with chlorinated water, such as at the pool, in a warm bath, or even when cleaning the home with chlorine-containing chemicals, is vital. If caution is not taken, the chlorine in the water will hasten the tarnished process.

  1. Storage

When it comes to preserving sterling silver earrings, a few dos and don’ts will help you prevent tarnishing and frequently clean them with harsh chemicals. The first is to keep heat and moisture away from sterling silver. Next, invest in a sterling silver storage box or bag. Wrap your earrings gently each time you remove them to limit their exposure to air and sunlight. Then, separate the pieces and leave any clasps or clips undone. Finally, keep a silica packet (the kind that comes in new handbags) or a piece of chalk in the bag with them to keep our silver dry!

Also, don’t keep your silver jewelry in the bathroom, no matter how convenient it seems. The warm, humid climate is ideal for tarnishing. Instead, keep it cool and dry, such as in your bedroom and out of the bright sun.

  1. Avoid sulfur-containing foods 

Sulfur is another adversary of sterling silver. It causes tarnishing and discoloration in the same way as light and moisture do.

What foods contain a lot of sulfur? Salad dressing and eggs!

Ensure your earrings do not touch these meals and that you do not wear them while cooking them.

Sulfur can also be found in the following surprising places:

  • Wool
  • Elastic
  • Latex

Although the final two are unlikely to come into touch with your earrings, wearing a high-neck wool sweater would expose them to sulfur, potentially causing tarnishing.

Wear Your Sterling Silver Jewelry Regularly

The more you wear your sterling silver jewelry, the less tarnish it will develop. So, finally, WEAR your sterling silver frequently! Silver enjoys being worn. That task should be easy with sterling silver earrings. Sterling silver despises being forgotten in a jewelry box, so put them in and turn some heads!

When to Avoid Wearing Sterling Silver Earrings

You’ll undoubtedly fall in love with your sterling silver earrings and want to wear them all the time. Remove and store them carefully when participating in the following activities, and they will remain tarnish-free for longer:

  • Exercising
  • Sauna
  • Using lotions or hair care products
  • Cleaning the dishes
  • Using perfume
  • Sunbathing

Just get into the habit of putting your jewelry on last when you dress to prevent the last two.

Remember the two primary enemies of sterling silver: light and moisture, and you’ll be rewarded with a long-lasting shine.


Sterling silver earrings are one of the best decisions you can make. They look great and will last for years if you use simple maintenance strategies to keep them looking great.

Wear them as much as possible and store them safely, away from light and moisture. And if you need a more thorough cleaning, look no further than your pantry or bathroom cupboard!

So have fun experimenting with various strategies until you find one that becomes your tried and true method. For example, if you are looking for sterling silver earrings wholesale and sterling silver bangles wholesale, explore the rich collection of sterling silver jewelry at P & K Jewelry, and make the best choice.

Top Popular Types of Earrings You Must Know

Earrings are one of the most popular forms of jewelry. They have been around from olden times and still going strong. Whether you are going to attend a marriage, a party, or a simple outing, stylish earrings are unavoidable. You can avoid hairpins or hairstyles, but definitely not earrings. A pair of earrings is a beautiful accessory that can help you to get ready in two ticks for almost any occasion and add a touch of bling to your overall look.

Earrings are an important part of our everyday look, so it is essential to have a few interesting earrings designs to choose from! Because when it comes to earrings, all women have their own tastes and preferences. Whether it’s simple studs or classic dangles, this piece of accessory is quintessential that helps you to look perfect without being overdone.

Earrings come in various styles, shapes, and materials. The most common materials used to make earrings are sterling silver, gold, platinum, beads, and gemstones. From modern style earrings pieces like ear cuffs to classic ones like gold hoops and chandeliers, we have got you covered with the popular types of earrings that you must know. Let’s check out what all types of earrings are there:

Top popular types of earrings

Following are some of the popular types of earrings available:

  1. Stud earrings: They are one of the most popular and simple types of earrings. As the name suggests, they are small earrings pieces that are shaped like a stud. They tend to sit snugly on the top of earlobes in which the back is hidden and give it the appearance of floating on the ear. Generally featuring a simple design, stud earrings are very comfortable to wear and go well with many different fashion styles. Diamond studs are the most common jewelry staple among all types of earrings.
  2. Drop earrings: Drop earrings have some similarities to stud earrings but as the name suggests they hang below the ear. They are incredibly versatile so have different types of styles available to them. Depending upon your style you can go for simple pairs of pearls or can choose more intricate designs in metal carvings. Various styles of drop earrings mostly feature a single stone that can be a pearl, a diamond, or a colored gemstone.
  1. Dangle earrings: Most people confuse dangle earrings with drop earrings. But dangle earrings are more complicated than drop earrings. There is only one major difference between both. Drop earrings do not move freely as they are stationary whereas dangle earrings are larger and bulkier so they have more movement back and forth freely. They look very attractive and elegant.
  1. Hoop earrings: And who doesn’t love “HOOPS”? Hoop earrings as the name suggests are shaped like hoops. They are in trend ever since fashion exists and add more volume to your overall look. Hoop earrings mostly feature simple and minimal designs but you will also get elaborated patterns if you want a bolder look. For a more glamorous look, you can go for a pair of diamond hoops. Most hoop earrings are round in shape but they also come in various shapes as well like triangles, squares, and ovals.
  1. Chandeliers: Their name is made from the ornate and intricate light fixtures mostly originated in Greece in the 5th century. Chandeliers are just like dangle earrings that hang below your ears, the only difference is that they have a distinct shape that extends and looks like a chandelier. They are very luxurious, feminine, and elegant as compared to other styles as they are made up of branches of different segments that are combined as one piece. You can wear them at formal events as they are designed to catch the lights.
  1. Ear cuffs: Ear cuffs are one of the most exotic and exclusive types of earrings. If you are looking for a boho or chic look, then ear cuffs are a perfect option for you. The design of ear cuffs is like they gently hug the ear and then from the top follow the curve, either it starts from the lobe or the middle of the ear. The plus point is they can be worn on any part of the ear without piercing. You can pair them with your western wear ensemble and flaunt them with confidence.
  1. Cluster earrings: Cluster earrings are the ones that sit tightly on the ear lobe. They are generally composed of multiple stones or gems that are grouped to form a cluster. They mostly come up in a form of stud or just have a little drop. Cluster earrings are a modern alternative to simple studs that just add a little dazzle to any look. They are designed in a much more elaborated way than studs and often make a dazzling statement.
  1. Ear threader earrings: They are minimalistic, long, slim pieces that thread through the ear and hang down to both sides of the earlobe. Because they are dangly so they move as you move. If you want non-dangly, fixed types of threaders then they are also available. You can customize it to make them extravagant by choosing stones or other decorative pieces for their ends. Generally, they serve a double purpose which is style and safety.

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We hope this blog helps you to choose the best type of earrings for yourself. In case you need any help in picking out the perfect pair of earrings for yourself then you can contact our jewelry experts, they will be happy to serve you!

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A Simple Guide to Choosing the Style of the Silver Earrings in 2022

Earrings are considered to be the most fashionable jewelry piece in every woman’s wardrobe. They are the only staple piece that is adorned by every woman. An exquisite pair of earrings can elevate your ensemble and can add a spark of brilliance to your day. If you are thinking of adding a new selection of pairs in your own jewelry box or planning to gift them to your loved ones, there are plenty of styles of earrings to choose from.

So to help you find your new favorite piece of an earring, in this guide we have briefed about the most popular style and our team of P&K has shared the trending earrings styles which you can look forward to in 2022.

Let’s get started!

Types of earrings 

First, let’s discuss the type of earrings. Whenever you decide what type of earrings you want to wear, there is always a particular style that suits your personality and the occasion for which you are dressing.

  1. Stud earrings: Stud earrings are a small type of earrings that sit snugly on your earlobe. Stud earrings mostly feature simpler designs. They are a staple of almost every woman and you can wear them on any occasion from a day in the office to casual dating. All thanks to their minimalistic style and secure fit, stud earrings are a perfect option for newly pierced ears.
  1. Hoop earrings: Also named as loop earrings. As the name suggests, hoop earrings are circular in shape and are the lightest piece of jewelry. They are like a sleek bangle that extends from the front of your earlobe to the back. There are plenty of sizes of hoop earrings available to choose from. Whether you wish to choose a small (huggie earrings), medium or large loop, it depends on your personality.
  1. Drop earrings: They are an extension of stud earrings that just drop below your earlobe but stay fixed to your ears without dangling down. Dangling earrings are the statement pieces that are best for an evening date or at any special occasion like wedding parties. You may find them similar to dangle earrings but there is a difference that drop earrings do not sway while walking.
  1. Sterling silver earrings: Sterling silver earrings are the next enduring style. Silver is a very soft metal so the metal used to make jewelry is sterling silver in which 92% of silver is mixed with a strong metal like copper. Due to this, sterling silver earrings are a good option for your everyday wear. If you want to upgrade your jewelry box you can buy sterling silver earrings wholesale on our website at very affordable prices.
  1. Gold plated earrings: Gold plated earrings are a favorite trend that pairs well with almost everything. So they are a go-to jewelry staple for your daily look as well as for special occasions. They are made from materials like brass that are coated in a layer of gold making it a budget-friendly option to buy pure gold jewelry. Gold plated earrings give you the best look and the perfect style without the higher price tag associated with gold.

Earrings trends for 2022

No jewelry box is complete without adding some pairs of trendiest earrings. So we are sharing with you the latest earrings trend which you can witness in 2022.

  1. Making a bold statement: Heading towards summer, there will be the huge significance of statement earrings. From drop earrings to costume earrings, bold statement earrings count to be big in more ways than one and are unique on all fronts. When it comes to making a bold statement, long styles are often suited in the summer season as they are the best type of earrings to wear with short hair.
  1. Hoops earrings aren’t going away – they are here to stay: Hoop earrings specifically huggie style hoop earrings will be a key trend in 2022. If you are thinking of the size of the hoops, then we suggest you go with any kind of hoop. Small or large, delicate or chunky, the choice is yours- hoop earrings are among those that suit everyone.

For huggies loop, we advise that statement pearls are a must-have. Because of their simple design and sophisticated pearls, they are best for casual and special occasion dressing.

  1. Plenty of colorful earrings: Colorful earrings can play a big role in 2022. Colorful designs may include resin, bead, or enamel.

When you go for resin earrings, you can pair them with pastel tones of pink, light blue, or green ensemble. Or if you are choosing bright yellow or pink beaded earrings, you can pair them with beaded necklaces and that will definitely become a trendsetter for the year 2022.

  1. Go for mix and match: Mismatched earrings will be another popular trend you will be seeing in 2022, and are considered as the most playful way of showing off your individual personality. When you are going to mix and match your earrings, keep the rest of your jewelry that you will wear to be more toned down because it can make your entire ensemble look cluttered.

So why should we stop at just earrings? Have some confidence and you can mix and match your earrings and can create an outstanding outfit that you have not imagined before. So let your sense of style outshine and bring your mixinsta out!


We hope you find this guide useful and you have been inspired to select your next piece of earrings for your jewelry box that will highlight your natural beauty!

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5 Classic Silver Earrings to Add to Your Collection in 2021

Chains, pendants, bangles, bracelets, necklaces – you are absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to shopping for jewelry every single time! But hey, who’s complaining? We love jewelry shopping and rightfully so!

However, when it comes to buying something new for yourself to update your jewelry selection, the safest and perhaps the most satisfying type of jewelry is – yes, you guessed it right – earrings!

There’s nothing quite as gratifying as a pair of beautiful earrings that you can flaunt. And admit it – silver earrings or those with a shiny silver finish are just pure magic! On that note, we are bringing to you some irresistible types of earrings that you should consider gifting yourself this year.

Trends of 2021 – 5 Silver Earring Types That Every Woman Must Have

At P&K Jewelry, we have made a checklist of some of the trendiest silver earrings that we believe every woman should own. Before you go all-out on a jewelry shopping spree, read on to find out what we think about these five classic types of silver-based earrings:  

  1. Studs – Because Minimalistic Can Also Be Flamboyant

Irrespective of your age, sex, skin color, or face shape, silver studs work like a charm because they are so neutral and versatile. Studs generally have a gemstone held in place on a silver metal base with clamps on one end and a fastener at the other end. Given the massive variety of sterling silver stud earrings available in the physical and online marketplaces, you can choose a pair that you like depending on when and where you intend to wear them. The best part about a pair of classic silver stud earrings is that they go with literally ANY outfit!

  1. Hoops – Delicate, Versatile, and Stylish

Silver hoops will continue to create ripples in 2021 and beyond because they are such an organic-yet-geometric piece of jewelry. You can never go wrong with classic hoops, as long as you select the right size and pair it with the right outfit. Whether you want a pair for daily wear or for special occasions, sterling silver hoops look absolutely stunning. You can choose from designs that feature a full circle or a semi-circular structure.  

  1. Danglers – Edgy, Elegant, and Eccentric

Silver dangler earrings are an excellent choice if you are on the lookout for eccentric shapes and designs. This type of earrings has proved to be a bestseller among young women because of the assortment of quirky shapes and options available. You can browse through a variety of silver danglers that feature elements like cupcakes, butterflies, flowers, and more online at P&K Jewelry.

  1. Drop – Understated pieces of embellishment

Looking for something that will make you look drop-dead gorgeous? We know just what you need – a pair of drop earrings in silver. Available in varying lengths, these versatile pieces feature stones and pearls that drop down from a hoop or a delicate wire. Drop earrings can also be worn with a variety of dresses and outfits – from evening gowns to formal attires.

  1. Chandeliers – Because who doesn’t love chandeliers!

Silver chandelier earrings are just like drop earrings, but a tad more dramatic and over the top. They could feature ornate tiers or intricate craftsmanship and are ideal for dinner dates, red-carpet events, and the like. Ravishing and attractive, we think you should definitely own at least one sparkling pair of silver chandelier earrings!

Trends (and the in-house jewelry experts at P&K Jewelry) suggest that these five types of silver earrings will continue to be all the rage this year and beyond. If you are on the lookout for high-quality earring options, look no further!

P&K Jewelry offers the widest collection of silver earrings that are available in both retail and wholesale. Apart from the types mentioned above, our catalog also features alluring charm earrings, crystal earrings, vintage silver earrings, and more – all under one roof!

You can browse through our expansive range of premium quality and yet inexpensive sterling silver earrings.

Our experience and deep domain expertise translate into genuine designs that are extremely easy on the skin, long-lasting, and of the highest quality. We ally and partner with dealers and jewelry-makers from India, Thailand, Bali, China, Mexico, and Italy to offer a wide selection of wholesale sterling silver jewelry.

Your Guide to Gifting Silver Earrings to a Loved One

silver Earring

Earrings are among the best (and safest!) gift choices for almost any occasion (and for any woman). Whether you are contemplating buying something for your beloved, or looking for gift options for a friend’s birthday, or hunting for an apt something for someone’s graduation celebration, wedding, anniversary, or anything else – earrings make a wonderful gift.

Here’s your complete guide to why you should gift earrings and how you should go about picking the right pair.

So, what is it that makes earrings a great gift choice?

Well, for starters, earrings are extremely versatile pieces of jewelry, so you basically can’t go wrong with them. They can be worn with almost any outfit – casual, formal, festive, etc.

Earrings come in a massive variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, giving you a plethora of options to choose from. Modern-day earrings are quite affordable, too, depending on what base metal and stones you are choosing. P&K Jewelry, for instance, offers an assortment of sterling silver earrings that are not only quite affordable, but also stunning and long-lasting.

7 different types of earrings you can choose from

  1. Studs

Studs are an excellent choice, regardless of face type, age, or gender. Sterling silver studs usually feature a gemstone and come with a fastener to hold the stud in place on the other side. Small, easy to pair with any outfit, and highly versatile, silver stud earrings are a safe bet (especially if you aren’t quite sure about the choices or preferences of the receiver of the gift).

  1. Drop earrings

Drop earrings are dynamic pieces of jewelry that could feature gemstones, pearls, or any other type of ornamentation that basically drops down from a wire or hoop. From subtle and delicate designs to bold and over-the-top options, you can explore a wide variety of makes and designs in silver with varying lengths.

  1. Dangler earrings

Silver danglers are a popular choice among the younger generation because of the different quirky shapes and design options available in the market. Small silver dangler earrings could feature eccentric elements like flowers, droplets, cupcakes, unicorns, letters, crowns, birds, butterflies, teddy bears, geometric shapes, and more.

  1. Silver hoops

Hoops are another highly sought-after type of earrings for women. Some silver hoops are a complete circle, while other designs feature a semi-circular design. Hoops made from pure gold or sterling silver look gorgeous when paired with an evening gown or festive wear.

  1. Diamond/pearl earrings

Pearl or diamond earrings are hot favorites among female customers or men trying to woo them – and for good reason. Whether a woman prefers edgy jewelry or elegant, understated pieces of embellishment, both diamond as well as pearl earrings lend a classic look. Sparkling and classy in equal measure, you can find massive selections of diamond studs, pearl earrings, and more in the physical and online marketplace.

  1. Gemstone-studded earrings

Colored gemstone earrings are fantastic if the receiver of your gift is fond of various types of stones. From topaz and emerald to sapphire and ruby, you are likely to find several options in combination with gold and sterling silver.

  1. Chandelier earrings

Silver chandelier earrings are also drop earrings but they generally consist of ornate tiers that add a bit of drama. If someone likes making a statement and standing out in the crowd, going for a ravishing pair of chandelier earrings might just be the perfect gifting decision.

Factors to consider when choosing earrings for someone

  1. Skin undertone

It is essential that you understand how to select the right earrings that complement an individual’s skin tone. For example, if the person you are gifting earrings to has warm, yellowish skin undertones, it is best to go for yellow gold. However, if the person in question has pale skin or blue undertones, sterling silver or white gold might look better.

  1. Eye color

You can also choose a pair of earrings – especially those with gemstones – based on someone’s eye color. The key lies in making the natural eye color pop by choosing stone-studded earrings that help bring out the dark or light undertones. If you cannot identify the right stone color, simply go for diamond earrings – everyone loves diamonds!

  1. Face cut

Experts at P&K Jewelry reckon silver hoops generally don’t look great on people who have a round face. On the other hand, for those with a well-defined jawline, a circular earring can soften their sharp features. Studs work well for all face types.

  1. Their existing jewelry collection

You can gauge a lot from the kind of earrings that someone already wears. The simplest thing to do is observe the general pattern and conclude what kind of earrings someone seems to like. You can also look at items like bands, rings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets to find just the perfect pair of silver earrings that can complement them.

  1. Purpose

This one is entirely up to you – do you want to gift something that only comes out on really special occasions or would you rather give them a pair that they can wear on a daily basis? Based on the purpose, you can decide whether you want to invest in a glamorous, show-stopping pair of dangling silver earrings or a subtle-yet-stylish pair of diamond studs.

So, there you have it – seven eclectic types of silver earrings and five ways in which you can gauge what to buy for someone. The next step is to find a reliable source from which you can buy your preferred pair of sterling silver earrings.

At P&K Jewelry, we offer the widest selection of sterling silver earrings (retail and wholesale). Browse through our extensive range of premium quality sterling silver earrings. From charm earrings and vintage designs to modern varieties and crystal earrings – all our genuine designs are skin-friendly, durable, and affordable.

No matter whom you are buying the earrings for – you will find it all right here at P&K Jewelry. Happy shopping!

How to Clean Stud Sterling Silver Earrings: Dos and Don’ts

Sterling silver earrings or studs are extremely dynamic pieces of jewelry that look really elegant when paired with everyday wear or dresses for special occasions. While you might buy yourself a dazzling pair of studs or earrings, it is important that you know how to ensure the upkeep of your jewelry pieces. Sterling silver jewelry is typically easy to maintain and clean. If you are looking for some pro tips to clean your earrings at home, look no further!

This quick guide will help you answer the following questions:

  • What is the right way to clean sterling silver earrings?
  • What should you use to clean your earrings at home?
  • What are the safest cleaning agents that you can use?
  • What are some dos and don’ts when it comes to buying, wearing, and maintaining silver jewelry?

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver and copper. Typically, the ratio is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. You might come across jewelry stores or websites referring to it as 925 silver. Lustrous, strong, and flexible, sterling silver is an excellent choice when it comes to earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings since it can be molded into a variety of beautiful designs and shapes.

If you have bought (or are planning to buy) a pair of stud sterling silver earrings, here is everything you should know about their upkeep and maintenance.

How to clean sterling silver stud earrings

  1. Method 1
  • Run your sterling silver stud earrings under warm water (or submerge them in a bowl of warm water).
  • Once the top layer of dirt and gunk loosens up, you can use a soft brush to scrub it away.
  • Take a separate bowl of clean, warm water, and submerge your earrings for a few minutes.
  • Drying the earrings is the most important part – rub them dry with a clean, soft cloth (along the natural grain).
  • Allow the earrings to dry naturally on a paper towel. Once they are completely dry, you can wear them or store them safely.
  1. Method 2
  • Take a small amount of baking soda and mix it with a few drops of water to create a nice paste.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to clean the earrings with this paste – make sure you don’t scrub them too hard.
  • You can use a toothbrush with soft bristles to reach the hard-to-access areas of the jewelry.
  • Dry the studs using a clean, lint-free cloth.
  1. Method 3
  • Submerge your earrings in soapy water (mix warm water with a mild detergent).
  • Gently move the earrings around in this water and leave them for about 10 minutes.
  • For stubborn gunk or stains, you can use an earbud or toothbrush for scrubbing.
  • Rinse the earrings in clean water to get rid of the soapy residue.
  • Use a lint-free cloth to dry the earrings.
  1. Method 4
  • If your earrings are very delicate or studded with precious gemstones, it is best to take them to your local jewelry store for cleaning.
  • The jeweler will charge a nominal fee to properly clean and polish your sterling silver ear studs.
  • Going to the jeweler is a good option if you wish to restore the luster and sparkle of your silver jewelry.

Apart from the methods mentioned above, some experts also recommend using hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, baking soda and white vinegar, cornstarch and water, or lemon juice and olive oil for cleaning sterling silver earrings and studs.

Dos and don’ts to ensure your sterling silver earrings remain in mint condition

Here is a complete list of the things you should and shouldn’t do while handling, wearing, storing, or cleaning your sterling silver studs and earrings.

  • Don’t expose your earrings to extreme heat or moisture – they happen to be the biggest foes of sterling silver.
  • Don’t let your ear studs come in contact with sweat, rubber, household chemicals, or items that contain sulfur (including foods like eggs, onions, wool, etc.).
  • Don’t keep your sterling silver jewelry in the bathroom (even if that seems like a convenient option). The humidity and moisture are bad for your earrings.
  • Don’t wear your sterling silver jewelry while bathing, sunbathing, taking a dip in the pool, or washing the dishes. Chlorinated water might not be your earrings’ best friend.
  • Don’t use paper towels to clean the jewelry pieces. Instead, invest in a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth. And make sure you are gentle while cleaning the earrings.
  • After cleaning your earrings (using any of the aforementioned techniques), make sure the jewelry is completely dry and that there is no residual moisture before you wear or store them.
  • Keep a dedicated box or Ziplock bag for your sterling silver earrings. This will help ensure that they aren’t exposed to natural sunlight or moisture in the air.
  • To keep your stud sterling silver earrings dry, keep a piece of chalk or a silica packet with them.
  • Store your silver studs in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture.
  • Clean your jewelry at home at least twice every year. In case you wear your earrings on a regular basis, it is best to clean them after every three months.
  • Always use a bowl or mug to clean the earrings. Holding them under running water in the sink might seem like a convenient option, but you could risk losing them down the plumbing pipes!

Your skin’s natural oils provide a protective barrier against moisture, preventing the earrings from getting tarnished, but it is essential that you take good care of your sterling silver jewelry so that it lasts long. We hope we have answered your top questions related to the care, upkeep, and maintenance of sterling silver earrings and studs.

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How to Pick the Right Pair of Earrings for Your Wedding

When it comes to shopping for the wedding, it ideally starts six months before it. But we often forget to explore the crucial part of the wedding outfit: an earring. Picking the right type of jewelry that can match the outfit is necessary for a fantastic bridal look. And talking about jewelry, a bridal look is incomplete without a beautiful pair of earrings. Always choose a pair of earrings that fit with your style and individuality. We are grateful that in today’s era, wedding earrings come in different types, and many options are viable, depending on your preferences and budgets. You can select better options to enhance the wedding attire and look different in the right way.


Before going for jewelry shopping, keep in mind that they will always remain special for you, and you can wear them often after the big day.


Top tips for choosing earrings for wedding


We have mentioned 6 crucial points which should be considered before picking up the right pair of earrings for your wedding night:-





While choosing earrings, it is good to consider your hairstyle during the main event. Heavy earrings are suitable for buns or braided hairstyles. If you have loose hair, a lighter and longer style will complete your look. If your hairstyle is simple, you can opt for a more complicated pair of earrings. Go for intricately designed earrings if you are not doing much in your hair and keeping it untie. This is good because a plain pair of earrings would remain unnoticeable with long untie hair.




Earring metal is an important aspect that adds a touch of shine to your outfit. The earrings material you choose will add an extra glow in your appearance. Most women who are getting married look forward to a piece of diamond earrings. Diamond is impressive since it has its glory. But for someone who does not want to wear blingy or stoned earrings can go for sterling silver metal. Sterling silver earrings bring elegance to the bride’s face. If your wedding dress has gold or silver accents in it, the metal color of your earrings should match the dress to accentuate the feature of your dress.


Face shape


Believe it or not, but considering a girl’s face shape is a significant factor in deciding what type of earrings she should choose. Classic diamond stud earrings look perfect with the oval face shape. With an elongated face, wear something modern, but elegant pair of drop or dangle earrings and hoops earrings are perfect for round face shape. You need to know the type of earring that best suits your face shape. Also, choose the color of your earring based on your skin tone to look naturally pretty.


Size of the earrings


Earrings length and design are equally important than anything else. For someone who usually doesn’t like to wear earrings, they can always choose a wide variety of earrings options with crystals, light tassels, or pearls to make your wedding look interesting. If you want to try something outrageous and out of the box, you can easily get it customized according to your choice.


Wedding gown


Go for longer earrings if your gown is strapless and with high necklines usually smaller earrings or drop earrings dictated best. Statement earrings are excellent for the deep neckline and off-shoulders. They balance your overall appearance and ensure the right amount of outfit impression. If you are about to wear a beautiful gown, it would be better to wear the least jewelry but an earring. All eyes will be on that one stunning pair of earrings, and that makes your look effective.


Key tip


It is essential to try out everything in the outfit several times before the last minute. Use the first fitting to try on earrings and necklace set. If something doesn’t work, you have time to try a different version of your earrings the next time you set them up. You can start trying your whole outfit at least 2-3 months before the wedding so that you have plenty of time in your hands in case of any mismatch. Another tip is that you can wear everything, but feel comfortable with your jewelry. On your big day, try to avoid weighty earrings for the occasions when you have to dance. If you don’t feel relaxed in large and chandelier earrings, then hold on with light-weighted stud earrings.




Buying Stud Earrings Just Got Easier With These Simple Steps

Shopping for the best earrings for yourself or a loved one? If you want to make a statement with your stud earrings, you can never go wrong with studded earrings. They are small, easy to wear, versatile, and give a professional look. Diamond studs ooze timeless beauty and are a must-have in every woman’s jewelry box.

Silver Earrings

Whether you want to gift a special woman in your life or you want to pamper yourself with outstanding jewelry, studded earrings will do the trick. However, choosing the best studs is not easy as there are many styles, backings, settings, metals, diamond sizes and shapes in the market. To make the right choice, here are some tips to guide you.

1. Set A Budget

If you want to buy diamond studs easily, then you have to set a budget before hitting the stores. It makes your work easier and you will not ruin your finances. Many shoppers visit online jewelers without a set budget and end up buying everything else except what they wanted.

A realistic budget also helps your jeweler find the right item for you. When setting the budget, consider what you want from your studded earrings. Different designs, styles, metals, diamond sizes all have different price tags.

2. Choose the Best Diamond

The choice of a diamond will make or break the appearance of your stud earrings. You have to carefully select the center stone and any other diamonds that will feature on your earrings. The first thing to consider is whether the diamond is GIA-certified. If it is not, look for any other third-party lab certification to determine the authenticity of the stone and its origin.

Below are some of the most important things to consider when choosing a diamond for your studs:

  • Diamond-Cut: The cut determines how brilliant and sparkling a diamond turns out on your piece. For your stud earrings, you want an outstanding stone that displays a dazzling shower of light and also reflects light internally. To get such an effect, you should invest in a “good” or “excellent” cut.

  • Diamond Color: The best diamonds are colorless but also very costly. The color of a diamond will not affect its brightness or sparkle. You can go for a bold color if you want something outstanding. However, you should not pay more to get a colorless stone.

  • Diamond Clarity: All diamonds have inclusions, and clarity should not be a major consideration. You can find the perfect stone in theVS2-SI2 ranges where any inclusions are not visible to the naked eye.

  • Diamond Carat Size: This should be as big as your budget allows though a one-carat total weight will work perfectly. However, you can save money on the carat size and instead spend more on the cut for the best stone.

3. Diamond Shapes

Round and princess cut are the most popular for diamond studs. Others are hearts and arrows, hearts and arrows, marquise cut, oval shape, the Asscher cut, and the emerald cut.

For a broad face, go for elongated diamond shapes like the emerald cut, marquise cut, and radiant cut which complement your face. For a thin face, the best diamond for your stud can be round cut, princess cut and Asscher cut as they would flatter your face shape.

It is also important to note that round diamonds offer more sparkle and brilliance.

4. Choose the Right Setting

After choosing the perfect stone for your stud earrings, you need to find an appropriate setting to go with it. The most popular styles you can select for your studded earrings are:

  • Prong

  • Basket.

  • Bezel. 

  • Crown. 

  • Martini. 

Each of these differs in terms of how it secures the diamonds or other gems. The setting also determines how visible the gems are and you should consider this when choosing one.

5. Metal For Your Diamond Studs

The metal you choose determines how brilliant your earrings will be. The most popular metals are Gold and platinum. If you want to upgrade your jewelry collection, you can buy sterling silver earrings wholesale diamond earrings on the market. Other popular metals for studded earrings include stainless steel and titanium.

6. Stud Earrings Backing

Many people forget about the backing for their studded earrings yet it is one of the most important considerations. The earrings backing determines how safe, comfortable and easy to wear your earrings are. You can opt for friction earring posts and nuts, screw-back earrings and la poussette locking earring backs

Final Thoughts

Studded earrings are an essential in every woman’s jewelry collection. Whether you want to upgrade your jewelry box or gift a special woman in your life, you have to consider these factors carefully to get the best stud earrings. Go on and find that pair of studs to dazzle every time you go out.