7 Best Jewelry Buying Tips You Need to Know

Buying jewelry is a handful of tasks in which not everyone is an expert. There are many essential facets one need to overview in order to select a perfect Jewelry. When women go shopping, instead of choosing the right type of jewelry, they end up picking pieces that are not suitable for them. Usually, lack of fashion sense and jewelry information leads to bad choices. High-end fashion jewelry is expensive, and hence it should be worth the price you are paying.

There is a very common perception in people that only jewelers can tell about the jewelry. But that’s not the case, everyone can learn about jewelry type and fashion. All you need to do is follow some tips whenever you go for jewelry shopping.

Here are seven best tips you need to know before buying jewelry for yourself:-

1. Keep the occasion in mind

When you shop jewelry keeping a particular occasion in mind, you shop pretty much what you want. For instance, if you are about to shop for a wedding function, you will know what type of jewelry you want, which can match your dress. Accordingly, if you’re going to buy something for daily use, office, date night, or party, you know exactly what kind of jewelry you want. Hence, buying jewelry, according to the occasion, can simplify the task of selection.

 2. Look for quality

When buying diamonds, clarity, cut, carat, and color must be assessed before buying. In the case of gold, you have to check the hallmark. For silver jewelry, always buy 925 silver. Rather than buying cheap metal jewelry to save a few dollars, consider the long-term benefits of investing in high-quality metal jewelry.

3. Check guarantee and after services

Before buying expensive jewelry, consider all the odds. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions for returning, refunding, and exchanging a piece of jewelry that you are going to buy. Some jewelers may ask you to buy an expensive warranty extension.

If you are planning to make expensive purchases, consider buying damage, theft, or loss insurance. Some insurers offer unique jewelry designs that are more valuable. Discuss your options with your insurance company.

 4. Pick the trendiest design

Before you buy any jewelry, it is best to find out what type of designs are in the trend. You can go to Instagram and check out what kind of jewelry people are wearing these days. You can also read articles and blogs about trendy fashion jewelry. Why is it important? Because you can’t invest money on a piece of jewelry that is outdated or old fashioned. It is preferable to go to online stores for chic and trendy pieces since they only sell the latest jewelry designs.

5. Shop with trusted websites

When buying high-quality jewelry, make sure to buy it from a trusted jewelry website that offers a return policy. Usually, you can receive a full refund or replacement within 15 to 30 days for any damage, if you purchase from a reputable website.

Always check the ratings and reviews of the websites before shopping from them. A trusted jewelry website will give you original bills and certified jewelry information.

6. Choose the right type of metal jewelry

Although there are multiple options available when it comes to metal jewelry, but, it is important to know what you are buying, especially if you are allergic to metals. Consider looking for alloys that contain palladium instead of copper or nickel, if you have sensitive skin.

Sterling silver is one of the most loved jewelry metals for women these days. They last for a lifetime and are a brilliant purchase to invest in jewelry. There are thousands of options in sterling silver jewelry wholesale stores if you are looking for a silver bracelet, ring, or pendant or earrings.

7. Always buy your perfect size

It is essential to understand your size, especially when buying rings. Make sure you know the exact measurement standards before buying them. You can find rings that measure in American, European, millimeter, inch, and many other ways. For chains or necklaces, you can get it customized to whatever length you want. But never settle for a piece of jewelry that does not fit you or look good on you.


Determine your style before choosing a beautiful piece of jewelry yourself. Then select what type of jewelry suits your style by using the above tips. Buying perfect jewelry is now easy, build your jewelry collection and look stylish round the clock.

Shopping For a Beautiful Ring? Choose Between a Stainless Steel and Silver Ring

If you are a jewelry lover, you would appreciate how exciting it is to shop for a ring in today’s market. There’s a wide variety of stylish and trendy items in jewelry stores, and you can also buy easily online. If you are after a shiny, elegant ring in NYC, you have a choice of stainless steel or silver ring.

These are the most common materials for bright Jewelry, and you have a wide range of options. While they look very similar, the two jewelry materials also have unique differences. Understanding all their qualities will help you make an informed choice.

This post explores the two types of rings to help you make the best choice.

About Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless steel is a common metal used in a diverse range of items, from cooking ware to Jewelry. This is a strong and rust-resistant metal that is popular with jewelry designers due to its durability and corrosion resistance. It contains a minimum of 12% chromium and other metals such as carbon and nickel.

If you want to buy everyday jewelry that still looks glamorous, a stainless steel piece is a perfect choice. The chromium in the alloy gives the stainless steel its sheen, forming a top invisible layer that prevents corrosion when the metal comes into contact with air.

The non-porous nature of the metal makes it resistant to rusting and corrosion, making it perfect for jewelry making. Genuine steel will have a mark inscribed inside to indicate the quantity of chromium and nickel. This is an important feature to look for when buying for stainless steel jewelry wholesale. The higher the amount of chromium, the more corrosion-resistant the metal.

About Silver Jewelry

Silver is one of the earliest metals discovered by man, and its use dates back to the earliest civilizations. Silver, in its natural form, is soft and thus unsuitable for jewelry making. For this reason, the most common silver metal used in the industry is to contain 92.5% pure silver and more durable metal, such as copper (7.5%). This is known as sterling silver and has a shiny brilliant appearance.

If you are shopping for a beautiful ring, you’ll find many sterling silver items on the market. It is a popular choice with jewelry designers as it is easier to customize. The addition of another metal makes sterling silver jewelry durable, and it comes with hallmarks or stamps showing the quality. Such marks include 925, .925, or 92.5, and they indicate the piece is genuine

Stainless Steel vs. Silver Ring?

With this insight, it should be easy to choose between a jewelry piece made of stainless steel or silver. Well, many jewelry lovers still have a hard time choosing because these two materials have an uncanny resemblance. However, each has unique strengths and also downsides, and comparing these can help you decide. Take a look:

  • Stainless steel

A stainless steel ring looks magnificent, is tough and durable. It is a piece you can wear every day without worrying about physical or weather damage. Stainless steel is an affordable alternative to shiny metals like platinum in jewelry-making, and it is an excellent choice if you want to add multiple pieces to your collection. Your ring will be easy to maintain with routine cleaning, and you don’t have to worry about corrosion. It is the most eco-friendly metal option in jewelry making, and you’ll find it easy and comfortable to wear your ring.

However, stainless steel contains nickel and this can lead to skin irritations among some people. The material is also very tough and thus not easy to customize or resize.

  • Silver Ring

The best silver Jewelry NYC, will most likely be made from sterling silver. This is a bright and beautiful metal, and if you need a ring for any occasion, it is a perfect choice. Silver jewelry is durable due to the alloy metal added, and it is hypoallergenic, making it safe for sensitive skin. Genuine silver oozes timeless beauty, and your ring will thus stand out. What’s more, it is easier to work with this metal to create trendy ring styles and designs.

On the flipside, silver jewelry requires special maintenance to avoid tarnishing. This makes it unsuitable as everyday Jewelry. These pieces are also prone to dents and scratches compared to other types of precious metals. You’ll also have to buy carefully because of the large number of fakes on the market.

Final Thoughts

The choice between a silver and stainless steel ring boils down to your preferences. If you want a sturdy, low-maintenance, yet beautiful everyday piece, a stainless steel ring is the one for you. On the other hand, if you want a glamorous, customizable, and luxurious ring, a silver ring will work for you. Whichever you choose, make sure you go for genuine quality jewelry from a reputable store.

Why is Stainless Steel Jewelry So Famous?

stainless steel jewelry

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? When you go to a party or gathering, you may notice that 8 out of 10 ladies are wearing either gold or diamond jewelry. To look different and bold, choose no other metal but stainless steel. Stainless steel jewelry has always been a favorite type of metal jewelry for many people, simply because of their affordability. This beautiful and precious metal is famous, simply because no other metal jewelry can replace it.

Stainless steel jewelry is made of a chrome-containing steel alloy. The steel composition of this metal also includes silicon, carbon, phosphorus, sulfate, and molybdenum in small quality. Sometimes nickel is added to the mixture to increase corrosion resistance and increase heat resistance. It looks very similar to white gold and platinum jewelry because of its beautiful metallic white touch.

Stainless steel jewelry not just look elegant but surprisingly there are many pros which makes this jewelry famous among all of us:-

Multiple designs

Wearing usual and outdated jewelry pieces is not fun. Try a different metal and get all the attention and glares. Buy from stainless steel jewelry wholesale New York for customized and unique designs. There are online jewelry stores that make a variety of stainless steel jewelry, including rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Designer stainless steel jewelry attracts people with all sorts of taste and style. High-end designers also use stainless steel to make classic pieces of jewelry.

Rust resistant

Chromium, a hard and fragile element, is one of the essential elements of stainless steel. Because of 10% to 30% chromium present in stainless steel, the layer of jewelry is protective and makes it “resistant to rust.” The most important characteristic of stainless steel is that it does not oxidize or corrode. These jewelry are also scratch-proof; hence you can wear it all the time without worrying about the discoloration or scratches.

Easy cleaning

Sterling steel jewelry does not fog up or tarnish as quickly as other metal or silver, but tarnishing depends on how it is used. While getting ready, stainless steel jewelry should always be worn at the end, because cosmetics, make-up, and perfume can damage the delicacy of the jewelry. Cleaning stainless steel jewelry is easy. You only need a soft lint-free cloth, warm water, and liquid soap. Carefully clean your jewelry with the cloth and using liquid soap or detergent. Clean and dry with another clean cloth and your jewelry will shine again.

Note: Keep stainless steel jewelry pieces separate from jewelry made from other metals. It is best to keep stainless steel items in separate airtight bags or pouches. Your jewelry must be kept in a dry place away from moisture, humidity, and extreme temperatures.


Stainless steel jewelry lasts longer than any other metal jewelry and is also much more robust than silver or gold. Durability matters when you spend on jewelry shopping and stainless steel jewelry provides a long service life which means that the jewelry retains its attractive and clean appearance. With little maintenance from time to time, one can easily experience the durability of stainless steel jewelry for many years.


Stainless steel jewelry is cheaper than gold and, of course, less expensive than silver. What you will find is that stainless steel jewelry has become so popular in the first place because it is a cheaper alternative to the materials already known in the market such as gold and silver. For people who want to wear something subtle and beautiful but aren’t able to afford metals as diamond and platinum should go with stainless steel jewelry.

Superb quality

If we talk about the toughest and hardest metal, stainless steel comes at the top. Stainless steel is so heavy and durable that it deforms and bends less easily under any weight, resistance or heat. To form a passive layer, stainless steel must contain at least 10.5% chromium. The more chromium is added, the more stable the passive layer becomes and the greater the corrosion resistance. Other elements, such as nickel, manganese, and molybdenum, can be added to improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. These jewelry pieces have timeless luster.


Stainless steel is hypoallergenic and, therefore, is a good option for people whose skin is sensitive to other metals. In addition, your skin does not turn green or any other color when you wear stainless steel jewelry. If you are allergic or hypersensitive to metals, you probably have trouble finding jewelry that you can easily wear. Stainless steel jewelry is your savior; This metal is hypoallergenic and causes significantly less allergic reactions than jewelry made from other materials. Unlike many other metals, they are safe to use and do not cause any harm to your skin.


Any type of metal jewelry will eventually show scratches and discoloration due to constant wear. But, stainless steel jewelry is something you can wear anytime and every day. Consider the purpose of the metal to decide which metal you want to choose. If you buy a piece of jewelry that you want to wear every day, such as an engagement ring or earrings, it is worth investing in stainless steel jewelry.


It wouldn’t be wrong if we say stainless steel is the new silver of this generation. In recent times, stainless steel jewelry is also appreciated by young women and men. Not because it is a “cheaper” alternative to other metals, but because of its unique look. Stainless steel jewelry is worth buying because of its hardness and resistance to rust and stain. These metal jewelry look fantastic at parties and weddings. But at the same time, one can carry stainless steel rings and necklaces in office, meetings and formal functions.

The Most Popular Bracelet Types in 2020

silver bracelets

Centuries ago, jewelry was quite rare, but today the jewelry industry is filled with amazing designers who work with fine materials. Many bracelets and bangle designers position their lines as collectibles that you can wear for years to come. However, you should note that we keep getting bombarded by new designs on Instagram and other social networks.

How are you then to choose the aesthetic best sterling silver bracelets when there are so many options out there. It’s overwhelming? There are so many ads that keep popping up on your computer screen when you’re surfing for sterling silver bangles.

Many end up logging out due to sensory overload because everywhere you look; there is a new bracelet design that’s appealing to you.

To find the rare talents with staying power, you should shop with well-reputed silver jewelers. This way, you’ll get access to creative pieces that best suit you. If you’re not jewelry savvy, you should consult with professionals who have worked with amazing designers over the years.

You also need to do timely research to know the most popular styles for men and women. This article will break down the bangle and jewelry types you should look out for in 2020.

Stainless Steel Bracelets

At the top of our list are stainless steel bracelets because they’re made from water-resistant material. Stainless steel outperforms silver and gold when it comes to water resistance. Since bracelets are worn on the wrist, you are bound to get your bracelet wet at some point.

Stainless steel is also very durable, which means that you can wear your bracelet for a long time before they start getting old and rusty. Silver and gold are not as aesthetically appealing compared to stainless steel after you own them for years.

Aside from durability, sterling silver bracelets are also cost-effective. Their affordability has encouraged their popularity over time. As a renowned jeweler, you should always have sterling silver bangles in wholesale because they’re here to stay.

As a man, you should go for bulky steel bracelets. You can also wear less bulky pieces if you’re not worried about looking feminine. You can either have chain bracelets, or stainless steel connected with silicone, leather, or rope.

Leather Bracelets

Next up is leather bracelets, which is a classic choice for men. Women, too, can wear leather bracelets as long as you pair them with the right attire. This is another popular bracelet style in 2020 since it’s sleek and elegant.

As a man, matching the leather on your bracelets with that on other leather accessories makes you look fancy. As you know, leather is used on wristwatches, belts, bags, and even shoes.

For instance, you can have a black leather bracelet and a black leather wristband. Leather bracelets come in many exceptional colors even though the most popular ones are the neutral colors.

Beaded Bracelets

This is a popular bracelet design because it’s quite simple, and individuals of all ages can wear them. Because of this, they’re quite affordable and easily accessible. Beaded bracelets are versatile pieces of jewelry that are not only durable but aesthetically appealing as well.

You can wear your beaded bracelet with casual as well as formal attire. Many people who own beaded bracelets never take them off even when they’re showering because they don’t wear off easily.

The beauty of beads is that they come in whichever color you want. You can have several beaded bracelets or just the one that you never take off.

The material that bracelet designers use for beaded bracelets also varies. Ideally, you should go for materials with neutral colors like white, black, or grey. It makes your bracelets go with everything you wear.

As a bracelet lover, you’ll appreciate the positive energy that comes with natural stone beads. You can also go for obsidian or lava stone beads. Natural stone beads are quite luxurious because they’ve heavy, and this gives them a valuable feel.

If you wear wristwatches, you should know that beads work well alongside watches. You can also wear a beaded bracelet, a steel bracelet, and a leather bracelet to give you a fashionable edge.

Anchor Bracelets

Anchor bracelets have been in the market for years now, and you don’t have to be a sailor to own a pair. You can rock anchor bracelets even if you’re not interested in the sea.

The meaning behind anchor bracelets is the strength required to keep a ship anchored even through the stormiest weather. As a man, wearing an anchor bracelet communicates that you’re strong and dependable.

In this case, stability should be physical and mental as well. The anchor symbol is a popular choice among men, but women too can wear them. After all, we’ve known very strong and amazing women over the years.

Anchor bracelets are eye-catching, which means you can wear them as stand-alone jewelry, and you’ll achieve the look you were going for.

Macrame Bracelets

This is the perfect every-day bracelet because they’re resistant to wear and tear. They’re made to be adjustable so that you’re always comfortable wearing them.

Macrame bracelets are pieces of jewelry made from water-resistant ropes. This means than you can own a pair for years, and it won’t get tarnished. They fit on wrists flawlessly, and they won’t leave rope marks on you.

These bracelets are ideal for a stacked look, and you can incorporate charms and beads that appeal to you.

Cubic Zirconia Bracelets

Last but not least, there’s cubic zirconia bracelets that are ideal for both men and women. Cubic zirconia is the perfect alternative for real diamonds because it’s durable and affordable.

Since cubic zirconia, manufacturers manage to achieve stones that are even more sparkly than diamonds. You get to achieve a luxurious look without spending too much on a bracelet.


Now you have a comprehensive list of bracelet types to look out for in 2020. Remember to always shop with well-reputed jewelers so that you get quality products. You should go for water-resistant bracelets that don’t fade or get damaged over time.