Cubic Zirconia Jewelry – Why you need to get it today?

Are you looking for the best alternative to a diamond that guarantees timeless beauty, uniqueness, brilliance, and versatility? Well, then wholesale cubic zirconia jewelry is undoubtedly your best choice.

If you do not know about this synthetic gem, we recommend reading this quick guide to learn everything you need to know about cubic zirconia jewelry. We will talk about how it is made, and list the top facts about cubic zirconia that will answer everything you need to know about this stone.

What is cubic zirconia?

Cubic zirconia is a colorless, strong, man-made gem that looks like a diamond. Although they look similar to diamonds, they have a different mineral structure.

Technically CZ is a cubic crystalline – a form of zirconium dioxide and is not as strong as a diamond. It is commonly used as a substitute for a diamond and is so far the most realistic gemstone that is used for this purpose. Although they are less expensive than your everyday diamonds, they exhibit the same appearance, magnificence, and strength.

How is cubic zirconia made?

Cubic zirconia is made by melting powdered zirconium with a stabilizing agent under very high temperatures of up to 4000 degrees Fahrenheit for long hours. These crystals are then cut and polished. There are various ways to cut a crystal to mimic the shape of a diamond. Now you may be thinking about why you should consider CZ over diamonds and other gemstones? What makes this stone such a viable candidate for jewelry? You should know that there are many reasons why cubic zirconia is great for making embellishment pieces of fine high-quality jewelry. E.g., did you know that Cubic zirconia is a man-made gemstone that has no internal flaws? These properties are deemed by some to be very perfect.

Features of cubic zirconia jewelry:

  1. Durable – Cubic zirconia is rated an 8.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. The perfect score is 10. CZs are manmade, very durable, and are a perfect option for use in making everyday jewelry.

Tip: If you take care of your CZ jewelry properly they can last for many years.

  1. Brilliant color – The white color of cubic zirconia is equivalent to that of a diamond’s perfect D-color. You must have seen that most diamonds have a brownish or yellowish tint to them. Very few diamonds are colorless i.e. D-color.

A point to bear in mind: Colored cubic zirconia is also available. CZs can come in an array of colors like red, blue, green, and white.

  1. Shines just like a diamond – The brilliance of a diamond is what makes it so magnificent and so expensive. CZs display an exquisite dispersion or refraction of light that is similar to the brilliance of a diamond when it is viewed under sunlight. Cubic zirconia gemstones have a higher dispersion as compared to a diamond.

You know how a diamond is bright and shines; just imagine how much cubic zirconia will sparkle under sunlight.

  1. Affordability – What is a great catalyst for us? Obviously it is the affordability of the stone. CZ’s are a fraction of the price of a diamond. The average price of a 1.5-carat diamond ring is $9000 while a 1.5-carat cubic zirconia ring costs just $200. The significant difference in price between CZs and diamonds is a major factor why many people opt for jewelry that has cubic zirconia stones instead.
  1. Versatility – Just like diamonds, cubic zirconia jewelry is very versatile. Thus an ideal pick for every occasion. CZs are an excellent alternative to diamonds, and like diamonds, you can see them in rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants.
  1. Insurance – Besides the outrageous cost, another factor for choosing jewelry that has cubic zirconia is insurance. Covering that pricey bauble in case of any loss or theft is another big-ticket add on. Lower premiums are the main reason why smart people opt for CZ jewelry pieces, just in case something goes missing on a vacation or at an event. Not only will they not be out the cost of the real thing, but their insurance does not take a big hit either.
  1. CustomizableCubic Zirconia jewelry is customizable. You can have it customized to your taste. As they are cheap and easy to buy, you can pretty much have your own design. You can specify the cut you need; whether you want a diamond-shaped cut, a princess cut, or just a square cut.

How to evaluate your cubic zirconia?

Before you purchase cubic zirconia for yourself, you may wish to evaluate the quality of the stone. Here is what you need to know:

Quality Grades Of A CZ – Cubic Zirconia is sometimes graded into categories like A, AAA, and AAAA. Accordingly, grade A is of the lowest quality and are easily damaged, 3A are mid-range stones and 5A is of the highest quality with little difference in appearance to diamonds.

Here’s The Thing though. There is no certifying body that will appraise the grade of your CZ. There is often no distinguishable difference between an A or a 5A stone.

Instead of worrying about the grade of your CZ stone, it is good to focus on the appearance of the stone and the quality of the setting.

Clarity of a Cubic Zirconia – Most flawless CZs have high clarity and have no inclusions in its crystals. There can be cloudiness in some stones though. When buying, look for a clear stone to ensure you get the best.

Care tip: Do not allow your cubic zirconia to come in contact with chemicals like detergents, soaps, hairspray, or cosmetics. Take extra care while swimming, cleaning, or even applying body lotion. These products can cause the stone to become dull with time and can cause damage to the stone.

Carat Weight of a Cubic Zirconia – Like diamonds, Cubic Zirconia is also measured in carats. Usually, the price of a CZ does not increase with the increase in carat weight. Also, because cubic zirconia is denser than a diamond, it is heavier than a diamond of a similar size.

When shopping for cubic zirconia jewelry, ensure that you shop at a vendor that has a good return policy; just in case you are not quite satisfied with your purchase.


Now that you know what cubic zirconia is and why it is such a wonderful option for jewelry, check out some of our best wholesale cubic zirconia jewelry collection.

5 Ways to Add More Value to Your Jewelry Wholesale Strategies

The wholesale jewelry marketplace is full of fierce competition as you already know. If you don’t stay on top of your game, your potential buyers and resellers who purchase from you might start looking for alternative options to source their jewelry in bulk.

For jewelry wholesalers and store owners, it is mighty essential that you have an all-encompassing strategy in place to not only survive, but thrive in the market. On that note, experts at P&K Jewelry, a leading wholesaler of silver jewelry, have outlined five failsafe pointers that you should leverage in order to take your business to the next level.

1. Network your way to success

Talking to industry experts, thought leaders, and like-minded people from the domain can give you lots of insights into the current state of the business and trends you can look forward to in the future. Networking with peers from the industry can also help you gain a good understanding of what is happening around you and the new players in the market. As is the case with any field of work, networking can open up a huge range of new business opportunities and provide you with a great platform to showcase your capabilities and USPs.

2. Deliver a personalized buying experience

Today’s buyers are very different from your average Joe from the 1990s or 2000s. They expect the highest degree of professionalism and demand an exceptional customer experience. And that is exactly what you should aim to achieve through every interaction. Add a personal touch to exceed your buyers’ expectations and make them feel valued at every step of the buying journey. Whether that means sending them flowers, or sending handwritten “thank you” notes, or even calling them on special occasions, all such gestures can really help you raise the customer experience bar.

3. Acknowledge your loyal customers

Taking point #2 a step further, it is also important to recognize and appreciate customer loyalty. As mentioned above, you can show your appreciation through little yet meaningful gestures. Apart from that, you can invest in regular communication through emails to touch base with them. Offering special deals and discounts, too, can go a long way in strengthening the bond with your regular customers.

4. Do your research about potential customers

When approaching a new customer, it is critical that you do your homework about them. A lot of wholesalers make the mistake of not doing enough research before reaching out to a potential client. It is recommended that you study their website, follow their social media profiles, check out their customer reviews, understand their business model, and also visit their store(s) if that is easily possible. Doing so will not only help you identify the right opportunities, but also establish an instant connect with your potential customers. The more you know about them, the better your interactions will be.

5. Invest in sales and marketing

It is likely that your potential buyers are extremely busy, so it is vital that you make the wholesaler selection process as easy and convenient for them as possible. While your products may be hitting all the right notes, it is of no use if you cannot project your offerings in an enticing manner. You will only rope in your “dream client” if they see what is to gain from partnering with you. Make sure your product images and sample merchandise are of the highest quality, invest in design and content to make a solid first impression with your marketing collaterals, and make your presence felt in both the offline as well as online space.

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Stay on Top of Bridal Jewelry Trends with Stylish Wedding Necklaces

Bridal jewelry is one of the most critical aspects of your wedding planning that simply cannot be overlooked. Today’s brides have a massive variety of jewelry options to choose from. From single pieces that stand out, to complete sets that include rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces – modern-day bridal jewelry trends are truly varied.

If you are on the lookout for the perfect wedding jewelry for that can complement any bridal look, read on!

Today’s brides love to sport jewelry that complements their attire or wedding gown. From traditionalism to modern alternatives, their choices are truly varied and they are not afraid to experiment. Jewelry crafted using sterling silver – or a silver alloy that contains 92.5% silver (by weight) and 7.5% of other metals (copper, for example) – is an excellent choice for the perfect bridal look.

At P&K Jewelry, our range of sterling silver necklaces available for wholesale purchase aptly reflects the preferences of the modern-day bride. These pieces of jewelry are designed to be showstoppers!

Popular types of sterling silver jewelry

From classic necklaces for the old-school bride to free-spirited pendant designs for new-age brides, sterling silver necklaces offer a phenomenal blend of style and glamor. The best part about sterling silver necklaces is that they can be paired with almost all kinds of bridal gowns.

Some of the most sought-after jewelry designs and sterling silver necklace patterns that you can choose from at P&K Jewelry include:

  • Sterling silver chains
  • Sterling silver pendant sets
  • Studded sterling silver chokers
  • Swarovski sterling silver necklaces
  • Sterling silver beaded neck pieces

Whether your customers need a dash of extra bling, or prefer to keep it simple yet classy, our collection of neck pieces and pendants has it all.

The variety that you get with sterling silver necklaces is quite dynamic. From trendy pendants for the perfect cocktail party look, to shimmering necklaces for the dazzling bridal look, young women have an enormous range of options to choose from.

Where to buy sterling silver necklaces in bulk?

When you are looking for a wholesale jewelry vendor, finding the right one can get challenging. Product categories, inventory, price, reviews, ratings, testimonials, product quality, shopping experience, shipping policies, returns policy – there are so many things to consider when choosing the right vendor for your wholesale jewelry requirements.

P&K Jewelry offers a stunning range of jewelry available for wholesale purchase on request. Our assortment of timeless sterling silver necklaces is designed to impress and express! With elaborate designs and timeless creations, we flaunt an array of jewelry options that can woo your clients.

We source the latest designs and high-quality silver jewelry from China, Thailand, Bali, and Mexico, thus offering a truly wide-ranging selection of fine sterling silver necklaces. Several leading resellers as well as individual buyers bank on P&K Jewelry for their sterling silver jewelry needs.

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