Collecting Jewelry: Your Guide to Investing in Sterling Silver Necklaces

One of the well liked jewelry trends that have come for this year is in the form of necklaces. They are classic jewelry pieces that make a very good addition to your jewelry collection. Sterling silver is one of the most popular types of silver that is used to make necklaces. Sterling silver- 92.5% of silver, 7.5% of other metals – brings the custom of luxurious silver to jewelry. 

Choosing sterling silver as the preferred metal comes with various benefits. Following is the comprehensive guide on why to choose sterling silver necklaces

Sterling silver as a material for necklace jewelry pieces

Since 3000 BC silver has been used and is valued for several uses. It has been a favorite metal in jewelry pieces because of its easy pliability and exquisite color. The fact that pure silver is a very soft alloy to be used in jewelry so it is mixed with other metal alloys like copper. The metal alloy makes it rigid, and as a result, it becomes ideal for wearing jewelry. 

What is sterling silver?

Silver that has other metal alloys mixed into it is known as a silver alloy. Sterling silver is one such name for a very high-level silver alloy that contains a big amount of pure silver and a very small amount of other metals. And by far sterling silver is the best quality of silver used for any jewelry piece. 

The benefits of sterling silver jewelry as a material for necklace pieces

Keep reading about the following benefits of sterling silver jewelry to be used as a material for necklace pieces. 

It is hypoallergenic: The people who are allergic to metals like nickel or brass then sterling silver would be your go-to jewelry material because it is hypoallergenic. As a result, for people with sensitive skin, sterling silver has become one of the best jewelry materials. 

While it may be much more expensive than other jewelry materials, sterling silver is sure to last longer, which gives you the best value for money. Hence choosing sterling silver is not only useful to your skin but also delivers a jewelry assembler for life. 

Choosing a design: There are thousands of designs for sterling silver necklaces. You must take time to choose the right size and design of the jewelry piece in which you will invest. For everyday neck pieces, you can go with thinner silver necklaces with or without pendants will be a perfect choice. For occasional wears that call for a fashion statement, you can with thick silver chains with heavy pendants. You can also choose from link chains, box chains, rope chains, or Cuban chains. The correct choice should be determined by your way on how you style and how you are planning to blend the necklace into your outfit. 

Consider length: Silver necklaces come in different sizes. Whatever the length you choose for your necklace, it will influence your style and the choice of your outfit. If you choose the long length for your silver necklace, then you can layer them to put in more than one in your outfit. While for short necklaces, thin designs with small pendants are always a good option to go with. 

So if you are looking for the best material for silver necklaces, then sterling silver is a great choice. P&K Jewelry is one of the greatest sources of sterling silver jewelry. We have a wide range of styles and designs available to meet your taste, fashion sense, and budget. Don’t forget to check our collection of wholesale sterling silver necklaces here

Incredible versatility: No matter whatever the occasion may be, sterling silver jewelry is a very appropriate choice. You must be thinking that why silver adds a classic touch to any look. Well, it’s because of its versatility. Its versatile nature even extends to how it looks with other metals. 

If you want to add sterling silver to your jewelry collection which already has a lot of white gold or platinum pieces. So you need not worry that your new jewelry will not match with your outfits as the old collection did. You can wear your sterling silver jewelry with platinum or white gold as well and you will create a look altogether. You will create a new image that is uniquely you. 

Sterling silver jewelry is durable: When taken care of rightly, sterling silver jewelry can last for a longer time. It is an extremely durable metal. True 925 sterling silver jewelry is not inexpensive. The extra money is more than worth it for the facet and lifetime value of the jewelry piece. It’s a fine metal that would stay bright and sparkling for life. 

Things to keep in mind while buying sterling silver jewelry as a material for necklace 

Even though you have all the reasons to add sterling silver jewelry to your jewelry box, one must keep a few things in mind while buying the jewelry. We have listed some tips below:

Look for hallmarks: When buying sterling silver jewelry, make sure that you are buying it from a piece of reputed jewelry. Check reviews if possible. It is important to ask prior questions from the seller. Always ensure to check for hallmarks to identify your silver. In the case of 925 sterling silver, you can check the imprints like 925, sterling silver, ster, or sterling. Ask the supplier if you are unable to find the hallmark. It must be that item is too small to have a hallmark. 

Warranty and exchange: When buying a piece of jewelry online or from a store, ensure to check the exchange policy and warranty of the piece which you are buying. Otherwise later if you find any issue with the product, you will be stuck if there’s no warranty of the product, making it a total waste of money. 

The same goes with the exchange or return policy, particularly when buying online. The product when you receive may slightly vary from what you have seen on the screen, so it might change your mind about the product. So ensure to buy the item that offers some exchange or return policy to avoid any last-minute issues. 


So if you are searching for that metal which you can show off on every occasion, then we have just the right kind for you i.e sterling silver! It’s a very attractive and lustrous precious metal. At P&K jewelry, we specialize in only the excellent and most authentic silver jewelry pieces. You can feel confident while buying silver jewelry from our exquisite collection. 


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