How to Style a Silver Bracelet?

Silver Bracelets

A silver bracelet is a kind of accessory that stylishly decorates your daily look. Bracelet with elegant design decorated with polished metal adds bright reflections to the wrist and delights the compliments in conversations. A silver bracelet can be complemented with every kind of outfit.

As per the high demand for jewelry especially bracelets in terms of fashion. Since sterling silver bracelets are a popular fashion trend, you do not have to go anywhere. These bracelets are available in various online fashion and jewelry stores.

The beauty of bracelets is that they can widely be used by both men and women. Usually, teenagers love wearing various styles of bracelets. There are also different types of bracelets, such as the classic tennis bracelet, the designer diamond bracelet, the red carpet bracelet, the vintage bracelet, gemstone bracelet, the gold and platinum bracelet, etc. But no other bracelet can compare sterling silver bracelets. They are elegant in look and can be styled with any outfit on any occasion.

Everyone’s sense of fashion is different but luckily, there are multiple options in silver bracelets to choose from. So, here are 6 major styles in silver bracelets that you can pick, based on your taste and preference:-

1. Single strand bracelet

The most modern design of the decade is simple and stunning. Simple Sterling silver bracelets have invaded the market. You can also get delicate and plain single strand bracelets online that will steal the show. Plain bracelet of decent quality has become the current choice of the majority of people.

If you’re thinking about a big event, reception or office party, this bracelet is a perfect piece of jewelry to intensify your look. For older women, this plain bracelet can be minimalistic, sophisticated and can easily complement their entire look.

2. Cuff bracelet

The cuff is a kind of bracelet that is in C-shaped or probably oval. Cuff bracelets can be studded with crystals or diamond-like stones which makes this fine bracelet even more fine with an additional touch of brilliance. These types of lustrous cuff bracelets should be worn on a wedding night to look different.

If you are a college-going student who just wears casual tees and dresses, you should definitely go with a silver cuff bracelet. It changes the outlook with minimum effort, just put a silver cuff bracelet and you are done. Rather than simple cuffs, you can choose criss-cross cuff bracelets also known as hinged cuff bracelets.

3. Chain bracelet

Chain bracelets are in small narrow, almost imperceptible links or open and closed versions. Wear a chain bracelet with a pendant to create a unique look for yourself. You can also add drop earrings with it to complete the look. Silver chain bracelet is a very classic and elegant accessory one could own. Chain bracelets itself comes in multiple styles like snake chain, curb chain, cable bracelet, etc. Each chunk of chain bracelet is made of polished silver that helps in forming this classic feminine bracelet.

4. Roman link bracelet

Wearing a new Roman stainless steel bracelet is an incredible way to add an attractive and neat look. The Roman bracelet is a combination of running lines and rope-style joints that are unusual and gives you a perfect fashionable touch. It is being believed that Roman link bracelets are only for men but today; even young girls and ladies have started wearing it with denim and shirt.

5. Bangle bracelet

Bangle bracelet is a kind of bracelet that is generally a stiff circular, but it can also be oval, it fits more easily around the wrist giving it a boho look. Talking about the size, the multi-layered bangle bracelets do not exactly match the size of the wrist, while they are usually larger than the wrist. You can customize the design and size of bracelet from sterling silver bangle wholesale showrooms. This type of bracelet can be the best gift for your near and dear ones.

6. Pearl bracelet

The pearl is used to make beautiful jewelry, such as pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings, and even brooches. For a crystal clear look at the wedding or in a get-together, you can choose a pearl bracelet for yourself. You don’t even have to do heavy makeup or anything, a pearl bracelet can itself draw everyone’s attention on you in a gathering or party. You can wear it with your basic daily clothes, as well as an office outfit.

How to Clean any Silver Jewelry at Home

Silver Jewelry

Silver Jewelry

Silver is timeless! This essential jewelry can be used for any occasion to enhance your style and the beauty factor. Most women prefer a minimalist look when dressing for work. Wearing silver earrings or small hoops is the best way to shape if you like a minimalist look. If you want to go further, you can complement the look by wearing a simple silver bracelet and combine it with a silver necklace or elegant pendant. At home, you can carry silver rings and earrings of the lightweight. Basically, the choices are extensive when it comes to silver. But there is one flaw; silver jewelry gets dirty and tarnishes after using it for a long time. When dust, oil, and dirt accumulate on silver jewelry, it begins to blunt.

Silver jewelry needs precise care and maintenance as they are valuable. It is advisable to clean your jewelry when dirt becomes visible at first. After multiple closing of dust, silver becomes dark blackish kind which gives great trouble in removing. If you do not wish to spend money on jewelry cleaners then buy from sterling silver jewelry wholesale store as they guarantee long term efficiency of the jewelry. Many people give silver jewelry into professional cleaning but it is not economical because silver cleaning is something you can do on your own without spending anything at all. There are many things available in your kitchen which helps silver to regain its original properties.

Tips to Clean Silver Jewelry Items

To know how to clean your silver jewelry items at home, look at these 5 easy methods and try one of them for best result:-

1. Olive oil and salt

Take a bowl and add 2 teaspoons of olive oil. Now, sprinkle salt inside. Stir the salt until it completely melts. Put your dirty silver jewelry inside and wait 10 minutes before removing jewelry. Wash the jewelry and dry them with a lint-free cloth.

2. Baking soda and lemon

Baking soda is a very mild detergent that helps clean and stain without scratching the silver. Make a paste using a large teaspoon of baking soda and half lemon juice and let it sit for a few minutes. Now, rinse it off with normal water. This method is great especially if you are dealing with a silver piece with a complicated blown or inserted design.

3. Water and shampoo

One thing that we all know is how to wash hair. First, we gently rub the shampoo and then rinse it with water. You have to do exactly like that, first, take shampoo then mix it with water and put your silver jewelry items in that mixture. Leave the silver to soak in the shampoo for 2-3 minutes. After removing your jewelry, you would notice that it is new again.

4. Boiling water and vinegar

Vinegar is a mild acid that cleanses your silver without damaging pearls or gems. Fill half a bowl or jar with hot water. Or you can directly dip your silver jewelry inside, once the water is boiled. Depending on the size of the bowl, put 2-3 teaspoons of vinegar in the bowl. Now, put your silver item inside and wait until tarnish in the jewelry starts off. Remove the silver items in every few minutes to check their cleaning progress. The more the part fades, the longer it takes to eliminate oxidation. Do not use boiling water if your silver jewelry has pearls or beads in it because It may discolor the pearl.

5. Tomato ketchup

One trick is to clean the silver is with tomato ketchup. The coating of ketchup can be used as a paste for polishing damaged silver. Tomato sauce facilitates easy application for silver jewelry due to its paste-like consistency. This method is very simple, allow the silver jewelry to soak overnight in tomato sauce. Rub the tomato sauce on the silver jewelry with a soft toothbrush and wash it with warm water. Clean and dry the jewelry with enamel or a soft cloth.

Silver, if cared properly it will produce generations of pleasure. The following cleaning instructions were tested by many people on silver restoration and storage. These methods are also suitable for gold and platinum. This jewelry and other objects should be handled very carefully, as excessive cleaning can remove the coating and expose the base metal. Exposure to moisture accelerates the attack, so you may need to clean it more frequently in the hot and humid months.

Upgrade Your Jewelry Collection with Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Looking to spruce up your jewelry collection on a budget? Maybe you want to rock trendy accessories but can’t afford the high cost of precious metals? If your answer is yes, it is time to explore Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Jewelry. While most people only focus on precious metals when thinking of jewelry, Cubic Zirconia has emerged as an affordable yet high-quality alternative.

If you want to spruce up your fashion accessories, this guide offers all the information you need on Cubic Zirconia jewelry.

What Is On Cubic Zirconia Jewelry?

Cubic Zirconia is a lab-manufactured crystalline material whose production started in the 1970s. It is formed by melting powdered zirconium dioxide and zirconium together at heated conditions of up to 4.982F.

The stones formed have an uncanny resemblance to diamonds. Today, CZ gems are the leading diamond-alternatives for all types of jewelry and fashion accessories. If you want to buy brilliant jewelry without breaking the bank, wholesale CZ jewelry is a smart choice.

What Makes CZ Jewelry So Great?

Before buying into any fashion trend, it is important to assess the qualities of the products you wish to buy. For Cubic Zirconia Jewelry, some of the advantages include:

  1. Durability: If you want to buy everyday jewelry, you need a tough material which is exactly what you get with Cubic Zirconia Jewelry. On the Moh hardness scale, Cubic Zirconia comes at 8 while diamond is at 10.

  2. Flawless clarity: One of the major problems with natural gems including diamond is the presence of blemishes or inclusions. This diminishes their sparkle but this is not a problem with Cubic Zirconia. It is a flawless material that would rank at F on Diamond’s clarity scale.

  3. Magnificence and brilliance: The lack of inclusions in CZ gems makes your jewelry sparkle brilliantly as it can disperse light more impressively. These pieces are elegant and glamorous and make for perfect statement pieces.

  4. Affordability: Most jewelry lovers would like to buy a beautiful diamond piece every time they hit the stores but it is not cheap. This is why CZ jewelry has grown in popularity over the years. It is an affordable alternative to the diamond without any compromise on the quality or appearance.

  5. Upgrading your collection: If you feel like an upgrade in your jewelry collection, you can go for wholesale CZ jewelry because the pieces are affordable.

  6. Versatile jewelry: These accessories are ideal for every occasion including formal, casual among others. You can also get a wide range of accessories from bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and anklets featuring these beautiful gems.

  7. Multiple colors: While colorless CZ jewelry is very popular, you can get these awesome stones in other colors including pinks, blues, greens, champagnes, oranges, and purples. This makes it easier for you to accentuate your outfits with matched jewelry for an amazing impact.

  8. Eco-friendly fashion: When wearing CZ jewelry, you know there was no accompanying destruction of the environment to make you look great. It is one of the most sustainable solutions in the jewelry industry.

  9. Ethical considerations: There are concerns around the labor used in diamond and other precious metals extraction. Many jewelry designers now opt for artificially-made gems like CZ to create conflict-free gems.

Shopping for CZ Jewelry

If you have decided to upgrade your jewelry collection with CZ accessories, there are a few things you need to consider. Take a look:

  1. Find a reliable/reputable online dealer: Read reviews and testimonials to identify a good online jeweler. This is the only way to find high-quality products and great customer experience.

  2. Go for bulk orders: If you want to save money on CZ jewelry, look for dealers offering bulk order discounts. Some also include free shipping for such orders and it is an affordable way to upgrade your jewelry collection.

  3. Read the shipping and return policies and other terms: Don’t buy your Cubic Zirconia jewelry before confirming all the terms of the purchase. This will avoid problems in case of damaged deliveries, poor quality or other issues with your purchase.

  4. Look for a wide variety of products: If you want to make the best CZ jewelry purchase, look for a dealer with a large inventory. This makes it easier to choose the best items to suit your style.

Final Thoughts

Cubic Zirconia jewelry is an amazing addition to your dresser. These accessories are affordable and yet magnificent. They are the best alternative to brilliant diamond pieces without setting you back financially. If you want a quick and affordable fashion makeover, it is time to start rocking CZ jewelry accessories.

The 10 Hottest Jewelry Trends for Spring 2020

If you love the latest jewelry trends, you are most likely a fan of the runways. The spring 2020 collections hit the runways and jewelry was a big part of the shows. From New York, London, Milan to Paris, there was fun and exciting jewelry that will dominate the fashion scene in 2020.

Latest Jewelry

From colorful gems, oversized statement pieces, full-body jewelry to mismatched and single earrings and other ideas, the shows brought fabulous trends that fashion lovers will love. This guide highlights some of the outstanding trends that you can expect in the spring of 2020.

1. Colorful Jewelry

Traditionally, jewelry designers have focused on precious metals such as gold, diamond, silver, and platinum. However, there’s is a shift in trends in 2020. The fashion runaways experienced an explosion of color and this is something you will also see in the spring 2020.

From bright floral and beaded jewelry to the colored gemstones, there is a move away from traditional colors of gold and diamond to bolder colors of other gemstones. The mismatched colors and stones will also make for eye-catching jewelry on the market.

2. Big Hoops

Hoops are a classic and timeless jewelry trend and this will not change in 2020. Across the biggest spring 2020 runaways, XXL hoops dominated and you can expect them to do well on the market. The big gold hoops were conspicuous and will work perfectly as statement pieces.

The hoops work on every style from LBDs to power suits and this gives you interesting ideas for this jewelry trend. With Supersize hoops popping up on every runaway, you can bet they will do well on the market.

3. Body Jewelry

Jewelry designers push the boundaries every new season and 2020 is no exception. Outstanding fashion designers such as PacoRabanne and Julien Dossena have blurred the line between jewelry and dress and it has worked magic.

It is an idea that has simmered below the surface but it did exceptionally well during fashion weeks. You can expect jewelry prints and other trends combining dress and jewelry to emerge as a hot trend in 2020.

4. Oversized Links

Chunky chains are back and they look greater than ever. The oversized links seem to have replaced dainty jewelry as fashion designers go for bolder looks. The thick metal styles popped up at Brandon Maxwell, Zimmermann, Bottega Veneta and Ports 1961 fashion shows.

These shows feature the best fashion designers who also influence market trends. The idea of “bigger is better” when it comes to link chains has started gaining steam and you will see it more on the market in 2020.

5. Sleek And Modern Pearls

Pearls never go out of fashion and if you look at your grandma’s jewelry box, you will find lots of them. However, pearls have undergone an evolution and what featured on the market a few years back is now old school.

You can expect sleek and modern looking pearls on the market based on what popped up on the 2020 spring runways. From petite polished pearls at Jason Wu to edgy and sculptural at Prabal Gurung, the trends in pearl jewelry have changed.

6. Mismatch Metals

For a long time, fashion experts have advised on matching metals but this is now a boring fashion idea. The spring offers a fresh moment to try bolder ideas and this is one reason mismatch metals featured prominently on the runaways.

Fashion designers now blend two-tone metal jewelry such as white gold with rose gold to make stunning pieces. From rings to necklaces, jewelry makers are now bolder in combining metals and the results are magnificent.

6. Single Earrings

When shopping for earrings, you always think of a pair, right? Well, that might change in 2020 if the single earring trend picks up. It is an avant-garde style and you’ll break all the rules with it. With a statement-making earring, you’re ready for the future of earpiece styling.

From Prabal Gurung to Marc Jacobs and Tibi, the solo earring was a dominant spring 2020 feature on the runways. If you are the bold type, there’s no better way to make a statement than with a single beautiful earring.

8. Rise of Silver Jewelry

The qualities of silver have given it the edge over gold and other metals in jewelry making. From its brightness, affordability, ease of customization, availability to the ease of combining with gold and other metals, silver is the ultimate jewelry making material.

It is a versatile metal and fashion designers play around with it to make impressive pieces. From modern hoops or a herringbone necklace, chain-link bracelets to sculptural rings, you will see more of silver jewelry on the market. If you want to buy into this trend, you can overhaul your collection by buying silver jewelry wholesale.

9. Seashore Jewelry

The sea and sand have always provided inspiration for jewelry designers. There’s now a bigger movement seeking pathways for seashore jewelry to make charm necklaces, statement earrings, and bracelets.

There are many seashore items that can make awesome jewelry. You will find more of these in the stores come spring 2020. It was a popular trend on the 2020 spring fashion runaways which hints to a big trend on the market.

10. Statement Collars

If you need something spectacular in your outfit to grab attention quickly, you need a statement collar. It is a jewelry trend that works perfectly for both maximalists and minimalists.

While the large chokers and chain links are hard to miss, they are also neat, sleek and streamlined in design. These statement necklaces appeared at Elie Saab, Gucci, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Alberta Ferretti’s runaways.

Final Thoughts

Thinking of buying new jewelry in 2020? You can now seek inspiration from the top trending styles from the runaways. These bold jewelry designs always go ahead to dominate the market and you can become one of the pioneers. Nothing feels better than rocking the latest jewelry trend when most of your friends don’t even know it exists. Go ahead and buy into one of these trends to set the standards.