Your Complete Guide to the Most Popular Necklace Chain Styles

We think it’s time your neck said hello to the sun again!

Jewelry trends and styles keep changing and evolving, and we keep an eye on them so you can stay informed and updated. Necklaces have always been an integral piece of jewelry, whether worn as a solitary piece or as a part of a jewelry ensemble. And it is one trend that will never go out of vogue. Princesses, sportspersons, celebrities, and the girl next door – everyone loves wearing necklaces.

Here is your complete guide to the various necklace types and necklace chain styles.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when shopping for a necklace or chain is what kind of clothing you intend to pair it up with. The neckline plays a massive role in determining what style you should ideally go for.

Some of the most popular neckline styles include:

  • Halter
  • V-neck
  • Collared top or shirt
  • Scoop
  • Deep neck
  • Turtleneck

Here’s looking at the top necklace styles that are trending in 2020:

1. The Collar Chain Necklace

As the name suggests, this type of necklace rests flush on the skin just above the collarbone. Modern-day collar chains and necklaces are usually quite thick and resemble your t-shirt collar shape. They could measure anywhere between 12 and 16 inches.

2. The Choker Necklace

Aptly named the “choker” necklace, this one sits high on your neck (or sometimes right below your collarbone). Compared to the collar chain necklace, this type of chain could be slightly longer. Generally worn in conjunction with a striking pendant, a choker necklace can also look good when paired with beads or drops.

3. The Princess-Style Neckpiece

The princess necklace is just what royalty should look like – elegant, flamboyant, and flattering! Studded with fancy gemstones, this kind of necklace comes in various different shapes and designs. The necklace usually has one central drop and rests comfortably below the collarbone.

4. The Mariner Chain

Anything that’s got to do with sailing has to be stylish, won’t you agree? The mariner chain features interlocked ovals with a bar going across the center of each link. Available in different thicknesses and widths, the versatility of mariner chains makes them a top choice for both men and women.

5. The Ball Chain

Also referred to as a bead chain, a ball chain features small balls or beads linked close together. Bead chains can look really intriguing and fascinating if paired with delicate pendants.

6. The Cable Chain

Perhaps the most commonly found necklace chain around the world, the cable link chain is composed of oval or round interconnected links. There are various varieties of the cable chain, with the wire being designed to be flat or textured. 

7. The Curb Chain

Timeless, classic, and ever so elegant, the curb chain is similar to a cable chain, with equisized links that are interlinked to create a uniform-looking design. This type of chain necklace lies flat on the collarbone or the top of your chest and can be used with stylish pendants.

8. The Rope Chain

Usually available in 10K or 14K gold, sterling silver, platinum, rose gold, and white gold, the rope chain is a statement-making piece of jewelry that can be worn as a solitary piece or with pendants.

9. The Snake Chain

Snake chains are subtle, slight, and delicate in nature. Women love this type of chains because they don’t get entangled with the hair. Relatively easier to clean and maintain, they are the preferred style of chains for everyday wear.

10. The Bead Necklace

If you are on the lookout for something that is contemporary and bold, you can always rely on the ever-so-popular bead necklaces that look hip and cool. Bead necklaces are versatile, too, in the sense that they can be paired with almost any kind of clothing.

All across the globe, women love sterling silver jewelry because it pairs well with various attires and complements almost any look. At P&K Jewelry, we offer a wide selection of sterling silver necklaces (available wholesale). Explore our variety of unique sterling silver necklace designs, sterling silver pendant chains, beaded neckpieces, and authentic sterling silver chokers now!

6 Simple Tips to Avoid the Most Common Jewelry Mistakes

Jewelry is much more than just a few pieces of accessories that you wear to look beautiful. Jewelry can really bring out your personality, accentuate your look, and

Buying and maintaining jewelry are processes that require you to have at least some basic knowledge about the material, life, and upkeep. Many people make the mistake of simply buying whatever they think looks good and fits their budget without really diving deep into the jewelry type and understanding what it takes to preserve it.

On that note, here’s a quick guide that will help you avoid the most common mistakes that people make while purchasing, using, and maintaining jewelry.

1. The eternal question – How much bling is too much bling?

Yes, we all love a bit of bling and it does add a certain amount of character to your personality. However, the first thing to keep in mind while buying (or using) jewelry is that too much jewelry is a strict no-no. Unfortunately, this happens to be a common faux pas.

The key lies in finding the perfect balance and avoiding too many items. Add to that the fact that people often ignore the heaviness aspect of jewelry – chunky, blingy, and heavy accessories must be avoided. Another important point to keep in mind is that noisy jewelry that clangs at every little movement you make can be really distracting for the people around you, especially when you are indoors.

2. Be judicious while choosing colors

Ignorance is definitely not bliss when it comes to picking jewelry colors. Oftentimes, people disregard important things like considering their skin tone while choosing the base metal or gemstone. For example, while stainless steel jewelry is a safe bet for all skin colors, yellow gold or colored gemstones might not look good on everyone.

Another thing you must consider is the color of your clothes or attire with which you intend to wear the said piece of jewelry. The thumb rule in this regard is that your jewelry shouldn’t clash – neither with other jewelry items that you are wearing nor with the clothing. Make sure you pair your jewelry with your clothing and aim for a color-coordinated look overall.

3. Maintain one focal point of attention

Taking off from point #1, it is also extremely important that even though you might be looking for an ensemble in terms of jewelry pieces, which includes a necklace, earrings, bracelets, bangles, rings, etc., you should have one single focal point.

In simple words, go for one standout piece. The rest, ideally, should simply play a supporting role.

4. Get organized

Storing your jewelry in a neat and systemized manner can save you the hassle of tangled necklaces and bracelets (especially the delicate ones). You don’t want to spend your precious time disentangling your jewelry just before you are about to step out! Dedicate a jewelry box and use padded pouches to store your jewelry. Clasp your necklaces so it is easy for you to wear them the next time you need them.

You can use a necklace tree to keep your favorite necklaces handy. For the rest of your items, you can lock it all away together in a safe or drawer. This will also help shield your jewelry items from humidity.

5. Clean your jewelry regularly

Most jewelry users have absolutely no knowledge about how (and why) their jewelry needs to be cleaned. Cleaning and polishing are vital for maintaining the sheen, structure, and beauty of your jewelry. Over a period of time, a certain amount of dirt and grime can get accumulated, the prongs can become loose, and regular wear and tear can cause damage to the structure of your jewelry.

Trying to clean your jewelry at home invariably results in trying out different things that could potentially work against you. For instance, alcohol and acids can damage your jewelry, so it is best to steer clear of such cleaning agents. Instead, use a soft toothbrush and warm water to gently clean any dust or dirt. Alternatively, you can simply use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe your jewelry pieces clean. Bear in mind that different metals and gemstones require different cleaning agents and methods. So, it is best to take your jewelry to the local jeweler at least once every year for cleaning and polishing.

6. Avoid excessive contact with water

Gemstones and metals might lose their sparkle if they come in regular contact with water. If you live in humid areas that receive excessive rainfall, it is highly likely that your jewelry will need extra care. Consult your jeweler about how you can ensure that your jewelry stays safe and shimmering in all conditions.

A lot of people wear their jewelry (rings, earrings, and bracelets) while showering. The problem here is that the constant contact with water and cosmetic chemicals can be detrimental to the jewelry. People also sport jewelry while going for a swim, which increases the risk of slipping and losing it, apart from the ill effects that hard water has on metals.

At P&K Jewelry, we offer a vast selection of high-quality stainless-steel jewelry for both men and women. From rings and bangles, to bracelets and earrings, we have it all. Explore our collection of wholesale stainless steel jewelry now!

5 Ways to Add More Value to Your Jewelry Wholesale Strategies

The wholesale jewelry marketplace is full of fierce competition as you already know. If you don’t stay on top of your game, your potential buyers and resellers who purchase from you might start looking for alternative options to source their jewelry in bulk.

For jewelry wholesalers and store owners, it is mighty essential that you have an all-encompassing strategy in place to not only survive, but thrive in the market. On that note, experts at P&K Jewelry, a leading wholesaler of silver jewelry, have outlined five failsafe pointers that you should leverage in order to take your business to the next level.

1. Network your way to success

Talking to industry experts, thought leaders, and like-minded people from the domain can give you lots of insights into the current state of the business and trends you can look forward to in the future. Networking with peers from the industry can also help you gain a good understanding of what is happening around you and the new players in the market. As is the case with any field of work, networking can open up a huge range of new business opportunities and provide you with a great platform to showcase your capabilities and USPs.

2. Deliver a personalized buying experience

Today’s buyers are very different from your average Joe from the 1990s or 2000s. They expect the highest degree of professionalism and demand an exceptional customer experience. And that is exactly what you should aim to achieve through every interaction. Add a personal touch to exceed your buyers’ expectations and make them feel valued at every step of the buying journey. Whether that means sending them flowers, or sending handwritten “thank you” notes, or even calling them on special occasions, all such gestures can really help you raise the customer experience bar.

3. Acknowledge your loyal customers

Taking point #2 a step further, it is also important to recognize and appreciate customer loyalty. As mentioned above, you can show your appreciation through little yet meaningful gestures. Apart from that, you can invest in regular communication through emails to touch base with them. Offering special deals and discounts, too, can go a long way in strengthening the bond with your regular customers.

4. Do your research about potential customers

When approaching a new customer, it is critical that you do your homework about them. A lot of wholesalers make the mistake of not doing enough research before reaching out to a potential client. It is recommended that you study their website, follow their social media profiles, check out their customer reviews, understand their business model, and also visit their store(s) if that is easily possible. Doing so will not only help you identify the right opportunities, but also establish an instant connect with your potential customers. The more you know about them, the better your interactions will be.

5. Invest in sales and marketing

It is likely that your potential buyers are extremely busy, so it is vital that you make the wholesaler selection process as easy and convenient for them as possible. While your products may be hitting all the right notes, it is of no use if you cannot project your offerings in an enticing manner. You will only rope in your “dream client” if they see what is to gain from partnering with you. Make sure your product images and sample merchandise are of the highest quality, invest in design and content to make a solid first impression with your marketing collaterals, and make your presence felt in both the offline as well as online space.

Having been a leading source of wholesale silver jewelry since 1995, P&K Jewelry offers a wide range of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and pins, as well as an interesting selection of accessories such as toe rings, key chains, and money clips.

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Stay on Top of Bridal Jewelry Trends with Stylish Wedding Necklaces

Bridal jewelry is one of the most critical aspects of your wedding planning that simply cannot be overlooked. Today’s brides have a massive variety of jewelry options to choose from. From single pieces that stand out, to complete sets that include rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces – modern-day bridal jewelry trends are truly varied.

If you are on the lookout for the perfect wedding jewelry for that can complement any bridal look, read on!

Today’s brides love to sport jewelry that complements their attire or wedding gown. From traditionalism to modern alternatives, their choices are truly varied and they are not afraid to experiment. Jewelry crafted using sterling silver – or a silver alloy that contains 92.5% silver (by weight) and 7.5% of other metals (copper, for example) – is an excellent choice for the perfect bridal look.

At P&K Jewelry, our range of sterling silver necklaces available for wholesale purchase aptly reflects the preferences of the modern-day bride. These pieces of jewelry are designed to be showstoppers!

Popular types of sterling silver jewelry

From classic necklaces for the old-school bride to free-spirited pendant designs for new-age brides, sterling silver necklaces offer a phenomenal blend of style and glamor. The best part about sterling silver necklaces is that they can be paired with almost all kinds of bridal gowns.

Some of the most sought-after jewelry designs and sterling silver necklace patterns that you can choose from at P&K Jewelry include:

  • Sterling silver chains
  • Sterling silver pendant sets
  • Studded sterling silver chokers
  • Swarovski sterling silver necklaces
  • Sterling silver beaded neck pieces

Whether your customers need a dash of extra bling, or prefer to keep it simple yet classy, our collection of neck pieces and pendants has it all.

The variety that you get with sterling silver necklaces is quite dynamic. From trendy pendants for the perfect cocktail party look, to shimmering necklaces for the dazzling bridal look, young women have an enormous range of options to choose from.

Where to buy sterling silver necklaces in bulk?

When you are looking for a wholesale jewelry vendor, finding the right one can get challenging. Product categories, inventory, price, reviews, ratings, testimonials, product quality, shopping experience, shipping policies, returns policy – there are so many things to consider when choosing the right vendor for your wholesale jewelry requirements.

P&K Jewelry offers a stunning range of jewelry available for wholesale purchase on request. Our assortment of timeless sterling silver necklaces is designed to impress and express! With elaborate designs and timeless creations, we flaunt an array of jewelry options that can woo your clients.

We source the latest designs and high-quality silver jewelry from China, Thailand, Bali, and Mexico, thus offering a truly wide-ranging selection of fine sterling silver necklaces. Several leading resellers as well as individual buyers bank on P&K Jewelry for their sterling silver jewelry needs.

With authenticity and cost-friendliness at the epicenter of our business philosophy, we help you find exactly what you need at competitive wholesale rates. Discover our selection of shimmering sterling silver necklaces now!

7 Best Jewelry Buying Tips You Need to Know

Buying jewelry is a handful of tasks in which not everyone is an expert. There are many essential facets one need to overview in order to select a perfect Jewelry. When women go shopping, instead of choosing the right type of jewelry, they end up picking pieces that are not suitable for them. Usually, lack of fashion sense and jewelry information leads to bad choices. High-end fashion jewelry is expensive, and hence it should be worth the price you are paying.

There is a very common perception in people that only jewelers can tell about the jewelry. But that’s not the case, everyone can learn about jewelry type and fashion. All you need to do is follow some tips whenever you go for jewelry shopping.

Here are seven best tips you need to know before buying jewelry for yourself:-

1. Keep the occasion in mind

When you shop jewelry keeping a particular occasion in mind, you shop pretty much what you want. For instance, if you are about to shop for a wedding function, you will know what type of jewelry you want, which can match your dress. Accordingly, if you’re going to buy something for daily use, office, date night, or party, you know exactly what kind of jewelry you want. Hence, buying jewelry, according to the occasion, can simplify the task of selection.

 2. Look for quality

When buying diamonds, clarity, cut, carat, and color must be assessed before buying. In the case of gold, you have to check the hallmark. For silver jewelry, always buy 925 silver. Rather than buying cheap metal jewelry to save a few dollars, consider the long-term benefits of investing in high-quality metal jewelry.

3. Check guarantee and after services

Before buying expensive jewelry, consider all the odds. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions for returning, refunding, and exchanging a piece of jewelry that you are going to buy. Some jewelers may ask you to buy an expensive warranty extension.

If you are planning to make expensive purchases, consider buying damage, theft, or loss insurance. Some insurers offer unique jewelry designs that are more valuable. Discuss your options with your insurance company.

 4. Pick the trendiest design

Before you buy any jewelry, it is best to find out what type of designs are in the trend. You can go to Instagram and check out what kind of jewelry people are wearing these days. You can also read articles and blogs about trendy fashion jewelry. Why is it important? Because you can’t invest money on a piece of jewelry that is outdated or old fashioned. It is preferable to go to online stores for chic and trendy pieces since they only sell the latest jewelry designs.

5. Shop with trusted websites

When buying high-quality jewelry, make sure to buy it from a trusted jewelry website that offers a return policy. Usually, you can receive a full refund or replacement within 15 to 30 days for any damage, if you purchase from a reputable website.

Always check the ratings and reviews of the websites before shopping from them. A trusted jewelry website will give you original bills and certified jewelry information.

6. Choose the right type of metal jewelry

Although there are multiple options available when it comes to metal jewelry, but, it is important to know what you are buying, especially if you are allergic to metals. Consider looking for alloys that contain palladium instead of copper or nickel, if you have sensitive skin.

Sterling silver is one of the most loved jewelry metals for women these days. They last for a lifetime and are a brilliant purchase to invest in jewelry. There are thousands of options in sterling silver jewelry wholesale stores if you are looking for a silver bracelet, ring, or pendant or earrings.

7. Always buy your perfect size

It is essential to understand your size, especially when buying rings. Make sure you know the exact measurement standards before buying them. You can find rings that measure in American, European, millimeter, inch, and many other ways. For chains or necklaces, you can get it customized to whatever length you want. But never settle for a piece of jewelry that does not fit you or look good on you.


Determine your style before choosing a beautiful piece of jewelry yourself. Then select what type of jewelry suits your style by using the above tips. Buying perfect jewelry is now easy, build your jewelry collection and look stylish round the clock.

What type of jewelry do girls like more: gold, rose gold or silver?

Jewelry can offer exceptional confidence, enhance your natural beauty, integrate your wardrobe and give you a little more attention in a gathering. You may be familiar with the quote that “jewelry is a girl’s best friend”. They cannot go without carrying at least some type of jewelry, be it earrings, bracelet, rings or necklace. But every girl wears jewelry based on their own taste and personal styles.

Talking about today’s generation; gold, rose gold and silver are the most used and trendiest type of jewelry material. Only the right type of jewelry can make you look gorgeous. Hence, it is important to choose the jewelry material that can balance and match your skin tone, outfit, occasion, and many other factors.

For the better understanding of each type of jewelry, read the difference between each of the three jewelry material and their role in the everyday choice of jewelry:-

Type Of Jewelry:

  • Gold

In the kingdom of jewelry, gold is the king. There is no other substitute for gold jewelry. Girls love wearing gold bracelets, chains, and earrings. In parties, events or even office functions, you may see women carrying matching gold jewelry sets. The best part about the gold necklace with matching earrings is that it looks great with a prom dress, but you can also wear them at various parties throughout the year. The point is that investing in a package can be useful if you don’t want to spend too much on different sets.

But who likes to wear the same old classic gold jewelry designs. Everyone wants something unique and different from the usual jewelry. So, here’s what you can do, have you heard about wholesale jewelry in New York? They have some of the best designs and patterns which are based on the latest fashion.

  • Rose gold

The soft pastel color of rose gold attracts every woman. Its lightness and softness give us the joy of expectation. In particular, the demand for rose gold jewelry increased slightly more than any other gold jewelry type from the past five years. Pink or rose gold jewelry is very eye-catching that gives your entire look a new and subtle touch.

  • Silver

If you want to wear expensive jewelry but want a seemingly rare effect, it requires more effort than you think. With silver jewelry, don’t try to go overboard. Select one piece of statement earrings or necklace at a time. If you like a necklace, skip the earrings and opt for silver stud earrings. If you chose the bracelets, say no to the big statement rings.

If you are keen to wear beautiful and intricate pieces of jewelry, go and shop from a silver jewelry wholesale New York. Each piece of earrings, rings, and chains are made up of high-quality silver with reasonable making charges.

How to style?

You buy jewelry from here and there and make your own collection, but at times it gets hard to decide which jewelry to wear on what occasion. Even after tons of jewelry options, you may find it challenging to choose one good one that could look appropriate for a specific event. Each type of jewelry has its own charm, and you can’t wear it with any outfit or on any random occasion. You can style gold, rose gold and silver jewelry according to your mood, event, and outfit. Here is how each type of jewelry can be appropriately styled:-


The right clothing style with gold jewelry can create wonder and give you a new sense of confidence. There are many options for those who want to try gold jewelry. If you are planning to wear a dress that has beautiful designs, it is advisable to stick with plain 10k or 14k chains that are less detailed and dainty. It would be great to keep the main focus on the dress along with the jewelry.

Rose gold:

Rose gold is an increasingly popular jewelry type for girls. It has a delicate pink hue that goes with a gown and floral dresses. Pink gold is undeniably romantic; hence rose gold wedding rings are a great choice. But not only for weddings, but rose gold is also a perfect option for date night. You can wear your favorite dress and carry rose gold earrings or necklace to enhance your entire appearance. If you want to wear rose gold for work, opt rose gold earrings and pendant. They go well with formal wear pants, shirts, and suits.


If your personality is sleek or colorful, there is something in silver jewelry that suits your great sense of style. Wear silver earrings, rings and necklaces to create a casual going-out look. Silver jewelry is always an elegant choice and offers a unique selection of designs. Silver is classic, versatile and ideal for everyday use when walking along the beach with your loved ones or for a special occasion.


Teenage and adulthood is truly the best time to experiment with your personality and determine your taste in jewelry. All three; gold, rose gold and silver jewelry is perfect for high school or college girls. This metal jewelry helps young girls to discover a feminine side which reflects their style and completes the look. Always feel free to try different metal jewelry with different outfits. In modern times, girls are bold enough to try gold and silver jewelry together. It is a fashionable combination, and you will find many fashion inspirations who look great in gold and silver jewelry together. Look for an extraordinary style and create it with your jewelry.

Top Jewelry Trends for 2020 and How to Wear Them

The world of fashion is vast and fluctuating. Men and women now support the trend of modern fashion, and with the help of jewelry, you can set your trend. Your outfit is not complete if you do not have beautiful and exquisite jewelry to make a special moment even more impressive. Thanks to a combination of trendy fashion jewelry, your presence makes any exquisite party more exotic. Regardless of whether you wear high-end jewelry or cheap metal jewelry, just keep in mind that they are in the latest trends.

Sometimes, even though you get the trendiest piece of jewelry, you may not be able to coordinate it with the right type of clothes. It is equally important to match the jewelry with your clothes, makeup, and hairstyle. You don’t need to go to a stylist for fashion advice. Here are the top 5 jewelry trends and styling tips for you. So, be ready to get lots of compliments by following these jewelry trends:-

  • Multi-layered necklace

Layered jewelry can be a great way to create a stylish and unique look that suits your personal style by offering a lot of freedom and many options. You can create a layered necklace with the chains you already have. You can combine chains of different lengths to create a long necklace, or you can wear a multi-layered necklace.

The long, multilayered chains go perfectly with full sleeves tops and shirts. They can also look good with higher necklines if the string matches the neckline of the t-shirt.

  • Tassel earrings

Silk tassels, pattern tassels, statement tassels, stud tassel drop dangles, boho tassels; you name it, and you can find each type of tassels earring you are looking for. These are lightweight and colorful earrings that give a swishy effect in your outfit and can be worn in any season or occasion.

Since the tassel earrings make a statement on their own, they don’t need any other related accessories. But if you want to do something special with your look, you can coordinate it with a chain or pendant.

To show off your tassel earrings, pull your hair into a bun or high pony and let the earring hit your pretty face. Combine your favorite striped long sleeves shirt with tassel earrings.

  • Sterling silver bracelet

Sterling silver is an elegant metal which generally looks better with light skin tones. But people with all types of skin tones can experiment with sterling steel jewelry. These days, everyone is obsessed with sterling silver bracelets and bangles. It is the most popular pair of bracelets. From sterling silver bracelets wholesale stores, you can get the names of your loved ones engraved on silver bracelets perfect for a gift. With fashionable and trendy bracelets on your wrists, you can introduce a bit of change in your personality.

silver bracelets

Do a little extra by going out with simple clothes and a gorgeous pair of stainless steel bangles. It will glorify your entire look by keeping all the focus on the jewelry. Sterling silver bangles wholesale stores offer multiple designs and popular patterns of bangles that are affordable as well as trendy.

  • Chokers

If you want some charm to represent you, this is one of the best fashion jewelry items for you. Chokers give a neat appearance that will make your clothes look even more elegant.

Chokers and high necks are a big NO. Since chokers are a round piece of the band, your cloth should coordinate with it. Wear an off-shoulder dress to showcase your fancy choker.

  • Oxidized silver jewelry

Oxidized silver junk jewelry is timeless, and now is the perfect time to be fashionable by wearing it. This old design of rusty earrings is what has kept them for centuries. Oxidized earrings have become a very popular style of jewelry because of their unique appearance and effect on the face.

They are unique in a very subtle way, and you can wear it with any traditional attire. At weddings, anniversary, or reception parties, oxidized silver jewelry would rock.

The final verdict in fashion

Today’s jewelry fashion trends allow you to explore varieties of jewelry combinations, be it earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. When you wear trendy jewelry, it makes you fashionable and unique. Be the spotlight in any party by opting for these popular fashion jewelry trends. 2020 is all about mixing and matching yourself with colorful jewelry. Wear popular jewelry items and great clothes to enhance your personality.

7 Most Popular Types Of Jewelry

Jewelry emphasizes a woman’s personality and identifies the best features. However, wearing outdated jewelry can ruin the entire outfit. Hence, everyone living in this era needs to follow the popular jewelry trend to stay updated in the modern fashion world. Fashion nowadays is constantly changing, and everyone has to change along with it. Wear something which can create a topic of discussion at any party and gets marvelous comments about it. 

When you go for jewelry shopping, always pick stuff that is popular at a time, although some may not know what type of jewelry is in vogue and what they should buy. To overcome this problem, here are 7 most popular jewelry which every single woman is wearing these days. Read about them to choose your favorite type of jewelry.

1. Hoops

Hoops are the most popular jewelry which combines vintage and modern elements to give it a look of a delicate accessory or a fashionable earring. If you love big and round earrings and you are always looking for exclusive hoops to wear, then check out some of the online jewelry stores. You will find an incredible selection of exclusive hoops models for yourself.

2. Statement earring

For several decades, statement earrings for women have been in fashion. Statement earring goes well with solid color clothes, so next time you are planning to wear a plain white t-shirt, put a boho statement earrings with it, in order to amplify your look. The reason why statement earrings become popular day by day is that you don’t have to wear any other jewelry to coordinate with it. Statement earrings are itself enough to add meaning to your outfit. For an eye-catching look, you can also wear statement earrings with checked and printed shirts.

3. Long chains

The longer chains you wear, the better it looks. Extra-long chains with multiple layers are popular among ladies. Long chains are ideal for day and night as it can be worn in a sweater during the day and at night with a stunning evening dress. For extraordinary specialized designs, choose from the sterling silver wholesale collection. In the wholesale collection, you can find statement earrings, rings, and more in sterling silver.

4. Pearl necklace

The pearl necklace has been in the podium of fashion for many years and yet shows no signs of disappearing from view. Agree or disagree, but nothing can replace a traditional classic pearl necklace and drop pearl earrings. In the 70s, women used to wear a set of pearl jewelry, but today only a pearl necklace can do wonders. You can wear a pearl necklace with a maxi dress or skirt.

5. Platinum rings

Platinum is a precious metal that looks incredible in rings. Platinum rings may cost you a bit more than any other metal rings, but it is completely worth the price because of its enchanting beauty. Usually, when people talk about platinum rings, they often think of it as a wedding band, but platinum rings are now being worn by everyone. It looks terrific in function, events, or even for a date.

6. Chokers

Chokers are an amazing piece of jewelry because it can go with almost every outfit. Teen girls and college going girls love wearing regular black velvet or leather choker. A choker can perfectly go with off-shoulder tops and dresses. Since the neck area is completely open, you can also try bolder pieces, such as lace chokers or a metal choker.

7. Stud earrings

Last but not least: stud earrings. You can wear it as everyday jewelry wherever you go when you need it. These popular minimalist jewels are something that you can never get bored with. The best part about stud earrings is that you can wear them for a long time as they are small, light and comfortable pieces of jewelry.


Jewelry has great importance in women’s lives, and it can be explained by the fact that women have loved jewelry for centuries. If you go out without wearing any accessories, it will present an incomplete look. But wearing the right type of accessories is equally important, for which you should know the popular trends and styles. These 7 most popular trendy jewelry will help you keep on the queue of fashion.

Shopping For 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry? 5 Ways to Tell If It’s Real or Fake

Silver Jewelry

When most people think of jewelry, only gold and diamond come to mind. However, silver jewelry has been around since the earliest civilizations. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get the recognition it gets, but jewelry enthusiasts know its value. If you are on the market for quality, affordable accessories, sterling silver jewelry should thus top your list. This guide delves into 925 sterling silver to help you buy authentic jewelry.

925 Sterling Silver Explained 

Silver in its natural form is soft and is not ideal for everyday jewelry, and this is where 925 sterling silver comes into play. This is an alloy containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper or other stronger metal. The idea is to strengthen silver without compromising its impressive qualities.

The added metal does not change the beautiful appearance of silver but only its structure. Sterling silver has emerged as an alternative to more expensive white metals such as platinum and palladium.

Why Invest in 925 Sterling Silver? 

When shopping for fashion accessories, you should assess the quality of the materials used. Some great looking pieces available online quickly deteriorate, leading to disappointment and loss of money. Some of the reasons to invest in high-quality sterling silver jewelry include:

  • Durability: Sterling jewelry pieces can last a lifetime when well maintained. These pieces can quickly become part of your heirloom. The addition of copper or other metal makes sterling silver a tough and sturdy metal that can withstand everyday use.

  • Hypoallergenic: Sterling silver jewelry is ideal for people with sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic. It doesn’t cause allergic reactions, and you can wear it on any exposed part of your body.

  • Versatility: Whether you want formal, casual, or jewelry to suit any other occasion, 925 sterling silver will do the trick.

  • Upgrade your jewelry collection: You can buy affordable sterling silver pieces to upgrade your collection quickly. From rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings to anklets, it is easy to add new high-end jewelry to your collection. 

  • Endless styling options: Whatever styling option you have in mind, your jewelry designer can use sterling silver to bring your idea to life.

  • Trendy jewelry: It is easy to work with 925 sterling silver, and jewelry designers can thus keep up with the latest trends on the market.

How to Shop For Authentic 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

The rise of online jewelry stores has seen an increase in fake and low-quality products. There’s a proliferation of cheap imports, and many consumers spend their hard-earned cash on these low-quality accessories.

When shopping for 925 sterling silver online, it is essential to take precautions to guarantee you get the best value for your money. The following are some crucial tips to help you buy real sterling silver jewelry.

1. Look for a Stamp/ Hallmark 

The popularity of sterling silver jewelry has made it necessary for the industry to standardize the quality of products. While it is not easy to track the origin of the sterling silver used on a piece, you can identify whether the material is authentic by looking at a small inner inscription on your part.

Look for a stamp with the symbols “Ster,” “925” or “Sterling Silver.” The 925 hallmark is the most crucial tip to determine if any piece you wish to buy is made of genuine sterling silver. 

Now that silver is one of the precious metals on the market, the government regulates it through several laws. One of these is the sec 297, 15 U.S.C. 8, which states that no plated silver material shall have a stamp or hallmark on their surface. This has forced jewelry makers who use the cheaper plated silver metal to mark their products as “silver-plated.” 

2. The Nitric Acid Test 

In some cases, a sterling silver piece might not have the hallmark or stamp, making it hard to determine its authenticity. However, a professional jewelry expert can use nitric acid to determine if the piece is made of real 925 sterling silver.

A drop of this acid does not have any effect on authentic sterling silver jewelry. However, the acid affects fake or silver-plated metals and causes green coloration and bubbles. An established jewelry dealer will propose the Nitric acid test if they are confident about the quality of their products. If you want to carry out the test at home, make sure you use gloves and goggles to prevent any injuries.

3. The Magnet Test

The magnet test is another simple way to verify the authenticity of sterling silver jewelry. Get an ordinary magnet and hold the piece you wish to buy above or near it.

Pure silver is not magnetic, and now that sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver, it should not be attracted to the magnet. If the piece is drawn to the magnet, it is either silver-plated or contains a more significant percentage of other metal than silver.

When shopping for 925 sterling silver jewelry wholesaleyou should request this test on random items in your order. This is the only way to guarantee you buy authentic pieces.

4. The Rubbing Test 

This is the easiest test for 925 sterling silver jewelry. Use a soft cloth to rub your piece and then check the surface. If there are black marks on the cloth, this is a genuine sterling silver piece because Real silver oxidizes on exposure to the air and hence the tarnish left on the cloth.

5. The Smell Test 

Some cheap metals have a distinctive smell, but. This is an easy way to tell if your piece is made of real sterling silver because this high-quality metal has no smell. If you notice any smell, it means there’s a lot of copper in the alloy, which diminishes its value and quality.

Wrapping Up 

The internet has made it easy to shop, but at the same time, it’s also easy to get duped. When shopping for 925 sterling silver jewelry, you need to assess every piece you wish to buy carefully using these simple tests. This is the only way to guarantee you get a durable, authentic, and high quality 925 sterling piece.

Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day 2020? Check These 9 Jewelry Gifts Ideas

February is the month of love and with valentine just around the corner, you need to get that perfect gift for Valentine’s day that special lady in your life. Buying a gift is supposed to be an exciting affair but that’s until you look at the overwhelming gift options on the market.

The Ultimate Valentine’s Gift

For a romantic occasion such as valentines, the pressure is even more as you want to get that dream gift. The item you choose should light that spark of romance and express how you feel about her. What’s more, you want a gift that will always remind her of you everywhere she goes.

It is not easy finding such a gift but luckily, you can never go wrong with jewelry. Jewelry gifts are versatile as they have both symbolic and functional functions. Every time your partner wears that piece, it will reignite the feelings you have for her.

You can choose from a wide variety of jewelry accessories to find the perfect piece. It is also possible to customize the jewelry gift to suit your loved one’s taste and personality. There’s nothing better than seeing that glow in her face when she receives the gift.

Finding the Perfect Jewelry Gift

The best thing about jewelry gifts is that you have the widest range of accessories to choose from. Below are some of the best jewelry gift ideas for valentine’s day:

1. Birth Month Flower Necklace

Flowers are popular with Valentine ’s Day but you can go further and use this idea in your jewelry gift. Think of a birthday month flower necklace with a dried flower encased in clear eco-friendly resin.

This is an innovative gift idea which you can customize to suit your partner. You can pick her birthday flower month, for instance, a daisy for April or carnation for January.

For the chain, you can choose a bright metal such as stainless silver, or go for the timeless gold chain. These necklaces are handmade and popular eco-friendly gifts for this special occasion.

2. Charm Bracelets

A bracelet is a classic jewelry accessory that never goes out of style. It is easy to wear with any outfit and suits any occasion. For Valentine’s 2020, you can go for a charm bracelet that rekindles the memories you have had together.

Many people buy 925 sterling silver jewelry wholesale and you can also go this way to upgrade your lover’s jewelry collection. From the collection, you can pick the charm bracelet for the occasion and even customize it with a lovely message.

3. Cupid’s Arrow Gold Necklace

Cupid’s arrow has already done its work if you are celebrating Valentine’s with someone you love. To mark this romantic, you can choose a cupid’s arrow gold necklace to show your partner you how you feel. It is an ideal gift to celebrate this romantic occasion and your partner will appreciate the gesture.

4. Cute Earrings

Beautiful earrings are a classic jewelry gift and they never go out of style. Women love their earrings and spend a lot of money and time looking for the latest styles. You should consider surprising your loved one with a cute pair of earrings in an outstanding style/design.

Some of the best earrings for Valentine ’s Day include:

  1. Diamond stud earrings: Diamond studs will never go out of style. They are smart, subtle and classy and your partner will appreciate the effort. Take time to select the perfect stone for the earrings to sparkle more. You can go for gold, platinum or sterling silver for the settings and back to complete the stylish look.

  2. Hoop earrings: Ladies love hoop earrings as they amazingly complement their outfits. Gold hoops are the ideal choice for a valentine gift as they are ideal for any occasion. You can choose trendy mismatched Mini Star Moon Charm Hoops to ensure your loved one stays up-to-date with the latest fashion.

  3. Drop earrings: Another classic jewelry gift that oozes timeless beauty is a pair of drop earrings. You can choose a heart-themed pair of earrings in your partner’s favorite color for this big day.

  4. Pearl earrings: Pearls are beautiful and practical for dressing up or down. You can choose pearls in any color to suit your partner’s taste.

5. Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend and as they say, they last forever. That’s why you can never go wrong with diamond jewelry as a valentine’s gift. A diamond tennis bracelet is a classy and stylish gift for a loved one. You can choose it in sterling silver as this bright metal complements the brilliant diamonds.

6. Pearl/Diamond Eternity Ring

If you have just started your relationship, you should choose the valentine gift carefully. One simple gift you can use is an eternity ring. It is a symbolic ring that represents your commitment to the relationship. Go for a classy diamond/pearl ring set in sterling silver, gold or platinum. It is a perfect gift to show your lasting affection.

7. Heart Diamond Necklace

What better way to show your love than with a symbol representing your feelings? A heart diamond necklace is one of the most popular jewelry gifts for lovers. Ladies love beautiful necklaces and for this great occasion, you should consider a delicate and luxurious diamond necklace set in gold.

8. Birthstone Jewelry

Every month has a beautiful stone representing it and you can use this as an inspiration for beautiful Valentine’s Day gift. For instance, choose an emerald ring if your partner was born in May or a garnet bracelet for January. You have a wide range of jewelry options to choose from as long as you know her birthday month.

9. Cubic Zirconia jewelry

Gifting your loved one a Cubic Zirconia is expressing your willingness to be extravagant because your love for them is limitless. Ideally, diamonds are valued because of their cost and Cubic Zirconia jewelry sets at the pedestal.

CZ Jewelry SETS

Some people might say that Cubic Zirconia has too much color but if you fancy extravagance, this is the way to go. Even though they are not real diamonds, they are way more elegant.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best gift for Valentine is not easy but with these ideas, you can get started. Make sure you learn your partner’s taste and preferences when choosing a jewelry gift. You should also consider how far your relationship is when choosing the gift. You can never go wrong with jewelry gifts as they are pretty, stylish and practical too.