Shopping For 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry? 5 Ways to Tell If It’s Real or Fake

Silver Jewelry

When most people think of jewelry, only gold and diamond come to mind. However, silver jewelry has been around since the earliest civilizations. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, but jewelry enthusiasts know its value and worth. If you are on the market for quality, affordable accessories, sterling silver jewelry should top your list. This guide delves into how you can tell if 925 sterling silver is real in order to help you buy authentic jewelry.

925 Sterling Silver Explained 

Silver in its natural form is soft and is not ideal for everyday jewelry, and this is where 925 sterling silver comes into play. This is an alloy containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper or other stronger metal. The idea is to strengthen silver without compromising its impressive qualities.

The added metal does not change the beautiful appearance of silver but only its structure. Sterling silver has emerged as an alternative to more expensive white metals such as platinum and palladium.

How to Tell If Sterling Silver is Real?

The market is flooded with duplicates and cheap copies, so it is always critical that you pay extra attention to the jewelry of your choice to ensure that you are getting nothing less than the best. When it comes to items like jewelry, there is every chance that you might see a piece and believe it to be real when it is actually fake. For instance, a lot of silver-colored jewelry pieces may look almost similar to the naked eye despite being made from different materials or simply being silver-coated. So, how to tell if something is sterling silver? How can you ensure that you don’t end up shelling out your hard-earned money on something substandard? Are there ways to determine the authenticity and quality of sterling silver jewelry? The answers to all of these questions lie below. Read on to find out how you can tell if sterling silver is real.  

Why Invest in 925 Sterling Silver? 

When shopping for fashion accessories, you should assess the quality of the materials used. Some great looking pieces available online quickly deteriorate, leading to disappointment and loss of money. Some of the reasons to invest in high-quality sterling silver jewelry include:

  • Durability: Sterling jewelry pieces can last a lifetime when well maintained. These pieces can quickly become part of your heirloom. The addition of copper or other metal makes sterling silver a tough and sturdy metal that can withstand everyday use.

  • Hypoallergenic: Sterling silver jewelry is ideal for people with sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic. It doesn’t cause allergic reactions, and you can wear it on any exposed part of your body.

  • Versatility: Whether you want formal, casual, or jewelry to suit any other occasion, 925 sterling silver will do the trick.

  • Upgrade your jewelry collection: You can buy affordable sterling silver pieces to upgrade your collection quickly. From rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings to anklets, it is easy to add new high-end jewelry to your collection. 

  • Endless styling options: Whatever styling option you have in mind, your jewelry designer can use sterling silver to bring your idea to life.

  • Trendy jewelry: It is easy to work with 925 sterling silver, and jewelry designers can thus keep up with the latest trends on the market.

How to Shop For Authentic 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

The rise of online jewelry stores has seen an increase in fake and low-quality products. There’s a proliferation of cheap imports, and many consumers spend their hard-earned cash on these low-quality accessories.

When shopping for 925 sterling silver online, it is essential to take precautions to guarantee you get the best value for your money. So, how to tell if sterling silver is real? How can you tell if something is sterling silver in terms of authenticity? Here are some crucial tips to help you buy real sterling silver jewelry.

1. Look for a Stamp/ Hallmark 

The popularity of sterling silver jewelry has made it necessary for the industry to standardize the quality of products. While it is not easy to track the origin of the sterling silver used on a piece, you can identify whether the material is authentic by looking at a small inner inscription on your part.

Look for a stamp with the symbols “Ster,” “925” or “Sterling Silver.” The 925 hallmark is the most crucial tip to determine if any piece you wish to buy is made of genuine sterling silver. 

Now that silver is one of the precious metals on the market, the government regulates it through several laws. One of these is the sec 297, 15 U.S.C. 8, which states that no plated silver material shall have a stamp or hallmark on their surface. This has forced jewelry makers who use the cheaper plated silver metal to mark their products as “silver-plated.” 

2. The Nitric Acid Test 

In some cases, a sterling silver piece might not have the hallmark or stamp, making it hard to determine its authenticity. So, how to tell if a ring is sterling silver in this case? Well, a professional jewelry expert can use nitric acid to determine if the piece is made of real 925 sterling silver.

A drop of this acid does not have any effect on authentic sterling silver jewelry. However, the acid affects fake or silver-plated metals and causes green coloration and bubbles. An established jewelry dealer will propose the Nitric acid test if they are confident about the quality of their products. If you want to carry out the test at home, make sure you use gloves and goggles to prevent any injuries.

3. The Magnet Test

Is sterling silver magnetic? No, it is not! The magnet test is another simple way to verify the authenticity of sterling silver jewelry. Get an ordinary magnet and hold the piece you wish to buy above or near it.

Pure silver is not magnetic, and now that sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver, it should not be attracted to the magnet. If the piece is drawn to the magnet, it is either silver-plated or contains a more significant percentage of other metal than silver.

When shopping for 925 sterling silver jewelry wholesaleyou should request this test on random items in your order. This is the only way to guarantee you buy authentic pieces.

4. The Rubbing Test 

This is the easiest test for 925 sterling silver jewelry. Use a soft cloth to rub your piece and then check the surface. If there are black marks on the cloth, this is a genuine sterling silver piece because real silver oxidizes on exposure to the air and hence the tarnish left on the cloth.

5. The Smell Test 

Some cheap metals have a distinctive smell. This is an easy way to tell if your piece is made of real sterling silver because this high-quality metal has no smell. If you notice any smell, it means there’s a lot of copper in the alloy, which diminishes its value and quality. This is another good way to tell if your sterling silver piece is real or fake.

Wrapping Up 

The internet has made it easy to shop, but at the same time, it’s also easy to get duped. When shopping for 925 sterling silver jewelry, you need to assess every piece you wish to buy carefully using these simple tests. This is the only way to guarantee you get a durable, authentic, and high quality 925 sterling piece.

How to Choose the Best necklace for any occasion

Who said that perfect jewelry doesn’t exist? If you have a great taste in necklaces, you can rock every occasion with the right type of necklace. Choosing the best type of necklace is not some rocket science; all you have to do is keep in mind which outfit you are wearing and for what occasion. With a perfect necklace, anyone can enhance or complete an outfit. They really are a great accessory, but you have to be careful while combining it with your clothes, because the right necklace looks depends on the type of dress you wear.


We all keep the occasion in mind before selecting a piece of jewelry. So, here is the guide on how to choose the best necklace for different occasions to complement your beauty:-


  • For Office

With formal wear, it is always a difficult task to select a neckpiece. Formal occasions include conferences, funerals, office meetings, etc. where you can’t overdo anything with your look. Wear a minimalist piece of the necklace when going for any formal occasion.


There is nothing better than the platinum or silver chic chain. They can easily go with a regular shirt and formal pants or skirts. Choose from the stunning collection of the necklace from sterling silver necklaces wholesale showroom. If you want to be unique, then break the rule of wearing only a plain necklace in the office, by simply putting a choker or rope chain with your favorite work outfit.


  • For Wedding

Weddings and receptions are occasions where you can wear intricate and heavy necklaces. But always think about the balance between everything, including the size and length of your necklace. If your dress has a round neckline, choose a piece of medium-sized jewelry that matches with the overall look.


If you are a guest at the wedding, do not exaggerate your jewelry. You can wear a locket or light pendant, but wearing an appealing necklace may not work as the entire focus would go to the necklace rather than the outfit.


If you are the bride, keep in mind that your necklace should primarily match with your gown. Wear a pearl necklace if you want to keep your look simple. Pearl necklaces are best if you want to accentuate your gown.


  • For The Party

If you have decided to wear a strapless dress for the party, then try chokers and short necklaces. With plunging or V necklines, wear lengthy chains or single strand chains. You can also layer two or three chains together on top of each other to increase the visual look of your upper body. Organize the chains by their lengths. Start with the shortest chain first and then wear the long ones. Two to three chains are the least you can go with, but four or five chains look more fantastic. Always choose to wear the latest and conventional designs in necklaces.


  • For Casual Gatherings

Long necklaces with a bold pendant add the right amount of edge to a simple shirt, t-shirt, or dress and give it an elegant and casual look for the day. If your dress is already colored and has details with a specific shade, choose a necklace with the same shade to ensure a balanced appearance.


The design of the necklace you wear determines the look you want to present to others. Simple shapes and textures, like the large color beads, are ideal for staying simple and providing a limited touch of sophistication. In any social gathering, one should try to showcase their own style and taste.


  • For a Date

For a memorable date, wear something classic yet sexy. Find the perfect pendant to match with your taste in jewelry and wear it with your best possible outfit. For a movie date, wear something bold and dazzling because when the lights will off, there would be a focus on you.


You can also choose a leather boho necklace to add more characters to your authentic style. Also, do not add large rings or a handful of bracelets. Let your beautiful necklace steal the show.


Ending Note

If you want to wear a necklace for any occasion, you must decide if you wish to choose something subtle or something more meaningful. Any jewelry, especially a necklace, helps us shine in our clothes and illuminate our appearance. And the transition reflects who you are. Do not be afraid to be experimental. There are a variety of necklaces you can find online that are right for you. Try everything which is in the trend even if something is unusual and unique.

Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day 2020? Check These 9 Jewelry Gifts Ideas

February is the month of love and with valentine just around the corner, you need to get that perfect gift for Valentine’s day that special lady in your life. Buying a gift is supposed to be an exciting affair but that’s until you look at the overwhelming gift options on the market.

The Ultimate Valentine’s Gift

For a romantic occasion such as valentines, the pressure is even more as you want to get that dream gift. The item you choose should light that spark of romance and express how you feel about her. What’s more, you want a gift that will always remind her of you everywhere she goes.

It is not easy finding such a gift but luckily, you can never go wrong with jewelry. Jewelry gifts are versatile as they have both symbolic and functional functions. Every time your partner wears that piece, it will reignite the feelings you have for her.

You can choose from a wide variety of jewelry accessories to find the perfect piece. It is also possible to customize the jewelry gift to suit your loved one’s taste and personality. There’s nothing better than seeing that glow in her face when she receives the gift.

Finding the Perfect Jewelry Gift

The best thing about jewelry gifts is that you have the widest range of accessories to choose from. Below are some of the best jewelry gift ideas for valentine’s day:

1. Birth Month Flower Necklace

Flowers are popular with Valentine ’s Day but you can go further and use this idea in your jewelry gift. Think of a birthday month flower necklace with a dried flower encased in clear eco-friendly resin.

This is an innovative gift idea which you can customize to suit your partner. You can pick her birthday flower month, for instance, a daisy for April or carnation for January.

For the chain, you can choose a bright metal such as stainless silver, or go for the timeless gold chain. These necklaces are handmade and popular eco-friendly gifts for this special occasion.

2. Charm Bracelets

A bracelet is a classic jewelry accessory that never goes out of style. It is easy to wear with any outfit and suits any occasion. For Valentine’s 2020, you can go for a charm bracelet that rekindles the memories you have had together.

Many people buy 925 sterling silver jewelry wholesale and you can also go this way to upgrade your lover’s jewelry collection. From the collection, you can pick the charm bracelet for the occasion and even customize it with a lovely message.

3. Cupid’s Arrow Gold Necklace

Cupid’s arrow has already done its work if you are celebrating Valentine’s with someone you love. To mark this romantic, you can choose a cupid’s arrow gold necklace to show your partner you how you feel. It is an ideal gift to celebrate this romantic occasion and your partner will appreciate the gesture.

4. Cute Earrings

Beautiful earrings are a classic jewelry gift and they never go out of style. Women love their earrings and spend a lot of money and time looking for the latest styles. You should consider surprising your loved one with a cute pair of earrings in an outstanding style/design.

Some of the best earrings for Valentine ’s Day include:

  1. Diamond stud earrings: Diamond studs will never go out of style. They are smart, subtle and classy and your partner will appreciate the effort. Take time to select the perfect stone for the earrings to sparkle more. You can go for gold, platinum or sterling silver for the settings and back to complete the stylish look.

  2. Hoop earrings: Ladies love hoop earrings as they amazingly complement their outfits. Gold hoops are the ideal choice for a valentine gift as they are ideal for any occasion. You can choose trendy mismatched Mini Star Moon Charm Hoops to ensure your loved one stays up-to-date with the latest fashion.

  3. Drop earrings: Another classic jewelry gift that oozes timeless beauty is a pair of drop earrings. You can choose a heart-themed pair of earrings in your partner’s favorite color for this big day.

  4. Pearl earrings: Pearls are beautiful and practical for dressing up or down. You can choose pearls in any color to suit your partner’s taste.

5. Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend and as they say, they last forever. That’s why you can never go wrong with diamond jewelry as a valentine’s gift. A diamond tennis bracelet is a classy and stylish gift for a loved one. You can choose it in sterling silver as this bright metal complements the brilliant diamonds.

6. Pearl/Diamond Eternity Ring

If you have just started your relationship, you should choose the valentine gift carefully. One simple gift you can use is an eternity ring. It is a symbolic ring that represents your commitment to the relationship. Go for a classy diamond/pearl ring set in sterling silver, gold or platinum. It is a perfect gift to show your lasting affection.

7. Heart Diamond Necklace

What better way to show your love than with a symbol representing your feelings? A heart diamond necklace is one of the most popular jewelry gifts for lovers. Ladies love beautiful necklaces and for this great occasion, you should consider a delicate and luxurious diamond necklace set in gold.

8. Birthstone Jewelry

Every month has a beautiful stone representing it and you can use this as an inspiration for beautiful Valentine’s Day gift. For instance, choose an emerald ring if your partner was born in May or a garnet bracelet for January. You have a wide range of jewelry options to choose from as long as you know her birthday month.

9. Cubic Zirconia jewelry

Gifting your loved one a Cubic Zirconia is expressing your willingness to be extravagant because your love for them is limitless. Ideally, diamonds are valued because of their cost and Cubic Zirconia jewelry sets at the pedestal.

CZ Jewelry SETS

Some people might say that Cubic Zirconia has too much color but if you fancy extravagance, this is the way to go. Even though they are not real diamonds, they are way more elegant.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best gift for Valentine is not easy but with these ideas, you can get started. Make sure you learn your partner’s taste and preferences when choosing a jewelry gift. You should also consider how far your relationship is when choosing the gift. You can never go wrong with jewelry gifts as they are pretty, stylish and practical too.