Why Cubic Zirconia and Sterling Silver Are a Jewelry Match Made for Each Other

Some matches are made in heaven, they say. Some others happen by chance or coincidence. And some matches need a lot of effort to make them work. If it is meant to be, it is meant to be. Today, we bring to you two things we think are made for each other – cubic zirconia (CZ) and sterling silver.

The relationship between a stone and a base metal is that of alcohol and a mixer. One complements the other. It is hence critical that you make sure that the stone that you choose has an ideal companion in the form of the base metal it is studded in.

We all know some of these “perfect matches” – ruby and gold, diamond and silver, gin and tonic (add your own list in the comments section below)!

Here’s looking at one such ideal pair that makes it to the top of our list – cubic zirconia and sterling silver. We will discuss their individual aspects before looking at what makes them click together.

Cubic Zirconia

Widely referred to as CZ, cubic zirconia is a stone that is not found but manufactured in a controlled laboratory setting. The primary reason for its craze and popularity is that it resembles a diamond (without costing as much)! Another reason for its success in the jewelry market is its ability to remain blemish-free (unlike other gemstones).

CZ stones are made from zirconium oxide and other minerals. It is basically the crystallographic isometric form zirconium oxide. Since the 1970s, CZ has held a very special place in the hearts of jewelry lovers and customers all around the globe.  

The most striking thing about a CZ stone is that while its colorless form is always in demand, you are also likely to find it in an array of charming colors, including red, yellow, blue, green, orange, and pink.

If you are a wholesale buyer, you would probably want to understand the key properties of the stone before you purchase it. So, here goes:

  • Hardness: 8.5 (Mohs scale)
  • Density: 5.50-5.90
  • Refractive index: 2.088-2.176
  • Dispersion rating: 0.058-0.066
  • Specific gravity: 5.50-6.00

Sterling Silver

Called .925 silve jewelry, this form of silver is loved by the buyers and also preferred by jewelry makers because of its brilliant properties and characteristics. For starters, it looks exactly like pure silver – but it isn’t. Sterling silver consists of 92.5 percent fine silver and the remaining 7.5 percent is made up of other metals that lend strength and balance to it. Copper is generally the preferred partner metal for sterling silver.

The process of flashing is used for manufacturing sterling silver, where the jewelry that you see is plated with a layer of .999 silver (the purest form). Sometimes, the jewelry is plated with copper or rhodium before the flashing process takes place.

The resulting alloy and piece of jewelry is strong, shiny, and stunning. Since pure silver is generally susceptible to losing shape and getting scratched over a period of time, it is best to buy jewelry made from sterling silver.

Why Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia Go Well Together

So, what is it that makes CZ stones and sterling silver-based jewelry such a fantastic pair?

If you are on a slightly tight budget and yet don’t want to compromise on the look, feel, and quality of your jewelry, we can’t think of a better alternative to this pair.

Here are some of the top reasons why jewelry that features one or more CZ stones and sterling silver as the base metal is a winner.

  1. Endless choices

With CZ stones and sterling silver, you will find yourself spoiled for choice. From rings and earrings to bracelets and necklaces, there is no dearth of options when it comes to finding jewelry that YOU want.

  1. Super affordable

Want to create a drop-dead gorgeous look or ensemble without breaking the bank? Only sterling silver jewelry can give you the luxury of buying jewelry that looks premium but is quite easy on the pocket. The same applies to cubic zirconia stones. If you do not have the budget for a diamond, this is a like-for-like replacement that costs way lesser!

  1. Easy maintenance

You’re already spending your hard-earned money on buying jewelry – its maintenance shouldn’t be something you should need to worry about. Both sterling silver and cubic zirconia can be cleaned easily, using a microfiber cloth. Make sure you store your jewelry in a cool and dry area, preferably in a sealed polyethylene bag or airtight container.

  1. No allergies, please!

Isn’t it absolutely devastating when you buy something you love only to find out that you are allergic to it? Well, there is no risk of allergies here because both CZ and sterling silver are easy on your skin.

  1. In for the long haul

If you are looking for something that you can wear on a daily basis and will last for several years without losing its allure and charm, this pair is just ideal for your needs. Sterling silver is highly durable and doesn’t get easily affected because of regular usage or natural elements.

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Is Sterling Silver Good for Everyday Wear?

Girls, say goodbye to all your doubts about wearing sterling silver jewelry every day forever after you read this. When you find that ideal piece of jewelry, you will never want to get it off. Whether it is your wedding ring, necklace, earrings, or bracelet. You might want to wear them every day.

Every jewelry metal piece has various properties and thus needs a different level of care. But when we talk about sterling silver jewelry, this metal requires you to follow a certain set of rules. It’s a very beautiful silver-hued metal that is 92.5% of pure silver with a mixture of 7.5% copper.

Now the question comes because sterling silver jewelry is so delicate, that whether you can wear it every day? Today we will answer this question so that you can cherish your jewelry forever.

Why sterling silver jewelry good for everyday wear?

So the answer is yes. Sterling silver is the best metal for daily wear. If you are out and searching for a statement piece that can suit your style then sterling silver jewelry wholesale is the right match for you.

Pure silver is an extremely soft metal and no doubt it’s very beautiful but it is not desirable for daily wear. To be functional, silver needs to be strengthened with another metal. Sterling silver is not prone to scratches, rust, or dents, yet it tends to tarnish after some days. Luckily, tarnish can be cleaned very easily with solutions that you can make at home.

Take a note: Whenever you buy your sterling silver jewelry be sure to purchase a jewelry microfiber cloth for cleaning purposes. By using the cleaning cloth and with a simple solution, any kind of tarnish can be cleaned and your jewelry will look as good as new.

Reasons you should buy sterling silver jewelry

  1. It’s trendy: Sterling silver is loved by all, whether it’s a manufacturer or a client. Most of the gems, stones, and crystals are set on stainless steel as they hold them in place properly with no risk of parting. Because of this reason, sterling silver jewelry has become more popular.

So buying sterling silver jewelry will ensure that you are always on trend even as designs and styles change every month.

  1. Durable and light in weight: The mixture of added metals in sterling silver jewelry makes it a perfect durable material – it’s stronger than gold. Because of the lightweight feature, it is an ideal choice for jewelry that can be worn every day. Take a look at the below list of how sterling silver’s jewelry durability works with the most common types of jewelry.
  • Necklaces: For necklaces, sterling silver is a strong material that will not scratch or dent easily. It is very light in weight that you can wear it all day and also durable enough that it can resist wear and tear. A sterling silver necklace is a perfect choice that will last for a longer time.
  • Earrings: Some things are as frustrating as if the new earrings get warped out of shape. So if you are in the wholesale market then Sterling silver earrings wholesale are strong enough to resist any kind of bending. So you can purchase them without any fear.

  • Bracelets: Whether you love bangles, intricate cuffs, or bracelets, a tasteful bracelet will add glam to your jewelry wardrobe. But if they get bent, the appeal is gone immediately. So the durability of sterling silver makes it tough for bracelets to bend. Fortunately, you can wear them every day without worrying much.

  • Rings: Generally when we wear rings, everyone wants them to hold up for daily use. Sterling silver rings are very strong and lightweight, hence they hold their original shape when worn all day.

  1. Highly customizable potential: Sterling silver is a workable and affordable metal, which means it gives designers and jewelers greater artistic freedom. If you are looking for a grand statement piece and on-trend jewelry, you will definitely find something in sterling silver jewelry wholesale.

Sterling silver is easily available and easily workable. So to match your specifications, various jewelers will design customized pieces as per choice. So sterling silver gives you the privilege of creating a piece of jewelry that you have been dreaming about at an affordable price.

  1. Hypoallergenic: If you are allergic to metals then sterling silver is the best choice for you. It is made from 92.5% of pure silver. So you can wear sterling silver jewelry without any risk of irritation or infection. This quality is extremely important when you are wearing accessories like earrings, that remain in constant contact with your skin. So throw on your silver jewelry pieces as often as you can.

  1. Easy maintenance: Sterling silver jewelry is easy to maintain as it is resistant to rust and corrosion. Now the only issue left is tarnishing.

Tarnishing will happen only if you do not store your sterling silver jewelry in air-tight containers in dark areas. However, for people who want to wear your jewelry every day, it ironically works in your favor as your body lotions and oils are regularly rubbing the metal that keeps it shiny.

Either way, if a tarnish layer appears, it can be easily rubbed using a microfiber cloth and you can watch the shine return! Also regular scrubbing and rhodium plating of the metal help in keeping the tarnishing in check.

Did you know that to give depth to any silver jewelry tarnish is used? The tarnish can easily emphasize designs and can make the shinier parts show up more.


Thus sterling silver jewelry is the must-go-to jewelry type for buying if you are planning to wear them daily. You can always count on them to match your ensemble and the occasions for which you are planning to wear them because it is simple, versatile, and sophisticated metal.

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Sterling Silver Bangles – The Perfect Embellishment for Your Wrists

On the lookout for sterling silver jewelry in wholesale or bulk? Don’t be fooled by cheap silver-plated bangles!

The market is replete with fake, duplicitous, and mediocre jewelry that might “look” original, but is susceptible to losing its charm and sheen very soon. This is often the case with silver jewelry in particular. Silver is a classy and versatile metal that serves as the base metal for a massive variety of both women’s and men’s jewelry.

What Makes Sterling Silver a Good Choice for Bangles?

Sterling silver, especially, serves as an excellent material for jewelry for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • It is highly durable and resistant to scratches and dents
  • It retains its sheen and elegance over a long period of time
  • It is it affordable compared to pure silver
  • It is easy to clean and maintain

When it comes to finding the right mix of a “luxury” jewelry item that is well within your means, it just doesn’t get any better than sterling silver bangles. If you love donning accessories on your wrists, you can never go wrong with sterling silver bangles.

A Sneak Peek at What Sterling Silver Bangles So Special

Did you know that bangles, as they are referred to today, were originally called bangle bracelets? Among the most popular and highly sought-after forms of jewelry around the globe, bangles come in various makes, styles, and designs. A simple way to define a bangle is the slender and solid version of a bracelet.

Classy and versatile, today’s sterling silver bangle designs promise the perfect blend of timelessness and contemporary trends. We believe every woman must have this essential fashion accessory in their jewelry box because they are apt for all occasions.

Whether you want something that you can wear to work on a daily basis or jewelry that can be coupled with your extravagant outfits that are meant for special occasions like dates and parties, you are likely to find a wide variety of sterling silver bangle designs and options for your needs.

At P&K Jewelry, our sterling silver bangles and cuffs are designed by master craftsmen. Our unique designs are often inspired by:

  • Geometric shapes
  • Tribal themes
  • Nature and its elements
  • Floral patterns and vines
  • Animal motifs
  • Art trends
  • People
  • Technology

We strongly believe that your jewelry choices are a pretty accurate reflection of who you are as a person! Our sterling silver bangle collection is so diverse and versatile that we make it easy for everyone to find that perfect match for themselves.

The latest jewelry trends suggest that sterling silver bangles are all the rage across age groups these days. From extravagant designs to minimalistic options, you can find premium quality bangles that promise a phenomenal mix of creativity and craftsmanship.

The array of intricate designs, artistic patterns, and shiny polishes and finishes means you are always spoiled for choice! Whether you want to stack it up with multiple bangles or go for beautiful designs that look great on their own, there is no dearth of choices when it comes to .925 sterling silver bangles at P&K Jewelry.

Available at wholesale prices, we offer a wide range of contemporary and classic bangles and cuffs, including:

  • Cuff bangles
  • Bracelet bangles
  • Charm beaded bangles
  • Children’s bangles
  • Oblong bangles
  • Diamond-studded bangles
  • Gemstone-studded bangles
  • Slender, single-metal bangles
  • Sterling silver bangles
  • Stainless steel dual-toned bangles
  • Gold bangles
  • Textured bangles
  • Engraved bangles

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