Everything You Need to Know About Cubic Zirconia Rings

cubic zirconia rings

The value of natural diamonds used to be determined by their beauty, but it seems now the more expensive the stone, the better. Before Cubic Zirconia (CZ), Diamonds did not have a rival in the market. But now, since CZ is potentially more beautiful than diamonds, the parameters for beauty have changed.

Cubic Zirconia is a popular stimulant for diamonds, and people have embraced them because they’re more sparkly, durable, and, most of all, affordable. These synthetic stones allow couples to get their dream ring without spending an arm and a leg.

Even though there are many still clinging to natural diamonds, most people do not see the need for being extravagant when there is a better alternative. If you’re new to CZ, you must have a ton of questions.

This article will break down everything you need to know about Cubic Zirconia rings.

Does cubic zirconia have any value?

This is a question that keeps popping in a lot of people’s minds. Since it is a synthetic stone, many people assume that it does not have value.

As you know, the value of diamond came from its ability to refract light. The sparkle you see on diamonds is because of its dispersion characteristic that separated sunlight into different colors.

Which means, as you move the diamond around, you could see different colors based on how sunlight interacted with the stone.

CZ too has the ability to disperse light like natural diamond. Since the value of diamonds is rooted in this single characteristic, it means that Cubic Zirconia is, in fact not fake.

Even though it is an artificial stone, CZ should not be considered inferior diamonds. You should note that CZ has a higher dispersion, which makes it more beautiful than natural diamond. Cubic Zirconia is a real stone in its own right, and people should not compare it to natural diamonds.

Why People Still Cling to Natural Diamonds

Even though it’s clear that Cubic Zirconia is more beautiful than natural diamonds, many still refuse to join the bandwagon. The main reason is that CZ is way cheaper than diamonds. Couples wonder how a cheap stone would perform as an engagement ring.

You also realize that Cubic Zirconia is not the most Romaic-sounding name out there. Couples should, however, realize that this is a no-nonsense stone that will last them a lifetime.

Many people tend to confuse CZ with synthetic diamond and, as a result, conclude that it is a fake diamond. However, there is a very distinct difference between Cubic Zirconia and synthetic diamond.

Whereas CZ is manufactured using zirconium oxide, calcium oxide, and other materials, synthetic diamond is lab-created to emulate the optical and structural properties of natural diamond.

But should you buy one?

To help you make this decision, we have to dive into the world of CZs. To begin with, you should know that thanks to technological advancement, the manufacturing of CZ is quite advanced. You can get a real manufactured stone at a fraction of the price of a natural diamond.

Purchasing an engagement ring is a personal endeavor because it has sentimental value. Many will go for a natural diamond because it has been the go-to stone for ages.

However, quite a number of couples have outgrown the aura of wealth and class associated with diamonds. Couples today go for Cubic Zirconia because it’s practical and cost-effective.

As a jeweler, you should consider stocking cubic zirconia rings in wholesale because it’s here to stay.

How to Choose a Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring

Although we’ve already established that Cubic Zirconia rings are affordable, it doesn’t mean you should go with anything that’s set before you. You should never compromise on quality when getting an engagement ring because it’s supposed to last a lifetime. Here are things to look out for when getting a CZ engagement ring;

  • Setting

This is an essential component of any engagement ring because it contributes to the appearance over the years. A high-quality setting like platinum or gold will not lose shape easily. This, by extension, will lengthen the life of your engagement ring.

  • Size of the Stone

If you want a flashy Cubic Zirconia engagement ring, you should go for a smaller stone. Larger CZs can easily turn out to be fake, and have a stronger rainbow effect. Many people do not fancy the rainbow effect because they associate it with fakeness.

Bottom Line

Cubic Zirconia engagement rings are an excellent choice because they’re beautiful, durable and affordable. As a couple, you should get engagement rings that are cost-effective and those that’ll last a lifetime. Make sure you shop with well-reputed jewelers so you get the real deal.

7 Things You should know About 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Rings

sterling silver rigns

Sterling silver has a unique grace and beauty that other metal jewelry can never reach. Pure silver is very soft for everyday use, so it binds to copper or other metals to increase resistance. Copper makes silver harder, more resistant, and, therefore, much easier to work and use without compromising on color. Sterling silver jewelry is typically 92.5% pure silver and is often called “925” which means there are 925 pieces per thousand silver. It is a valuable metal at a very low cost.

If you are looking for high-quality jewelry, go with sterling silver since they are an excellent choice of metal when it comes to jewelry. The metal does not rust even after constant use, and it will remain great in the future. You must also be able to pass on your silver jewelry to future generations. The softness and subtle design of the sterling silver jewelry rings can make them a suitable accessory for every occasion.

These are the 7 crucial things you should know about sterling silver rings:-

1. Easy to maintain

To maintain the original luster of any metal jewelry, you need to clean it at least once a month. Sterling silver rings are easy to clean, and the results are excellent. You can use toothpaste or baking powder to clean your ring. Avoid using thin paper towels as they can scrape the silver. You can easily get silver care polishes or suitable solutions to remove stains.

Despite these, you have to take several precautions while dealing with sterling silver rings:-

  • Keep it dry.
  • Do not touch it often; grease and sweat on the hands can cause corrosion.
  • Rub your jewelry with a damp cloth, and it would do wonders with crystal jewelry without damaging the surface, then rub them with a clean, dry cotton cloth to make its natural shine stay.
  • Store your jewelry separately.

2. Multiple designs

Sterling silver jewelry comes in multiple designs than possibly any other metal jewelry would offer. You can find rings for every mood and every occasion. According to the latest trend, jewelers are making top-notch designs with extraordinary patterns and cuts.

Also, sterling silver rings can be resized. If your ring doesn’t fit you anymore, you can go to the nearby jeweler and get it fixed within an hour.

3. Long-lasting shine

The complexity and shine of 925 sterling silver rings do not fade due to continuous use. These precious metals provide long-lasting shine, just like platinum and gold. It retains its present intrinsic value and is generally used by both men and women. 925 sterling silver is also rust-free and tarnish-free, unlike any other cheap jewelry.

4. Hypoallergenic

Another important thing about sterling silver rings that you should know is that you can wear it every day because sterling silver is allergy-free. Most of the metal jewelry consists of nickel, and it can cause allergic reactions in the skin. Hence, it is better to buy 925 silver as the chances of getting a nickel are very low compared to other silver alloys.

5. Durability

Sterling silver is not entirely made of pure silver. Only 92.5 percent of the alloy should be silver, and the remaining 7.5 percent should come from other metals, mainly copper. This slight addition of another metal provides silver’s strength and durability, without affecting the beautiful appearance of white and grey.

Buying a sterling silver ring is an excellent idea because you would never find wear and tear for a long time. Sterling silver rings are able to hold its shape and texture.

6. Lifetime authenticity

The number 925 is written on silver, usually on the hidden part of the gem. This number is called the trademark and represents the purity of silver in the alloy. In other words, 925 is identical to silver, which means that the other stamps in the metal are not sterling silver.

Sterling silver jewelry is an excellent investment because it will last forever if you use it properly and clean it from time to time. Therefore, sterling silver has a high exchange value during the life of the product and retains its value for future generations.

7. Inexpensive

The cost of sterling silver rings is significantly lower than that of metals such as gold and platinum, so you can easily invest in such beautiful silver jewelry.

People who are worried about spending a lot of money in jewelry stores should check out sterling silver rings wholesale collection for affordable prices.

What type of jewelry do girls like more: gold, rose gold or silver?

Jewelry can offer exceptional confidence, enhance your natural beauty, integrate your wardrobe and give you a little more attention in a gathering. You may be familiar with the quote that “jewelry is a girl’s best friend”. They cannot go without carrying at least some type of jewelry, be it earrings, bracelet, rings or necklace. But every girl wears jewelry based on their own taste and personal styles.

Talking about today’s generation; gold, rose gold and silver are the most used and trendiest type of jewelry material. Only the right type of jewelry can make you look gorgeous. Hence, it is important to choose the jewelry material that can balance and match your skin tone, outfit, occasion, and many other factors.

For the better understanding of each type of jewelry, read the difference between each of the three jewelry material and their role in the everyday choice of jewelry:-

Type Of Jewelry:

  • Gold

In the kingdom of jewelry, gold is the king. There is no other substitute for gold jewelry. Girls love wearing gold bracelets, chains, and earrings. In parties, events or even office functions, you may see women carrying matching gold jewelry sets. The best part about the gold necklace with matching earrings is that it looks great with a prom dress, but you can also wear them at various parties throughout the year. The point is that investing in a package can be useful if you don’t want to spend too much on different sets.

But who likes to wear the same old classic gold jewelry designs. Everyone wants something unique and different from the usual jewelry. So, here’s what you can do, have you heard about wholesale jewelry in New York? They have some of the best designs and patterns which are based on the latest fashion.

  • Rose gold

The soft pastel color of rose gold attracts every woman. Its lightness and softness give us the joy of expectation. In particular, the demand for rose gold jewelry increased slightly more than any other gold jewelry type from the past five years. Pink or rose gold jewelry is very eye-catching that gives your entire look a new and subtle touch.

  • Silver

If you want to wear expensive jewelry but want a seemingly rare effect, it requires more effort than you think. With silver jewelry, don’t try to go overboard. Select one piece of statement earrings or necklace at a time. If you like a necklace, skip the earrings and opt for silver stud earrings. If you chose the bracelets, say no to the big statement rings.

If you are keen to wear beautiful and intricate pieces of jewelry, go and shop from a silver jewelry wholesale New York. Each piece of earrings, rings, and chains are made up of high-quality silver with reasonable making charges.

How to style?

You buy jewelry from here and there and make your own collection, but at times it gets hard to decide which jewelry to wear on what occasion. Even after tons of jewelry options, you may find it challenging to choose one good one that could look appropriate for a specific event. Each type of jewelry has its own charm, and you can’t wear it with any outfit or on any random occasion. You can style gold, rose gold and silver jewelry according to your mood, event, and outfit. Here is how each type of jewelry can be appropriately styled:-


The right clothing style with gold jewelry can create wonder and give you a new sense of confidence. There are many options for those who want to try gold jewelry. If you are planning to wear a dress that has beautiful designs, it is advisable to stick with plain 10k or 14k chains that are less detailed and dainty. It would be great to keep the main focus on the dress along with the jewelry.

Rose gold:

Rose gold is an increasingly popular jewelry type for girls. It has a delicate pink hue that goes with a gown and floral dresses. Pink gold is undeniably romantic; hence rose gold wedding rings are a great choice. But not only for weddings, but rose gold is also a perfect option for date night. You can wear your favorite dress and carry rose gold earrings or necklace to enhance your entire appearance. If you want to wear rose gold for work, opt rose gold earrings and pendant. They go well with formal wear pants, shirts, and suits.


If your personality is sleek or colorful, there is something in silver jewelry that suits your great sense of style. Wear silver earrings, rings and necklaces to create a casual going-out look. Silver jewelry is always an elegant choice and offers a unique selection of designs. Silver is classic, versatile and ideal for everyday use when walking along the beach with your loved ones or for a special occasion.


Teenage and adulthood is truly the best time to experiment with your personality and determine your taste in jewelry. All three; gold, rose gold and silver jewelry is perfect for high school or college girls. This metal jewelry helps young girls to discover a feminine side which reflects their style and completes the look. Always feel free to try different metal jewelry with different outfits. In modern times, girls are bold enough to try gold and silver jewelry together. It is a fashionable combination, and you will find many fashion inspirations who look great in gold and silver jewelry together. Look for an extraordinary style and create it with your jewelry.

Top Jewelry Trends for 2020 and How to Wear Them

The world of fashion is vast and fluctuating. Men and women now support the trend of modern fashion, and with the help of jewelry, you can set your trend. Your outfit is not complete if you do not have beautiful and exquisite jewelry to make a special moment even more impressive. Thanks to a combination of trendy fashion jewelry, your presence makes any exquisite party more exotic. Regardless of whether you wear high-end jewelry or cheap metal jewelry, just keep in mind that they are in the latest trends.

Sometimes, even though you get the trendiest piece of jewelry, you may not be able to coordinate it with the right type of clothes. It is equally important to match the jewelry with your clothes, makeup, and hairstyle. You don’t need to go to a stylist for fashion advice. Here are the top 5 jewelry trends and styling tips for you. So, be ready to get lots of compliments by following these jewelry trends:-

  • Multi-layered necklace

Layered jewelry can be a great way to create a stylish and unique look that suits your personal style by offering a lot of freedom and many options. You can create a layered necklace with the chains you already have. You can combine chains of different lengths to create a long necklace, or you can wear a multi-layered necklace.

The long, multilayered chains go perfectly with full sleeves tops and shirts. They can also look good with higher necklines if the string matches the neckline of the t-shirt.

  • Tassel earrings

Silk tassels, pattern tassels, statement tassels, stud tassel drop dangles, boho tassels; you name it, and you can find each type of tassels earring you are looking for. These are lightweight and colorful earrings that give a swishy effect in your outfit and can be worn in any season or occasion.

Since the tassel earrings make a statement on their own, they don’t need any other related accessories. But if you want to do something special with your look, you can coordinate it with a chain or pendant.

To show off your tassel earrings, pull your hair into a bun or high pony and let the earring hit your pretty face. Combine your favorite striped long sleeves shirt with tassel earrings.

  • Sterling silver bracelet

Sterling silver is an elegant metal which generally looks better with light skin tones. But people with all types of skin tones can experiment with sterling steel jewelry. These days, everyone is obsessed with sterling silver bracelets and bangles. It is the most popular pair of bracelets. From sterling silver bracelets wholesale stores, you can get the names of your loved ones engraved on silver bracelets perfect for a gift. With fashionable and trendy bracelets on your wrists, you can introduce a bit of change in your personality.

silver bracelets

Do a little extra by going out with simple clothes and a gorgeous pair of stainless steel bangles. It will glorify your entire look by keeping all the focus on the jewelry. Sterling silver bangles wholesale stores offer multiple designs and popular patterns of bangles that are affordable as well as trendy.

  • Chokers

If you want some charm to represent you, this is one of the best fashion jewelry items for you. Chokers give a neat appearance that will make your clothes look even more elegant.

Chokers and high necks are a big NO. Since chokers are a round piece of the band, your cloth should coordinate with it. Wear an off-shoulder dress to showcase your fancy choker.

  • Oxidized silver jewelry

Oxidized silver junk jewelry is timeless, and now is the perfect time to be fashionable by wearing it. This old design of rusty earrings is what has kept them for centuries. Oxidized earrings have become a very popular style of jewelry because of their unique appearance and effect on the face.

They are unique in a very subtle way, and you can wear it with any traditional attire. At weddings, anniversary, or reception parties, oxidized silver jewelry would rock.

The final verdict in fashion

Today’s jewelry fashion trends allow you to explore varieties of jewelry combinations, be it earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. When you wear trendy jewelry, it makes you fashionable and unique. Be the spotlight in any party by opting for these popular fashion jewelry trends. 2020 is all about mixing and matching yourself with colorful jewelry. Wear popular jewelry items and great clothes to enhance your personality.