Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Silver Jewelry: Your One-Stop Guide

The most popular choice for jewelry among all women is silver. Obviously for good reasons because it is durable, easy to maintain, not very costly, and is available in various styles and designs. Because of these reasons silver jewelry is in high demand across the world. More and more people are looking for silver jewelry over any other metal to remain up to date with the latest ongoing trends.

Silver jewelry is attractive so it is very difficult to find the highest quality pieces. Today there are various local and online sellers available of silver jewelry so it is not easy to assess if you are getting an authentic product or not. Luckily, we are here to help you find the best deal when it comes to your silver purchase.

Here are five things you should keep in mind before buying silver jewelry for yourself!

  1. Consider the type of silver: In a jewelry market, you will find different types of silver jewelry. Of all the types, sterling silver, pure silver, and silver plated are the most popular ones. While making a purchase you must know what type or quality of silver you are buying according to your requirements and lifestyle. Different types of silver differ in their characteristics.

Of all the types, silver plated jewelry has the lowest purity because it is made by mixing metals such as copper & brass that have a coating of silver. However Pure silver is 99.9% pure and is very soft so it is not good for making jewelry as it can easily get mould. Meanwhile Sterling silver has 92.5% of silver and is best known for creating beautiful pieces of silver jewelry. All the highest quality silver jewelry is created with sterling silver. It is considered as the most durable among all types of silver.

  1. Check the hallmarks: While making a purchase always look for hallmarks. Real silver always has precise markings that define it as the purest and the real one. You have to check carefully because these are tiny stamps that are not easily noticeable. This is the quickest way of identifying whether your silver jewelry is real or not.

If you are purchasing sterling silver jewelry, look for a hallmark like .925, 92.5, or STERLING mark because this is the sign of authenticity. Do not buy any piece that does not have this hallmark. Do not let the seller make a fool of yours into purchasing fake silver jewelry.

  1. Execute physical tests to check the authenticity: When buying silver jewelry, you can check the authenticity of your piece by performing simple tests. These tests are very simple, do not take much time, and do not harm your jewelry. It is totally worth doing these tests, just because you are buying silver jewelry does not mean you should buy it without knowing its authenticity.

Use a magnet. You can do the magnet test by locating the magnet and check whether your silver jewelry item is magnetic. It would be best if you use a strong magnet for testing. If it does not latch to the magnet then it is not pure silver and can be another metal like nickel.

Can do the rub testing. Take a small piece of white cloth while you go shopping for silver jewelry. Rub the piece of jewelry on the cloth and check if it has left some black marks on the cloth or not. Because of oxidation, only real silver jewelry pieces will have these marks as it is exposed to air.

  1. Be careful while buying online: Now you can find various online marketplaces available for buying any precious metal. But if you think online shopping is better for you then you must stay cautious while making your purchase. The online seller who is selling the most authentic silver jewelry will definitely have at least one physical store clearly mentioned on their site. They will also have a refund and exchange policy while making an order, customer support to assist you, and will have full details mentioned about the quality of every product on their site. You can also check their reviews online to discover the store reputation.

At P&K jewelry, you will find all of the above and more. And if you are in the mood for browsing some gorgeous silver jewelry then you can check out our collection of wholesale sterling silver necklaces and many other exquisite accessories on our website at very reasonable prices.

  1. How to select silver jewelry: There is a broad range of designs and options available in sterling silver jewelry like sterling silver earrings, sterling silver bracelets, sterling silver necklaces, and pendants. Whether you like vintage or modern goddess pieces or maximalist or minimalist pieces, there are silver pieces to match everyone’s tastes. You can wear this magnificent versatile metal for any occasion or event.

Also if possible try to talk to the seller so that you can ask certain questions about the price, hallmarks, and silver sourcing from them. And if you found a physical store of them then the chances of scam will be very less and the possibility of good quality silver jewelry is higher.

Read more:- how to clean sterling silver earrings.


There are many options for buying, wearing, & maintaining silver jewelry. You must know the right type of silver to buy. We hope this guide helps you out with your next purchase of silver jewelry.

If you are searching for sterling silver jewelry in NYC then you are at the right place. At P&K, we specialize in selling the finest and the most authentic silver jewelry pieces. You can get assured that you are purchasing a good quality of silver jewelry from our dazzling collection and do not forget to have fun by styling your silver jewelry with other pieces and clothing.

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7 Effective Tips for Wearing Silver Jewelry in 2022

What can be more frustrating than choosing the perfect ensemble? And after that, try to choose the perfect jewelry to go along with your ensemble. It is good to have lots of options but too many can make your dressing sense dreadful. If it sounds familiar to you, do not think for a minute you are not alone in this! All the women in the world are stuck in this predicament almost every day!

A subtle piece or a costume replica, not anything can add a character to your ensemble quicker than jewelry. So why not make informed decisions when you accessorize? This season gets ready to give the bling a miss and go for a more subtle, beautiful option like silver jewelry. Whether it is your corporate lunch or a Saturday night party with your friends, pick an exquisite piece from silver jewelry wholesale and let your jewelry do all the talking.

In this guide, we will share seven effective tips for wearing silver jewelry.

Top tips for wearing silver jewelry

Read on the effective style tips on wearing silver jewelry just the right way.

  1. Play with the best colors: Silver is a very versatile metal so it goes well with lots of different shades. But it is important to pick the right color so that your jewelry stands out. It looks astonishing with colors like black, white, and grey as it creates a beautiful contrast. It can make any simple outfit look amazing.

It shines magnificently with dark texture so you can pair your chunky statement silver jewelry pieces with white or grey shades. Also, with your classic and elegant blue and burgundy dresses you can wear your silver jewelry statement rings and chunky necklaces for the perfect accessorizing.

Avoid wearing lighter shades with your silver jewelry as these colors will drown out the shine of your jewelry.

  1. Go for simple patterns: When selecting your outfit, it is good to keep them minimalist when you are pairing them with silver jewelry. Heavy, busy, and textured patterns can easily create a clash of visuals from the simple beauty of your silver jewelry pieces. So when you are wearing a lot of silver we recommend you to only go with simple patterns so that your silver jewelry only does the talking and will remain the only statement piece.
  2. Create layers: If you want to make a bold statement with silver jewelry then you can do this by creating layers. Layering is always a good idea no matter if we are talking about jewelry or clothes. That’s why if you are looking to add more style to your look you can always layer your jewelry.

Wear silver necklaces of various lengths at one go and wear a stack of rings and bracelets along it. You can also stack rings on both of your hands. This will give you a very dynamic and charming appeal when you pair different silver jewelry with each other by creating layers.

  1. Do not overboard: Do not overdo your overall look because even if layering is super fun it is important to not overdo it. Just give a thought about it that your jewelry makes you look even better than you actually do. So if you go overboard you can end up looking tacky which you will definitely not want. Therefore you should be cautious about how you want to go. Either your jewelry or your clothing should be a focal point.

If you are wearing a heavy dress then you should go for simple silver jewelry. But if you are wearing something very simple then you can go for layering which will give you a more elegant look.

  1. Different styles to match different occasions: Another best way to wear your silver jewelry is to choose the appropriate style that matches the particular occasion. If you want to wear your silver jewelry on normal office days then you should try wearing one necklace and a pair of simple earrings. This will give you an appropriate look without looking over the top.

For an evening party occasion, you can make a bolder look by wearing various silver necklaces and can even go for multi-colored jewels.

  1. Spice it up with other metals: If you match your silver jewelry with other metals then it will take your look to another level. You can mix silver with gold which will make your style look magnificent if done right. You can pair your silver and gold chain with pendants of different colored gemstones. And you can even wear your silver bracelets with gold bangles to add a little accent of color. Though always remember to maintain balance here so that no one can overpower each other and this is what accessorizing is all about. Try to coordinate the jewelry with each other to set a perfect example.
  2. Make sure the jewelry piece is clean: Silver is a very finicky metal, so many factors can cause it to tarnish. To keep your silver jewelry shiny, you have to take proper care of it. Protect it from harsh chemicals. Whenever you are getting ready for a party make sure your silver jewelry is the last thing you put on before stepping out. It will protect your jewelry from lotions, perfumes, hairspray, and makeup. And while heading back home make sure you first remove your jewelry and store it properly in an airtight box.


Silver jewelry can definitely help you bring more interest and depth to your ensemble if worn right. So if you follow the above style tips and buy the right jewelry piece, you can easily accomplish a perfect look that will certainly turn some heads.

So now that you know all the effective ways of styling silver jewelry, there’s nothing that can stop you from buying all the silver jewelry that your heart desires.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and reward yourself with the best silver jewelry wholesale styles and designs with P&K.

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7 Tips for Choosing Sterling Silver Chains

Sterling silver chains are timeless pieces of jewelry. They are considered as the most worthy addition to any jewelry collection. An exquisite sterling silver chain gives a dash of elegance to any ensemble. Not only do they add an elegant touch to your look but they are very affordable and versatile also. 

Sterling silver chains come in different shapes, sizes, and varieties, so finding the best sterling silver chain takes a bit of consideration. Hence if you are shopping for sterling silver chains it is important to understand a few basics tips for choosing the best sterling silver chain for you. 

Tips for choosing sterling silver chains 

Read on we will be discussing 7 tips for choosing sterling silver chains in this article today. Use our following tips to buy the best sterling silver chain for your necklace collection.

  1. Get some knowledge about sterling silver: There are different varieties of silver jewelry so it is better to gain some knowledge about the silver you are buying. Firstly let’s discuss how to tell if something is sterling silver

The easiest way to tell if something is sterling silver is by checking the hallmark or imprint on your piece. It must have a “925 stamp” somewhere in your piece. So it’s essential to know what you are getting when buying to get the most out of your investment.

  1. Check the quality of the sterling silver chain: When shopping for a sterling silver chain think about the quality of the chain on two different things. The first thing should be their aesthetic look and the other thing should be the capability of testing time. 

Get the highest quality of silver that has a vibrant shine for which it is popular and known. As you move it the light should shine back from the surface. 

Remember if the quality of your sterling silver chain is higher, it will go for a long time. As we know silver is a very soft metal so it needs to have a high grade of alloy material that can help it from snapping and destroying.

By knowing the quality of silver you will get the surety that your jewelry piece will remain strong and maintain its value for a long period of time. If you are looking for sterling silver necklaces wholesale then you can buy them on our website at very affordable prices.

  1. Measure the size of your neck: Ensure to get the measurement of your neck before buying a chain to avoid any disappointment. This is important when you are purchasing your piece online and cannot try it. The display of chains on the various sites may look different because of the various angles or shapes. 

If you have a short neck then longer chains will elevate your look and elongate your neck. And if you have a long neck then choker pieces and short chains will look perfect on you. 

For measurements, you can use tape and then after that add 3-5 inches more to it to get the perfect neck length. 

  1. Check the length and the width: Sterling silver chains come in different shapes and sizes. For long or thin necks a choker will work beautifully. A choker on a short neck will make the neck look stubby. So don’t try it, you have a wide short neck. For short necks, you can choose a necklace 20 to 40 inches long which will elongate your neck and make it look like a swan. 

Also, consider your upper torso. A chain length of around 22 inches will sit above or at your bust. However, if you want to go longer then you must ensure that necklace works with the length of your torso and your bust. 

Generally, with the increase in size and width of the chain, the price also increases. So ensure that what you are getting is worth buying and do not skimp on quality for size. 

  1. Face shape: Most people do not examine their face shape while buying silver chain necklaces. However, while buying a necklace, it is important to check your face shape as it can highlight your various features. 

For a long and narrow face, you should opt for a chain length of thirty-five to forty centimeters. This will enhance your appearance. 

Anyone who has a round face shape should avoid chokers. This can exaggerate your face shape therefore go for longer and flowing chains.

The ones who have an oval-shaped face are blessed ones and can go for whatever they love. 

  1. Consider the event: While wearing your sterling silver chain do not forget to check your ensemble and the event for which you are going to wear it. If you love a particular piece in your jewelry collection and it does not pair well with your selected dress then you can start thinking of ways to style it.

To make it easy, you can keep an image of your silver chain on your cell phone so that when you go out shopping for clothes you can pair it with it easily. Or you can do vice versa. If you have already decided on your outfit, you can save in your phone gallery and after that can select your silver jewelry. 

  1. Buy from the best retailers: There are various options available for buying sterling silver jewelry offline and online. Although, the grade, facility, and the cost of the product may vary. Therefore we advise you to only buy from a trusted and reputable retailer. 

Before buying you can check customer reviews. You can check the ratings that will guide you on how better customer service they provide. 

Also, do check the return and refund policy for the jewelry you buy. Many retailers do not return their items once purchased. So do your research properly.


In the end the decision of buying the sterling silver chains and necklaces for you will ultimately depend upon you only. Pick something that you like and admire. It must be that piece of jewelry that you pick out of your jewelry collection that you enjoy wearing.

P&K Jewelry must be your first and last choice when buying for your favorite piece. We present the best and most luxurious jewelry to all our customers. We pride ourselves on giving the best quality of jewelry. Check out our website to see our full range of awesome 925 sterling silver jewelry wholesale and get something that you will definitely love.

Why Sterling Silver Continues to Be a Top Choice for Jewelry Makers and Shoppers

Sterling silver jewelry has earned itself a reputation of being versatile, reliable, and affordable over the last couple of decades because what you see is exactly what you get. Irrespective of where you reside or what your individual preferences are, silver is a common thread that binds jewelry makers and shoppers around the world together.

Take a deeper dive into what makes sterling silver such a hot favorite in the world of jewelry.

Understanding Sterling Silver

Contrary to popular belief, all silver jewelry that you see online or in stores is not pure silver. There are several reasons why jewelers do not use pure or fine silver to manufacture jewelry items and accessories. For starters, it is too soft and prone to damages, meaning a piece made from fine silver won’t last long. To address this, jewelers prefer using silver alloys to craft their products.

Sterling silver is one such silver alloy that is among the most popular materials used by jewelers around the globe. By definition, sterling silver is expected to have a composition of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metals like copper. Sterling silver gets its other name from these percentages or portions – yes, it is also called .925 silver.

Top Qualities and Properties of Sterling Silver

So, what is it that makes sterling silver the ideal material for jewelry making? Let us explore the salient features and key properties of sterling silver.

  1. Hardness

As mentioned above, fine silver is susceptible to losing its shape and getting damaged and that is the primary reason why jewelers prefer working with silver alloys like sterling silver. Sterling silver is harder and more durable in nature, making it perfect for crafting jewelry pieces.

  1. Versatility

The alloy is easy to shape and this makes it simpler for jewelry makers to craft intricate designs. There is a wide variety of jewelry items that can be made using sterling silver, including several types of earrings, rings, bangles, necklaces, and bracelets. For the buyers, this means endless options to choose from.

  1. Affordability

While sterling silver qualifies as a precious metal, it is way cheaper than other precious metals like gold or platinum. This aspect makes jewelry made from sterling silver extremely affordable, giving you a great solution for your casual everyday jewelry needs.

  1. Appearance

The fact that sterling silver looks exactly like pure silver means that as a buyer, you are getting silver jewelry for a fraction of the actual cost of silver. Sterling silver jewelry has a gorgeous sheen which tends to retain its shiny properties over long periods of time if you keep your jewelry in top shape.

  1. Maintenance

It is quite easy to keep your sterling silver jewelry clean and shiny. All you have to do is ensure that it stays away from humidity and moisture, maintain a regular (quarterly) jewelry cleaning schedule, and remove the sterling silver jewelry when you expose yourself to water. Read on to find handy sterling silver maintenance tips.

  • Keep your sterling silver jewelry away from harsh chemicals that may be present in cosmetic products and cleaning agents.
  • Jewelry must be kept away from things that contain sulfur, which includes onions, eggs, and wool.
  • At home, you can use warm water, gentle soap, and a soft toothbrush to clean any grime or dirt that gets accumulated over a period of time. Always remember to wipe your jewelry clean and dry with a soft microfiber cloth.
  • Get your sterling silver jewelry polished every year to retain its original look, shine, and sparkle.
  • Keep your sterling silver jewelry in a cool, dry place. Use a quality jewelry box or ziplock bag if possible.

Shop for Sterling Silver Jewelry Online

At P&K Jewelry, we offer the best selection of dynamic sterling silver jewelry, including:

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9 Unique Ways to Style Sterling Silver Jewelry in 2022

Wondering how to enliven your favorite collection of sterling silver jewelry? Don’t worry; we have come up with a list of 9 unique ways on how to style sterling silver jewelry to make sure you look your best.

Your jewelry is not just a piece in itself but it is more than that. Besides, Your jewelry piece is the most luxurious one but you must know how to style it properly so that it will make pop. But the question is how to make your most favorite jewelry pop without being boring? When you go for unique stylish ways to compliment yourself and your wardrobe, you must keep your jewelry collection the most timeless, versatile, and stylish for all of your ensemble collection for the whole day.

Whether you are about to buy a fresh piece of jewelry or planning to brighten your old jewelry that you have, then you are at the right place.

Keep reading. We have assembled a bunch of handy nine unique ways to style your sterling silver jewelry that complement your sense of style, personality, and wardrobe.

  1. Create a layer to get the new wave of fashion done right:

Why not experiment with something that has fun? You can play with contrasting textures, lengths, shapes, and colors to create appealing layers with your sterling silver jewelry. You can make bold statements and unique style choices by wearing your sterling silver jewelry. Try layering your necklaces of different lengths at once, along with some bangles, bracelets, rings, and even in some cases earrings. To create a flashy look to your arm you can go with different pieces of bangles and bracelets which will definitely create an arm party for you. For rings, you can mix and match them in all sorts of interesting combinations in both hands.

  1. Choose your outfit color wisely:

No matter what the occasion is if you wish for your sterling silver jewelry to look exceptional and be lost in your ensemble so you must choose your outfit color wisely. When you are wearing light colors such as pastels, your jewelry will work well with your ensembles as there is nothing much to contrast. You must remember one thing that cool-toned colors like green, blue, black, red, and purple complement perfectly with your jewelry. This is because bold shades allow the silver to grab attention perfectly with dark tones.

  1. Add visual interest by mixing metals:

Most of the jewelry guides will give suggestions on not mixing and matching the metals such as gold, silver, rose gold, brass, etc. But actually it is a great way to add charm to your outfit. To ensure that your look remains sophisticated, always choose good quality metals with minimum embellishments. To have this, 925 sterling silver jewelry will perfectly complement other metals instead of looking tacky.

Pro tip: If you are going for any event or party and planning for mixing and matching of the metals, always ensure to first try them with your ensemble to make sure if they go well with each other.

  1. Choose different styles for different functions:

This is another great option for styling your sterling silver jewelry. Pick the right style so that it matches the occasion. For your daily workday try to go for one necklace and pair them with simple gemstone earrings. This will help you to not look over the top. For a night party, you can go for a bolder look by wearing multiple silver necklaces along with different colored jewels.

  1. Play bold with different stones and gems:

Another way to add a pop of style to your ensemble and make a bold statement is by styling your wholesale sterling silver jewelry accompanying different stones and gems. Let’s take an example, let us say you have a simple sterling silver chain, so you can try to pair it up with a statement ring that has a beautiful gemstone in it.

The best part of having such pieces that let you stand out in a crowd is that you can decide yourself when you want to go for a simpler look and when you want to let you go for a bold statement.

  1. Complement carefully with the sterling silver jewelry:

If you are looking to style an outfit with the sterling silver jewelry, make sure you choose the focus of attraction wisely. After that choose carefully which jewelry you want to complement with this center of attraction. For this, you can complement your sterling silver bracelets with an exquisite ring or with a trendier silver necklace. Another option is you can pair multiple rings with some jeweled earrings. Always make sure that you analyze your ensemble as well whenever you are planning to go with multiple statement pieces. For a balanced look go with minimalist clothes.

  1. Don’t forget to overdo it:

We understand that you might want to wear all your favorite pieces at once, but don’t forget to overdo it. So we suggest either your jewelry or your outfit should be the main focus thing, but not both. Do not wear in excess that you may feel uncomfortable. So many clashing pieces can destroy your look completely and end up looking tacky.

  1. Pair your sterling silver jewelry with suede and leather:

This is a great option to style your wholesale sterling silver jewelry that is both sophisticated and unique. Pair them with leather jackets for a more masculine look and add more bling to them. Also, you can style your favorite earrings with a leather purse or belt. Suede jewelry includes bracelets with suede tassels and necklaces that have alternative sterling silver chains and leather cords. Suede is a very soft and very casual statement piece.

  1. Experimentation is good:

Do not be afraid to go for experiments. Because at the end of the day you should do whatever you like and love. Therefore, put on your sterling silver jewelry and try it on your different outfit to see how you look? This will not only make sure that you look fantabulously amazing but you will be very happier in the process. So don’t hesitate and go shopping!

Isn’t it the best way to have an excuse to pamper yourself with some sparkly things? You’re welcome, girls!


Sterling silver jewelry is one of the most liked choices of jewelry among women that is timeless, classy, elegant, and very affordable. So whenever you plan to style your sterling silver jewelry in some special ways you will get most of its durability and versatility.

Whether you are looking for a simple, elegant, and sophisticated look for your daily routine or want a masterpiece for some special functions, you can plan to style your sterling silver jewelry which is the great option to go for.

So what are you waiting for? Add some unique yet classy pieces to your collection of jewelry now. Have a look at our collection of best selling wholesale sterling silver jewelry and wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry today on our website.

Broaden Your Horizon On Sterling Silver – Some Facts

Sterling silver is the most popular jewelry of everyone in the fashion industry. The classic silvery charm of the metal is the most appealing and not to forget the fact that it is a fashion statement. The lavish designs have remade this precious metal and have made wholesale sterling silver jewelry so attractive. No doubt cost is something that has added value to its popularity.

If you are looking to buy accessories, there is a wide variety of sterling silver earrings, sterling silver bracelets, sterling silver rings, and wholesale sterling silver necklaces available out there. But before you jump in on the sterling silver rush, here are some must-know facts about sterling silver.

How is sterling silver jewelry finished

Often jewelry is coated with a thin layer of .999 pure silver which is known as flashing. This gives the metal piece a shimmering finish. Most of the jewelers apply a coating of nickel or copper on the jewelry piece before applying the plating of .999 silver. Some silver jewelry pieces are rhodium plated that also gives a bright and shining finish. Flashing or coating of silver jewelry will help to reduce discoloration or irritation for people who have sensitive skin.

Important facts to know about sterling silver

Let’s get started!

  1. Sterling silver is more sturdy than pure silver: Just like gold, pure silver is a very soft metal so it is not suitable for jewelry making as it gets damaged, scratches, and dents very easily. It is best for display decor but not any item that you use daily. As sterling silver is made up of 7.5% of other metals, it is much stronger than pure silver and is practical for jewelry manufacturing.

Adding copper and other metals to sterling silver make it harder and more durable than pure silver.

  1. Sterling silver gets easily tarnished: Because sterling silver has an alloy content so this makes it easier to become tarnished. Copper is the main reason for tarnishing as it comes in contact with oxygen. With time, tarnishing can seriously damage your sterling silver jewelry. So we advise you to clean your sterling silver jewelry with a silver cleaning solution that is not abrasive and keep your sterling silver jewelry looking new.

To keep your jewelry pieces looking the best, you have to clean your sterling silver jewelry regularly.

  1. Storage plays a vital role: As important as regularly cleaning, there are many ways to avoid tarnishing. The worst culprit of tarnishing is high humidity. So you are advised to store your sterling silver jewelry pieces in individual compartment boxes, display cases, cloth pouch, or in another enclosed place. This will help in absorbing the humidity in the case and keep the oxygen away which will protect your jewelry. Never store your sterling silver jewelry in uncoated wooden boxes as this will definitely cause it to lose its shine and color.

Consider keeping your sterling silver jewelry boxes inside an interior closet which should be dark and cool.

  1. Some chemicals and minerals are dangerous to sterling silver: It is challenging to keep sterling silver safe from oxygen and moisture, so there are other precautions you can take.

Chlorine and bleach are some of the most harmful chemicals for sterling silver. So never wear your sterling silver earrings, necklaces, chains, rings, and other jewelry while you go swimming or while using bleach. Remember to take off your jewelry pieces as salt also corrodes sterling silver.

Hair spray and perfumes are also dangerous for sterling silver jewelry. So when you are getting ready try to first apply the perfume and hairspray.

  1. Variety of designs to win hearts: The variety of jewelry designs you get in sterling silver is abundant. The wide range of designs exhibited at various online and physical stores selling at wholesale prices will make you wonder more about the creativity of designers. The design of every piece is different and unique from each other. So for the lovers of sterling silver jewelry, this is one of the most advantageous things that they have a vast array of options and do not have to wear the same designs every time.

Moreover, sterling silver jewelry is very affordable so you can introduce new designs to your wardrobe every now and then.

  1. Sterling silver has assayer’s symbols: Have you ever noticed some marks on your sterling silver jewelry pieces other than 92.5 stamps? They are mostly called assayer’s marks. These marks tell you the creation of your sterling silver jewelry. You will find a symbol of an animal or another mark that will signify that in which country it was made.

92.5 marking tells you about the authenticity of silver. As sterling silver is made up 92.5% of silver, so it has the marking of 925. This means that the piece contains 7.5% of alloy and 92.5% of pure silver.

  1. Compliment with other colorful stones: Cubic zirconia is the most popular simulated diamond. It is very cheap even with naked eyes you can not differentiate between the real one and the simulation. The popular colors in CZ are yellow, red, blue, pink, black, and green. Sterling silver is the best metal to match with colorful Cz stones if you want a wealthy look at affordable prices. As sterling silver is a white metal so it complements the CZ stones very well.

The jewelry worn by you should be an extension of your personality, style, and who you are. So put on the pieces that you love the most and wear them with confidence.


Now that we have shared all the facts about sterling silver jewelry with you. The facts shared above will help you to keep your sterling silver jewelry tip-top for a lifetime.

To find your new favorite piece of sterling silver jewelry, you can shop our latest collection of wholesale sterling silver necklaces, sterling silver earrings, and sterling silver bracelets today!

A Sneak Peek at the Latest Sterling Silver Jewelry Trends

As we continue to recover from a long-stretched and undesirable phase of sweatpants, pajamas, and plain-boring tees to go with daily video calls and virtual meetings, the fag end of 2021 promises a refreshing change that will continue into 2022 and beyond. Anyone who was under the impression that wearing jewelry, makeup, and good-looking clothes was a thing of the past was grossly mistaken.

The pandemic had left us all wondering whether we would ever emerge from this darkness and isolation to a happier place where people celebrate life together. That time, thank heavens, is finally past us. As we draw closer to the end of 2021, here’s looking at some jewelry trends that are making the headlines and giving jewelry buyers a reason to smile, shop, and party!

Sterling silver is back in vogue

We have said it before and we are saying it again – the sterling silver trend is here to stay! A top choice for high-quality silver jewelry, sterling silver is a precious metal alloy. Generally stamped or inscribed with the number “925” on it, sterling silver jewelry consists of 92.5 percent (925/1000) pure silver and 7.5 percent copper. Sterling silver jewelry is often coated or plated with rhodium to make it stronger and more durable.

Affordable, dynamic, and versatile, sterling silver has always been a top choice for jewelry shoppers around the world. A fantastic alternative to fine silver, sterling silver promises the same shine, glitter, glamor, and allure while maintaining an affordable price point and delivering greater durability and robustness.

Perhaps the best thing about sterling silver jewelry is the endless options it offers – from work jewelry and wear-at-home pieces to jewelry sets for special occasions such as engagement, wedding, parties, or red-carpet events, there is no dearth of options. Sterling silver jewelry goes well with both casual clothing as well as bridal attires.

As people break the shackles and resume their regular lives, sterling silver jewelry is trending yet again.

Sterling silver earrings for any occasion

Whether it is a virtual meeting, in-person meeting, date night, or a day out on the beach, sterling silver earrings are a trusted companion for you. They are the perfect way to express yourself and make a stunning statement that reflects your individuality and character. Here are some types of sterling silver earrings that are trending this season:

  • Colorful sterling silver drop earrings
  • Sterling silver stud earrings
  • Sterling silver hoop earrings
  • Sterling silver dangler earrings
  • Vintage silver earrings

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Sterling silver necklaces and pendants continue to be top favorites

Who says statement pieces can only be flaunted by models and celebrities? Oversized sterling silver necklaces, bold chokers, and chunky pendants are loved and worn by people on an everyday basis today. From beautiful pendants to delicate necklaces, today’s customers have a massive range of options to choose from. Here’s looking at some of the most sought-after types of sterling silver necklaces that will continue to make the headlines in the near future:

  • Sterling silver chains
  • Sterling silver pendant sets
  • Studded sterling silver chokers
  • Swarovski sterling silver necklaces
  • Sterling silver beaded neck pieces

Sterling silver bangles and bracelets make a comeback!

How can bracelets stay out of the conversation when we are talking about jewelry trends? From tennis bracelets and wrist cuffs to innovative sterling silver bracelets, jewelry makers are offering you with a huge variety of designs and options to choose from.

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Jewelry tips for 2021 and beyond

The experts at P&K Jewelry are not only proficient at creating and selling high-quality jewelry, but also excellent at keeping an eye on the latest trends. In terms of wearing sterling silver jewelry, here are a few things they advise:

  • Never hesitate to experiment with your look – go for jewelry that complements not just your outfits, but also your personality and individuality.
  • Mixing and matching metals is the order of the day – opt for a combination of sterling silver and gold jewelry pieces.
  • The edgier your jewelry, the more attention you will command – shop for fun and quirky jewelry pieces that stand out.
  • Layering your jewelry (as you do with your clothes) is a great way to create a complete look.

Shop world-class sterling silver jewelry online

One of the most important things to do when shopping around for high-quality sterling silver jewelry is ensure that you get your hands on genuine products. Most genuine sterling silver jewelry pieces will have a .925 stamp or the letters STG, STER, or STER engraved on them. And in case you can’t locate any of these signs or symbols, make sure you ask the seller about it before you make a buying decision.

P&K Jewelry offers a stunning range of sterling silver jewelry (available for wholesale purchase on request). With elaborate designs and timeless creations, we flaunt an array of options that you can choose from.

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Silver Jewelry Makes a Stylish Comeback in 2021

Trends come and go in the world of fashion and more so in the jewelry sector. While things like diamonds have proved themselves to be timeless and never seem to go out of vogue, the others aren’t as lucky. Gold, for instance, reached its point of saturation in the recent past and fell out of favor. The latest trend is that silver jewelry is in great demand – yet again. We don’t like to brag, but honestly, we saw it coming.

The biggest of fashion enterprises and houses got back onto the silver jewelry bandwagon in 2021 and for good reason. Silver accessories are trending and you are likely to see fashion and jewelry brands flaunting their new collections that feature a wide variety of silver jewelry pieces and sets.

What keeps silver jewelry among the top contenders in the fashion ecosphere is the base metal’s sheer ability to not only look as elegant as ever, but also be versatile and flexible. Here’s a quick look at why silver jewelry has made a stunning comeback this year and will continue to be trending in the time to come (along with the most striking silver jewelry trends).

  • A “Virtual” Focus on Earrings and Necklaces

The unprecedented global pandemic brought with it a whole new set of new trends in all walks of life. Most of the world switched to a remote working model and in order to stay connected with clients, associates, and colleagues, online conferences and virtual team meetings became a daily affair. It became regular practice for people to do video calls with their loved ones and friends, too.

Now, who doesn’t like to put their best face forward when doing these online video chats? Even though people were stuck within the confines of their homes at most times, they wanted to dress up and look good while doing these calls. This shifted the focus from rings and bracelets to earrings and necklaces (items that would be visible on video calls).

Contemporary silver jewelry collections feature a great mix of earrings, neckpieces, and pendants. Silver chain link necklaces are back in vogue and so are choker necklaces. In terms of earrings, there’s an entire new wave of danglers, drops, and studs that are charming customers. From casual to formal, today’s customers have a variety of choices when it comes to picking wholesale silver jewelry for any occasion or for daily wear.

  • Silver Wins Big on the Cost Aspect

Unlike gold or platinum, silver remains an accessible metal for all kinds of customers given its price point. As we mentioned above, the versatility and accessibility of silver makes it a top choice for those who want gorgeous jewelry at a reasonable price without compromising on the quality aspect.

Silver jewelry is so dynamic that it looks great not only by itself, but also when you pair it with gold, diamonds, CZ, topaz, rubies, sapphires, pearls, and other multicolored stones.

  • Experimental Silver Jewelry Hits the Right Notes

There is always a sense of uncertainty and mixed emotion when anyone uses the word “experimental.” However, silver jewelry makers have managed to hit the nail on its head this year by conjuring up new designs that are unique and full of character.

Gold chains have been replaced by eccentric necklaces that are as beautiful as they are innovative. If you don’t mind taking a few risks (especially after spending the last 18 months living in fear and playing it safe) and like tilting towards the experimental side of things, the resurgence of silver jewelry is likely to get you all excited!

  • Over-the-Top – Bigger the Better, More the Merrier

There was a phase where minimalistic jewelry and clothing ruled the market, but we are at the end of that era. Extroverted fashion, bold jewelry, and statement-making accessories are making the headlines in 2021. Most 2021 fall collections are a good example of this point. Whether it is the trend of layering your jewelry (and fabrics) or adding a few pops of color, over-the-top silver jewelry is definitely giving other trends a run for their money.

Multi-hoop silver earrings, chunky chains, cuff bracelets, joyful bangles, and textured pieces are likely to make frequent appearances in your Instagram feed. It’s all about having fun with your look and there’s no better way to do so than using layers of big and bold silver accessories.  

  • Tennis Jewelry is Back

Tennis jewelry was considered passe, but guess what, it is back with a bang. With a lovely silver twist, we’re heading right back to that ‘80s era. The sporty, athletic, and charming nature of tennis jewelry is excellent in more ways than one – not only can you wear it on a daily basis without making a fuss, but you can also pair it with your evening gowns and party outfits.

Whether you like the signature style (a slender cuff, round diamonds, and a box clasp) or prefer its ultramodern versions, you can get a mindboggling variety of bracelets and more online at P&K Jewelry.  

  • Links Are in Demand

Just like you refresh your wardrobe every year or so, it is also wise to add some dynamism to your jewelry collection. If you’ve loved gold link jewelry before, you will also fall head over heels for silver chain link necklaces and bracelets. Given the array of choices, you will always find the perfect fit for every occasion and every mood.

All right then, let’s get down to business. Are you on the lookout for contemporary silver jewelry? At P&K Jewelry, we offer a huge selection of high-quality silver jewelry (available in wholesale). Discover our catalog of silver jewelry pieces and take your pick now!

Sterling Silver Necklace – Your Perfect Prom Date

Prom season is here and it signifies many different things like the end of the school year, for many people it is the end of their high school, or maybe the last hang-out party with all your friends and making the best memories before another season begins. We know prom is a big day for many and to get your outfit right can be a lot of confusion. Once you have selected your dream dress, it’s now time to accessorize. Because no outfit is complete without some stunning statement accessories!

Make sure that your outfit is stunning for the night which you will never forget with our guide to the best sterling silver necklaces for prom. Take your pick from our stunning collection of wholesale sterling silver necklaces and add a finishing touch to your prom style.

Keep reading!

Go classic and simple with our best sterling silver necklaces collection

If you want your style to be more gracious and if you are getting a feel like less is more, then our collection of wholesale sterling silver necklaces will be the perfect fit for you. These necklaces will look great if your dress is heavy and if you want fine jewelry that will complement your outfit without busying your look.

Sterling silver is one of the most popular types of silver used to make necklaces. Silver is a very flexible metal so it cannot be molded into jewelry. So it is mixed with other metals to make it ideal for jewelry. Hence you do not need to worry about your dress as sterling silver jewelry goes well with everything. Make a bold statement and take some fashion risks that will pay off with the gorgeous, show-stopping statement pieces.

All of our sterling silver necklaces are designed with the utmost intricacy and care. So they will definitely add a charm to your outfit. Be it any design that you select, you will look classy and graceful. There are many varieties of sterling silver necklace options available thus making it easy to completely build or upgrade your jewelry collection.

We would love to see that the pieces you will buy will stay in your personal jewelry collection forever as they are made with long-lasting metals and will not go out of style ever. So sterling silver necklaces will be the best option for any prom dress. Let your ensemble be the star of the show with these sterling silver necklaces.

The benefits of the sterling silver used as a material for necklaces

  1. It is hypoallergenic: If you are allergic to metal then sterling silver would be your go-to jewelry material because it is hypoallergenic. For people having sensitive skin, sterling silver is one of the best jewelry materials. It is guaranteed to last for a longer time which gives you the best value for your investment. So choosing sterling silver is not only perfect for your skin but it is a jewelry piece for life.
  1. Easy to care: With time, sterling silver may tarnish. If this happens, no need to worry. Sterling silver can be easily cleaned and can be polished to give it back its natural shine. You can easily clean it at home. Rinse your jewelry with warm Luke water and mild detergent, then scrub it with a sponge or cotton pad. This will remove the surface dirt and imperfections. For stubborn marks, make a paste of baking soda with water, then apply it to your jewelry with a toothbrush. These are all tried and tested methods and work well.
  1. It is timeless: When you buy a sterling silver necklace, you have a piece that will last forever. Sterling silver is a unique metal and it is available at a very affordable price while delivering a luxurious feel. Silver goes perfectly well with blues and purples, so it’s good if you like to dress up in cooler tones. It also goes well with black outfits, shoes, and bags.
  1. It is durable: Is there anything worse than if your favorite necklace flutters after just a few days of your purchase? Probably not! If you want to get a good amount of wear from your jewelry, then going for durable material like sterling silver is a perfect choice. If you take good care of your jewelry, it will definitely last forever and it can be passed on to many generations of your family.
  1. Highly customizable: Sterling silver is easily customizable so designers can easily experiment on new designs. So you will find timeless and classic pieces with amazing and whimsical designs. Therefore you can easily personalize your sterling silver jewelry according to your choice. There are lots of options available and with such a huge range of exclusive styles and choices available, you can personalize your jewelry piece to express your exquisite and unique personality.
  1. Consider the length: Silver necklaces come in various sizes. The length of the necklace will influence your style and choice of your outfit. For long silver necklaces, you can choose to layer them to include more than one. For short ones, thinner designs with small pendant will be the perfect option. Sterling silver allows you to keep you updated with the latest fashion trends without spending much. Because of its popularity and classy style sterling silver will always be in fashion.

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Dance the whole night in your prom ensemble with jewelry that will glitter just as much as you do!

Sterling Silver: Curate an Exclusive Jewelry Collection on a Budget!

Sterling silver is a timeless and versatile precious metal. It is a much affordable alternative to the other metals because it looks versatile and lasts for a longer time. Whether you love to go for fashion statement pieces or favor dainty styles, sterling silver jewelry offers unlimited options to suit your fashion desire. Sophisticated shine and perfection are the hallmarks of elegant silver signature jewelry.

Due to its affordability, various designs and styles, and durability, sterling silver jewelry remains very popular. From earrings to necklaces to rings, many types of jewelry look fabulous when crafted in sterling silver. Along with gold, platinum, and palladium, sterling silver is a rare and precious metal. So while making a purchase you must ensure that you are buying a quality product that is worth your price. 

So hey people, if you are planning to buy sterling silver jewelry we are here to help you. Read on our guide on how to wear and use sterling silver jewelry in your daily wear.

What is sterling silver?

Sterling silver is real silver, but it is not purely silver. Instead, it is always 92.5% pure silver with the other 7.2% usually consisting of other metals like nickel, zinc, and copper. If we use 99.9% of pure silver then we cannot make our desired items. Because pure silver is very soft, so it is difficult to shape intricate designs. While sterling silver is considered a hard metal so it is more durable for everyday use. 

To find if something is real sterling silver, the jewelry item will have a small mark of ster, 925, or sterling silver. 

  1. Incredible look with sterling silver earrings 

Sterling silver earrings are not only stunning but are also very easy to style. They can easily go well with every skin tone while also framing your face shape and give feminine charm to your outfit. So whenever you find yourself stumped for which piece of jewelry will best suit your outfit, you can always count on sterling silver earrings. 

The good news?

Sterling silver earrings are appropriate and beautiful – for people of any age. 

Wear your sterling silver earrings with outfits such as

  • Blouses
  • Jeans
  • Blazers 
  • A dress 
  • A suit

Hence the silver earrings can fit perfectly with all your outfit staples and make you look incredibly attractive and stylish.

  1. A glam-rock look with sterling silver necklaces 

Sterling silver necklaces are light enough to wear all over the day without any fear of itching and scratching. It is a great choice for a glam rock look. 

When creating your own collection of sterling silver jewelry, be sure to add sterling silver necklaces of different lengths, designs, and textures. They are a practical jewelry item that is elegant, timeless and will not go out of style ever, and will last for generations. 

Following are some of the suggestions for how to style sterling silver necklaces:

  • Wear it with a white T-shirt
  • Make a flattering look by pairing it with denim a shirt
  • Go classic by pairing it with a black turtleneck 
  • Layer your charm by pairing it with complementary colors. 

Explore our collection of wholesale sterling silver necklaces here.

  1. Wow the crowd with sterling silver bracelets

Beautiful sterling silver bracelets are a great staple for any jewelry wardrobe. They are not only the perfect addition to your jewelry collection but they can accentuate your wardrobe choices too. You drape them across your wrist with almost every outfit be it a business suit or a dress or at any other formal event. 

Sterling silver bracelets do not only reflect your fashion choices, personality, or aesthetics, but they also reflect your mood. Because of its versatility, there are endless options to experiment with. You don’t have to worry about a bracelet getting bent because sterling silver is a hard material that does not bend easily. So you can wear your bracelet all day without any fear of bending and scratching. 

We present the best range of collections in silver bracelets. Do not forget to check our collection of sterling silver bracelets here. 

  1. Dazzle with sterling silver rings

When it comes to jewelry versatility, then there is no better choice to choose than the sterling silver rings. Sterling silver rings have been a fashion staple for many years. Rings with symbolic designs, lettering, or feminine detailing are a great choice for daily wear and are also a perfect option for romantic jewelry gifts. 

Whether you are running to your office or going out for a party, sterling silver rings are perfect to take you on your daily adventures. A silver ring does not clash with any color you wear but it will incorporate that color into its own style. It acts as either a prime focus or an accent so you can base your wardrobe choice according to how much attention you want for your ring to draw. 

A general thumb rule to follow: the higher the contrast, the larger the ring should be.

Following are some brief of basics

  • Wear your sterling silver rings often
  • Keep contrast the main focus
  • Consider scale
  • Go for mix and match
  • Play with texture
  • Pop them with block color

Hence silver rings are enduring, so use them in your everyday style. Looking for sterling silver rings? Check out our collection of wholesale sterling silver rings here.

Get more sterling silver in your life

Sterling silver jewelry is not only affordable, but it is very sophisticated and versatile and you can proudly display it in your jewelry collection. If you wear it more often then you will see why it is known to be a proud part of a morning, evening, or office outfit ensemble for years. Whether you wear silver earrings, silver necklaces, silver rings made with sterling, your collection will look perfect and flexible.

So make your collection of sterling silver jewelry suit you and your fashionable self. 

Ready to choose sterling silver jewelry?

When buying sterling silver jewelry, always check the items for tiny hallmarks and avoid buying silver jewelry items that have ridiculously expensive prices. With the right care and storage, your sterling silver jewelry can last for many years. If you understand what makes it valuable and how to identify it, purchasing sterling silver jewelry can be a great choice.

With P&K’s gorgeous sterling silver jewelry collection you can discover unique designer pieces that you will fall in love with. Stay chic, classy, fresh with P&K. 

So did you find this article useful? Feel free to browse our show-stopping collection of sterling silver jewelry of all kinds.