What is the Best Type of Silver for Jewelry?

Have you ever thought why silver jewelry is so alluring? There are several reasons why anything made from silver seems to catch the human eye and works like a charm when used in jewelry pieces.

For starters, silver looks stunning. As humans, our minds and eyes have been trained to acknowledge that certain colors and metals look great. One of the key reasons why using the metal silver for jewelry pieces became a thing was the fact that it looked absolutely classy.

Add to that the facts that silver jewelry is durable, easy to maintain, and much more affordable than gold or platinum jewelry, and you have yourself a winner. If you have stumbled upon this post, we are assuming that you are either here to buy some shimmering silver jewelry or know what kind silver works best when it comes to jewelry and ornaments.

Either way, here’s your quick guide to understanding the various types of silver used for jewelry making.

Types of Silver Used for Jewelry Making

  1. Sterling Silver

Considered as the prime choice for high-quality silver jewelry, sterling silver is known to be stamped or inscribed with the number “925” on it. In the United States, by law, standard sterling silver jewelry consists of a minimum of 92.5 percent (925/1000) pure silver and 7.5 percent copper. By far the most sought-after silver type for jewelry, sterling silver is popular because it is both durable and affordable. Sterling silver pieces are often coated or plated with rhodium to make them stronger.

  1. Fine Silver

99.9 percent purity or even higher – what else could you ask for? Stamped with the number “999” – fine silver is also referred to as pure silver. In terms of properties, pure silver doesn’t get tarnished quickly, but is prone to scratches and dents. It is hypoallergenic, too. Although sterling silver is your best bet if you are looking for regular-wear jewelry, the distinctive white luster of fine silver could work wonders if you are on the lookout for earrings or pendants. Please note that pure silver can appear a little dull when compared to sterling silver.

  1. Silver Plating

Silver-plated jewelry is generally made by electroplating or covering copper or nickel with a thin film of fine silver. The base metal used in such cases is economical in nature, thus making the silver-plated jewelry quite affordable (compared to fine silver or sterling silver jewelry). In terms of quality, this type of jewelry is susceptible tarnishing and degradation. 

  1. Nickel Silver

While it is called nickel silver, it doesn’t consist of any silver content. Nickel, in this type of alloy, is generally mixed with zinc (which looks like silver) or copper. This alloy is also referred to as German Silver or Alpaca Silver. While this isn’t really silver, nickel silver is massively popular in the jewelry market because of its ability to be easily shaped and crafted into intricate designs.

  1. Coin Silver

Coin silver was made of 90% pure silver and 10% copper. Silver metal smiths were known to melt down old silver coins and use the silver thus obtained to create jewelry pieces. It is rarely found in the market now.

  1. Silver Overlay

In a silver overlay, also known as silver-filled jewelry, a sterling silver layer is bonded to nickel (or another metal) using heat and pressure. Again, jewelry made using a silver overlay is much cheaper than sterling silver or fine silver (and of course, much lesser in terms of quality).

  1. Argentium Silver

Argentium silver can potentially contain more fine silver than sterling silver. You will find this type of silver in two grades – “.932” and “.96.” Here, the silver is alloyed with metals like copper or germanium, thus making it rust, tarnish, and scratch resistant. Argentium silver is actually a brand of silver (rather than being a type), and hence, you will notice that it is quite expensive compared to sterling silver.

Tibetan silver, Thai silver, Mexican silver, etc. are some other types of silver that you might come across while shopping online. These types of silver are used in casual jewelry, but are generally not very reliable in terms of quality or longevity. They are basically just low-grade silver alloys that are named after their respective countries of origin.

So, what is the best type of silver jewelry?

Sterling silver jewelry is, by far, the safest and best quality of silver jewelry out there. What makes it reliable is that it is strong, durable, and versatile. The versatility aspect of sterling silver jewelry is evident in the range of collections that you will find in the market, including:

  • Sterling silver bracelets
  • Sterling silver bangles
  • Sterling silver earrings
  • Sterling silver pendants
  • Sterling silver necklaces
  • Sterling silver rings

.925 and .925 STG are the commonly used marks for sterling silver jewelry. In some cases, or in vintage jewelry pieces, you are likely to find the older marks (STG, STERLING, or STER).

Where to Buy Silver Jewelry in Wholesale?

Whether you are a retail customer or someone who needs silver jewelry in wholesale, P&K Jewelry is your one-stop solution. From dainty earrings and trendy bracelets to gorgeous anklets and sultry necklaces, we have it all.

Founded in 1995, P&K Jewelry has evolved over the last 25 years to become one of the world’s largest sources for sterling silver jewelry. Our designs and collections are inspired by people, trends, technologies, art, nature, and more. Apart from wholesale silver jewelry of the highest quality, we also offer a wide range of interesting accessories.

Things to be Kept in Mind While Shopping for Silver Jewelry

Silver is a precious metal and is valued for various reasons. It has become a favorite metal for jewelry because of its affordability, easy pliability and exquisite color. It has become the new gold.

In the market variation, gold prices have increased, so people have shifted to buy silver jewelry. It’s a stable investment that goes well with every fashion essence. Silver jewelry is beautiful, feminine and classy; this is what makes it so alluring.

So if you are looking for wholesale silver jewelry, there are few basics you should know that will guide you into buying a lovely and enduring item. This complete guide will answer all your questions about this versatile metal. Keep reading to learn more.

What kind of silver should I buy?

Silver has many varieties. But the most commonly known and used are sterling silver, pure silver and silver plate.

Sterling silver: It is composed of 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of copper or nickel. This composition of metals brings strength and extra lustre to the silver without affecting its gorgeous white grey appearance.

Wondering how to identify sterling silver?

Genuine sterling silver must have a hallmark. There are various versions of sterling silver hallmark. You may check .925 stamped on the silver jewelry. Also, you can see the words STER, STERLING, STG or Sterling Silver.

Sterling silver is a durable metal and will last through the ages, so you need not worry. If damage occurs or any surface scratches, it can be easily polished back to its original shine. Sterling silver jewelry is easy to maintain as resizing and repairs are very reasonably priced.

Fine silver: Fine silver is 99.9% silver and is closest to pure silver. It is identified by the hallmark .999. Rest 1% is made up of trace elements which do not have significant quantity.

You may see that purer silver is better, but in reality, it is very soft to be used in jewelry. It gets damaged easily and is malleable. Fine silver loses its shape over time. It is suitable for jewelry items like earrings and pendants rather than things which are exposed to rough wear.

Silver plate: Familiar with the gold plate? If yes then you can see that silver plate is the same thing. A thin layer of silver is coated over another base metal, mostly copper. So you can now well imagine that silver plate has much less silver as compared to fine silver and sterling silver.

Over time the plating can discolor and flake off, so it is not valuable than other forms of metals.

Take a note on silver hallmarks: Hallmark is a tiny microscopic stamp which is found on some part of silver. To check this, you will have to look appropriately with a microscope to see it. This way is the fastest way to check if your silver is the real one.

If you found any area of your jewelry on which there is no stamp, the piece may be stamped so it may be of valuable silver.

Sterling silver valuable?

It is much more affordable than its precious metal counterparts like platinum, gold and palladium. This is so because silver is more mined in it than other precious metals.

Sterling silver is perfect for every budget and every jewelry lover. It is one of the most beautiful metals with exceptional lustre and color.

Tips on silver care!

As we all know that silver can tarnish. So once you have purchased the piece you love, make sure you have a good silver jewelry cleaner to keep it looking beautiful.

You can also store them in a small anti-tarnish bag so that you can make your purchase to last longer.

Is sterling silver jewelry hypoallergenic?

Sterling silver jewelry pieces do not cause allergies or irritate your skin. Nickel is one of the most common causes of metal allergies, and that is very rarely used in sterling silver alloys.

The most commonly used metals, like copper and zinc, are generally safe.

Are you shopping for silver jewelry?

There are many important factors to consider when you buy your sterling silver jewelry to ensure you don’t get ripped off. Check these quick things before you purchase:

  1. Buy from a reputable store: You must check reviews of previous customers. Ensure if the store truly values its visitors. Before your purchase communicate well with them and ask questions.
  2. Check the hallmark: If you cannot find the hallmark, you must ask the seller. Sometimes the item is too small to have a hallmark.
  3. Question about the metals in the alloy. If you have sensitive skin and is allergic to metals, remember that silver can contain nickel metal.
  4. Ensure the after-sales policies. Whether the seller takes responsibility for the sale? Do they have return policies, warranty or free maintenance?

How to buy the perfect silver jewelry for any occasion.

Knowing how to look for genuine stainless steel jewelry is just the first step in discovering beautiful silver pieces. Here’s a helpful process to ensure that your purchase is gorgeous, classy and feminine- just like you!

  • Budget: Stainless steel jewelry is more affordable than any other metals. Check our budget that you can afford upfront and begin your hunt with an appropriate target in mind. This will save your time by helping you avoid the jewelry that is out of your budget.
  • Use: Decide what you are expecting from our jewelry. This will go a long way in helping you to make the right purchasing decision. If you are looking for the classy silver piece for the special occasion, you’ll likely want to buy fine silver jewelry. And if you want to wear your jewelry for those nights on the town as well as around the workplace, you can then search on for stainless steel jewelry.
  • Personality: When you are looking for silver jewelry, consider its unique ability to match and blend well with other precious metals and colors a woman typically wears. Stainless steel jewelry combines well with platinum metals and white gold jewelry.


Sterling silver is a versatile and fantastic metal for any jewelry. At P&K, we understand the powerful beauty of stainless silver jewelry, and we’re sure to help you out to find the piece that best expresses your unique style and personality.

We make buying stainless silver wholesale easy for you! P&K is your go-to wholesale silver jewelrsupplier.

Shop our online collection of silver jewelry and discover the sparkling beauty of our stainless silver first hand.

How to Prevent Sterling Silver from Tarnishing

The trend of jewelry keeps on changing every now and then. But the sterling silver jewelry never goes out of fashion. So if you want to keep up with the trends, then you must buy sterling silver jewelry pieces. This beautiful alloy is versatile, sophisticated and timeless. Sterling silver is one of the most commonly used metals in high-end and high-quality jewelry pieces and accessories.

Silver is cheaper and easier to maintain when compared to gold and platinum. Gold and platinum retain their shine and luster for a very long time without tarnishing. Also maintaining these precious metals is not very pocket friendly. Buffing and polishing of gold are very costly. 

Sterling silver and even real 925 sterling silvergets easily tarnished with time. Wondering how to prevent that from happening? Read on we have put together a list to answer all of your questions about caring for silver jewelry. 

Does sterling silver tarnish?

This can be a tricky question to ask. Technically pure silver does not tarnish. However, in jewelry crafting pure silver is too soft to be used. Hence, to strengthen the silver, a small quantity of copper is added by all the jewelers. The resulting product is 925 sterling silver jewelry that contains 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% of copper. Copper is the primary material used for silver jewelry.

Unfortunately, as metal gets added, sterling silver, even real 925 sterling silvertarnish.

Why does sterling silver tarnish?

Tarnishing of silver is the discoloration of silver pieces that develops a yellow or black tint. However, at room temperature the pure silver in sterling silver does not react and tarnish, the copper added quickly reacts with the salt and sulfur in the air, making sterling silver rust.

Silver tarnish can take place even faster if it comes in contact with detergents or cosmetics. The chemicals in our sweat are enough to cause corrosion in silver jewelry pieces when worn.

The great news is that with sterling silver jewelry, regular care can quickly slow down the tarnishing. And in case your sterling silver jewelry pieces have already been spotted with tarnish, good home clean up and professional polishing can make it look like new. 

Thus sterling silver jewelry is a popular and budget-friendly alternative to gold or platinum. Hence becomes a go-to metal for jewelry when you want a glamorous piece without breaking the bank. Check out our best collection of wholesale sterling silver jewelry at affordable prices.

How much time does it take for sterling silver jewelry to tarnish?

It isn’t easy to put a precise time frame on how fast silver pieces get tarnished. Numerous things can affect the rate of tarnish on silver. It quickly tarnishes faster if you come into regular contact with chemicals, like using beauty products often or going to the pool.

Always try to take good care of your precious jewelry and keepsakes so that they can look good and last for years to come!

How to prevent sterling silver from tarnishing?

1. Keep away from solution: If silver gets into contact with salty solutions or chemicals, it gets easily corroded. Hence it is essential to keep your jewelry away from chemicals or any house products or toiletries solution.

 You cannot shower with sterling silver jewelry. One must avoid wearing your sterling silver when showering. Generally, water does not harm the sterling silver jewelry, but there is a probability that it could lead to tarnishing.

 You should not wear it when doing dishes. Also avoid wearing the silver pieces in activities that make you sweat, like outdoor chores or sports.

2. Learn the special rules for storing sterling silver jewelry: There are many ways for storing silver jewelry that helps prevent excessive tarnishing and also keep it from getting damaged. You should store your silver pieces correctly so that when you want to wear them, they’re just in need of a quick polish instead of major repairs. 

 One of the simple ways to prevent silver from getting tarnished is to store it properly. If you protect your silver jewelry from moisture, air and humidity, it will be safer from tarnishing. 

 For this, you should store all your silver pieces in airtight boxes or bags which will prevent air contact. You can make use of anti-tarnishing strips which are easily available on the market. You need to put it inside the boxes to prevent them from tarnishing. 

 Also, silica gel and pieces of chalk are used to absorb all the air and moisture presents in your storage boxes.

 3. Take off your jewelry first and last to put on: Another important factor to prevent sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing is that your jewelry should be the last thing you put on, after you apply makeup and perfume and the first to be taken off, before going to shower or activities.

 This helps to prevent contact between any possible chemicals of salty water to your jewelry.

 4. Take care of your home and work environment: You should first check your work environment that if you are dealing with chemicals or other solutions regularly or not. If this is the case, then you should remove your silver jewelry piece before working with chemicals. 

 People living in a rather polluted environment, your jewelry might tarnish faster due to the high level of sulphur in the air. Hence it will need more regular polishing as well.

 5. Wear it regularly: After reading this all, you must be thinking to store your silver jewelry and never wear it. But this should be the last thing to do. 

 One of the top ways to keep sterling silver jewelry beautiful is to wear it. It should look new and last for a longer time if you wipe it off regularly and take good care of it.

 You must take them off at night, and keep them wrapped under a soft cloth in zipped bags to minimise reaction with the air.

 Or you can also polish them more regularly to maintain their perfect shine.

How to clean sterling silver jewelry?

 There are countless ways of cleaning your silver jewelry. 

  • Soap and water: It is the most common method because of the gentleness of soap and water. Before you try anything else, this should be your first line of defence.


  • Baking soda and water: Avoid the use of toothpaste instead use baking soda and water. Toothpaste has many ingredients that may damage your silver. Make a paste from baking soda and water, apply a small amount onto a cloth and rub gently.


  • White vinegar and baking soda: This method will help remove heavy tarnish. You can soak your sterling silver in a cup of white vinegar and 2tbsp of baking soda for two to three hours. Rinse your jewelry and pat dry.


  • Finish with polish: After all the cleaning you can finish the process by using a polishing cloth that’s specifically used for sterling silver.


Now that you know everything about sterling silver jewelry, and you are sure how to handle them next time you purchase more. Check out our beautiful wholesale sterling silver jewelry collection.

Remember that it is easy to prevent tarnish rather than is to remove it after it occurs. If you find that tarnish beginning to form, be sure to clean it immediately. These tips will surely help to keep your sterling silver jewelry looks new for years to come!

7 Factors to Consider While Choosing Silver Jewelry

Silver Jewelry

With the rising fashion patterns and trends, Silver stays at the top as the most admired choice in the jewelry. Silver is often used to symbolize milestones, achievements, celebrations, and ceremonies, as well as for its superb ornamental value. So if are you looking for a way to purchase your Silver jewelry with confidence, then you are at the right place.

Silver jewelry is beautiful, but it can be tough to find the highest quality pieces. There are many local and online silver jewelry sellers, so it can be challenging to assess whether you purchase authentic products.

Luckily, it is possible to make sure you are choosing the best silver jewelry crafted by real artisans and designed to go for a long time. Buying jewelry in wholesale can be quite advantageous, and you must give it a try. So when you buy silver jewelry in wholesale, you can save on extra costs because it will be much cheaper. 

Discover the following seven factors that one should consider before purchasing the silver jewelry.

Check the price of the silver jewelry:

The beauty of jewelry is that the fashion-conscious people get what they want in terms of design and quality; they care less about the piece’s price. Silver jewelry is a valuable metal, which will reflect in the cost of the product. You can make sure before buying the Silver jewelry out there to create a simple comparison of pieces.

You can start by checking out the current market price of silver. At the very least, this will give you a baseline to work from while checking the costs of the jewelry you want to buy.

Take note: Make sure you ask about refund or exchange options while purchasing a product and never make a purchase without the choice of a full refund or return.

Talk to the associate for details about the piece:

This will totally depend on from where you are buying your silver jewelry, but you must do so if you can talk to a seller. 

Talking to a real person over the call or at a store will enable you to ask a few particular things about pricing, hallmarks, and silver sourcing. You will definitely get the answers you need to provide if you come prepared.

Design of the jewelry:

Design is the first most impressions the buyer gets from viewing jewelry pictures online. The design of jewelry changes with time as the dynamic field of fashion often inspires it. 

At P&K jewelry, we carry a vast collection of beautiful marcasite jewelry as well. Our marcasite wholesale jewelry collection ranges from marcasite silver pendants to unique marcasite silver earrings and modish marcasite silver rings, and beautiful marcasite silver bangles. These pieces are made in sterling silver by our talented artisans and symbolize vintage jewelry designs.

Find silver grade specifications or hallmarks:

Authentic silver jewelry will have specific markings that distinguish it as the real deal. These hallmarks will be located in a different place on your jewelry and are very small. You’ll likely need a magnifying glass and intense lighting to search for them.

If you have purchased your silver jewelry piece, this is a great way to physically inspect the product and tell if you have got the real silver on your hands. Sterling silver will have STERLING OR .925. Both of these markings will indicate pure silver jewelry quality.

Keep in mind: Pure silver is very malleable, which means it is soft and comfortable to bend. Silver jewelry of high quality has to have an alloy mixed, which produces the greater the durability of the product.

Go for physical tests to check authenticity:

You should perform several minor physical tests to ensure that you have got the best silver jewelry. These tests will not harm your silver, so you need not worry. 

The first test is very simple. Locate a magnet and check if the silver piece is magnetic. We all know that Silver is not a magnetic metal, so anything latching onto the magnet is likely to be nickel or some other metal.

To test the magnetism of your jewelry, you should find a strong magnet.

Along the magnet test, rub your silver piece with a clean white cloth. If black marks appear, then you can rest assured that you have made a good purchase. 

Thirdly you can also perform a sound test. Tap your jewelry piece with a metal tool or object; if you hear a high pitched ring and the vibration that lasts for a few seconds, you have got real silver on your hands. 

Get an appraisal:

Just in case if you are in some doubt about your jewelry, you can always get an appraisal. You can take your jewelry piece to an appraiser for an expert consultation. 

You may have to pay for this, so this is an excellent tip you should follow if you are genuinely concerned about the piece of jewelry you have purchased and want to ensure it is the best quality available.

When purchasing online, be cautious:

 There are many online marketplaces out there for purchasing precious metals. Make sure you exercise caution if you have decided that an online shop is best for you.

 The most trustworthy online shops selling authentic silver jewelry will have at least one physical business location, clearly specified on their website.

 Also, check the store reputation, browse customer reviews, and testimonials. Therefore it is crucial to look for relevant information whether the store is a dependable provider of high-quality pure silver. 


Consider the above factors before choosing a silver jewelry piece. Having silver jewelry in your collection will add to its classiness, value, longevity, and versatility. Hence silver jewelry is a truly excellent choice.

So are you planning to place your first order today but wondering where to start? Cheers as you find your favorite quality wholesale silver jewelry supplier

At P&K jewelry, we specialize in only the finest and most authentic wholesale silver jewelry pieces. You can feel confident while purchasing silver jewelry from our extensive collections.

How To Choose a Silver Necklace for Any Occasion?

silver necklaces

How about investing in a necklace that can go with all kinds of occasions? Sounds a good deal, right? The silver necklace is something that can be worn for any occasion. One of the reasons people prefer silver jewelry over any other jewelry metal is because of its soft sheen and reactive quality. Although pure silver is extremely fragile, therefore to make it hard, silver is mixed with alloys, such as copper, to strengthen it. To consider a product as silver, 92.5% of the alloy’s metal content must be pure silver. Therefore, many silver items are marked with 0.925. Any piece that indicates a higher silver content, such as 950, would also be classified as sterling. Silver necklaces made of nickel and other metals have a silver hue but do not contain silver.

Different types of silver jewelry are suitable for different people, but it is critical to know what you are buying to make the most of your money. You can get- Sterling silver, coin silver, nickel silver, Britannia silver, german silver, silver-plated jewelry, and a few more silver types. Although when it comes to necklaces, jewelers choose sterling silver as It is much stronger than pure silver and always retains its exact shape. Pure silver ornaments quickly lose their way after several uses. When other metals are added to silver, the alloy created can be modeled in almost any shape.

There is a wide range of attractive and finished silver necklaces that can match with different party moods. Some of the silver necklaces you can opt without worrying whether you will fit in it or not are given below:-

1. Silver bead necklace

To transform your look for an occasion, you need to take care of quite a few things, in which one of them is to look distinctive. When you wear a piece of jewelry that is only worn by you, it has a contrasting effect on people. Generally, people tend not to wear beads if they are going to a special event. But so far, bead necklaces have attained its position where people buy silver bead necklaces and earrings to look fashionable. If you want all the focus in your dress but want a minimal touch of jewelry, it is suggested that you go with a thin silver bead chain. It gives a smooth and subtle feel in the entire look.

2. Silver chains

Silver chains look stunning, classy, and look best in all kinds of occasions. Silver suitably goes even if you wear different clothes in different colors. Regardless of whether it is formal or casual, wearing silver jewelry will balance both situations. Growing love for silver chains is more in men than in women. Boys usually go with either a plain silver chain or link chain, and the best part is that they can choose any particular design they want since the options are pretty much handful. Some of the most likable types of silver link chains are:-

  • Snake chain
  • Ball chain
  • Box chain
  • Curb chain
  • Flat link or round link chain
  • Wheat chain
  • Bamboo chain
  • Franco chain
  • Rope chain

The options of silver chains don’t end here; hence you will surely find the one that can match your personality and go with the kind of occasion you are about to attend.

3. Contemporary silver necklace

Silver jewelry is of incredible quality that no other metal jewel can match. There are so many intricate silver chain and necklace designs nowadays that it would be hard to pick one to wear. At sterling silver necklace wholesale, you can find unlimited designs of contemporary, ethnic as well as modern necklaces to choose from.

4. Vintage silver choker

If you are going to a party or dinner date, antique silver chokers look more catchier than any other neckpiece. The best thing you can do is go through your mom’s jewelry collection, and you may find some old silver chunks. Also, you can borrow your grandma’s silver jewelry because the beauty of silver jewelry is; it timeless and elegant even if the design is old and retro.

5. Sterling silver pendant

A simple and elegant pendant or necklace can be the perfect addition to your usual outfit. For example, a sterling silver chain multi-layered necklace will be an excellent alternative to create a more sophisticated look. If you are someone who never wears a layered necklace, then it’s time to try something new. Layered necklaces are in vogue right now. If you want to escape from your usual and boring look, wear a sterling silver pendant, especially if you are going to a fancy party.

Styling tip:-

There are many options for combining available in silver necklaces, from multiple designs, colors, lengths to textures in altogether different prices. Still, it is important to get the final result of your look; It would only take a few seconds to assemble your silver jewelry with the kind of outfit you are planning to wear and the type of hairstyle you have decided.

If you are going for a day event, go with heavy oxidized silver junk jewelry while for an evening look wears a trendy and quirky silver choker. For brunch, wear a sophisticated and classy silver chain. If you have any specific styling idea in your head, then go ahead. A silver necklace is a perfect piece of jewelry to play with, just visualize your outfit and try it on.


Sterling silver has been the cornerstone of the jewelry industry for centuries. Thanks to its strength and shine, it has become a popular alternative to gold. It is relatively inexpensive for precious metals, with gold and platinum being the most expensive. For its value, it is probably one of the cheapest metals of all jewelry. For men and women who want to look fashionable on any occasion should consider a silver necklace, it can indeed do wonders for your look.

7 Things You should know About 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Rings

sterling silver rigns

Sterling silver has a unique grace and beauty that other metal jewelry can never reach. Pure silver is very soft for everyday use, so it binds to copper or other metals to increase resistance. Copper makes silver harder, more resistant, and, therefore, much easier to work and use without compromising on color. Sterling silver jewelry is typically 92.5% pure silver and is often called “925” which means there are 925 pieces per thousand silver. It is a valuable metal at a very low cost.

If you are looking for high-quality jewelry, go with sterling silver since they are an excellent choice of metal when it comes to jewelry. The metal does not rust even after constant use, and it will remain great in the future. You must also be able to pass on your silver jewelry to future generations. The softness and subtle design of the sterling silver jewelry rings can make them a suitable accessory for every occasion.

These are the 7 crucial things you should know about sterling silver rings:-

1. Easy to maintain

To maintain the original luster of any metal jewelry, you need to clean it at least once a month. Sterling silver rings are easy to clean, and the results are excellent. You can use toothpaste or baking powder to clean your ring. Avoid using thin paper towels as they can scrape the silver. You can easily get silver care polishes or suitable solutions to remove stains.

Despite these, you have to take several precautions while dealing with sterling silver rings:-

  • Keep it dry.
  • Do not touch it often; grease and sweat on the hands can cause corrosion.
  • Rub your jewelry with a damp cloth, and it would do wonders with crystal jewelry without damaging the surface, then rub them with a clean, dry cotton cloth to make its natural shine stay.
  • Store your jewelry separately.

2. Multiple designs

Sterling silver jewelry comes in multiple designs than possibly any other metal jewelry would offer. You can find rings for every mood and every occasion. According to the latest trend, jewelers are making top-notch designs with extraordinary patterns and cuts.

Also, sterling silver rings can be resized. If your ring doesn’t fit you anymore, you can go to the nearby jeweler and get it fixed within an hour.

3. Long-lasting shine

The complexity and shine of 925 sterling silver rings do not fade due to continuous use. These precious metals provide long-lasting shine, just like platinum and gold. It retains its present intrinsic value and is generally used by both men and women. 925 sterling silver is also rust-free and tarnish-free, unlike any other cheap jewelry.

4. Hypoallergenic

Another important thing about sterling silver rings that you should know is that you can wear it every day because sterling silver is allergy-free. Most of the metal jewelry consists of nickel, and it can cause allergic reactions in the skin. Hence, it is better to buy 925 silver as the chances of getting a nickel are very low compared to other silver alloys.

5. Durability

Sterling silver is not entirely made of pure silver. Only 92.5 percent of the alloy should be silver, and the remaining 7.5 percent should come from other metals, mainly copper. This slight addition of another metal provides silver’s strength and durability, without affecting the beautiful appearance of white and grey.

Buying a sterling silver ring is an excellent idea because you would never find wear and tear for a long time. Sterling silver rings are able to hold its shape and texture.

6. Lifetime authenticity

The number 925 is written on silver, usually on the hidden part of the gem. This number is called the trademark and represents the purity of silver in the alloy. In other words, 925 is identical to silver, which means that the other stamps in the metal are not sterling silver.

Sterling silver jewelry is an excellent investment because it will last forever if you use it properly and clean it from time to time. Therefore, sterling silver has a high exchange value during the life of the product and retains its value for future generations.

7. Inexpensive

The cost of sterling silver rings is significantly lower than that of metals such as gold and platinum, so you can easily invest in such beautiful silver jewelry.

People who are worried about spending a lot of money in jewelry stores should check out sterling silver rings wholesale collection for affordable prices.

Top Best Sterling Silver Jewelry Trends for 2020

Silver Jewelry

Through the years, more women than men have worn jewelry as a symbol of femininity and affluence. Many men shy away from jewelry because most of them tend to be too shiny. However, when it comes to silver, there is an unlimited number of minimalist designs that men can choose from.

Regardless of the reason why you’re accessing, you need to ensure that you purchase high-quality products. It’s also a good idea to stay updated with the latest trends in the fashion industry.

As we begin a new decade, several new trends have cropped up. Those, together with the ones that persisted from the previous decade, dictate what is fashionable and what is not.

When it comes to silver, bracelets come in plenty. There are so many different designs, shapes, and styles women can choose from.

Here is a guide on the best Sterling silver jewelry trends for 2020.

1. Silver bracelet

Silver bracelets have got to be at the top of the list because they’re the most popular pieces of jewelry when it comes to this material. Silver gives bracelets an unmatched polish that no other material can achieve.

In the last year, bracelets have come back in fashion, and this is your time to rock different designs every chance you get. The main advantage of silver bracelets is that there are a plethora of designs to choose from.

You can choose to go for thick or thin bracelets based on the outfit you’re wearing and your overall preference. There are also double-layered bracelets that allow you to be more expressive in your style.

2. Hoop Earrings

Experts have made it clear that hoop earrings are going to trend in 2020. Sterling hoop earrings are a perfect choice for any occasion because they easily go with every outfit you choose to rock.

These gigantic earrings look amazing on women because they bring one’s face to focus. If you want to flaunt your jewelry, you better go big with hoop earrings.

Even though they don’t come in many designs, they go well with almost everything. Besides, you can purchase the ones with curly sides if you want to be more expressive.

3. Swarovski crystals

These pieces of jewelry are a combination of sterling silver and crystals. They have an icy, sparkly appearance that’s quite appealing. They look magical, and every woman should own a couple.

The combination of crystals and shiny sterling silver is bound to take your appearance to the next level. Many women love shiny because it makes them sparkle.

4. Wedding Ring

Many times when people talk about wedding rings, what comes to mind is diamonds. However, this is not the only material you can opt for. Even though diamonds are forever, thousands of people choose silver over them.

If you own a jewelry store, you should definitely shop wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry because it’s a guaranteed trend in 2020. The beauty of sterling silver is that it’s affordable. Not all couples have the money to be extravagant with big diamond rings. After all, all that matters is the thought, not how much you spent.

5. Lockets

Do you have a friendship locket? If not, then what are you waiting for. This is an amazing way to show appreciation for the friendships you have. You can buy a locket for just about anyone in your life. It could be your spouse, your child, family, or a friend.

Lockets never get out of style because they hold sentimental value.

6. Dainty Silver Jewelry Necklaces

Well, well, well, look what we’ve got here. Are dainty silver necklaces the most minimalist pieces of jewelry you’ve ever seen? These pieces accentuate your look even without you knowing it. They go well with everything because they’re not loud.

These will be among the trendiest silver jewelry in 2020 because anyone can wear them. Even as a conservative, you’ll find these pieces appealing.

7. Chokers

Let be start by saying that chokers are not for everyone. Some people cannot wear jewelry too close to their necks. However, silver chokers are the bomb.

Aren’t you reminded of the 90s when plastic tattoo chokers were the in thing? Well, now, you get to purchase a durable and long-lasting choker that won’t wear out after a few months.

8. Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs save you from having several holes in your ears. We all know the pain that comes with ear piercings, especially in areas with cartilage.

Women want to be beautiful without feeling pain, and ear cuffs are one of such solutions. They come in very intricate designs that allow you to express your femininity.

If you’re looking for a desirable change in your sense of style, you should purchase ear cuffs. They go well with women of all ages as long as they like to wear a variety of earrings.

9. Stacked Bracelets

Lastly, we have stacked bracelets, which is a classic that never gets old. It is one of the most prominent trends in 2020, even though designs have undergone significant changes over the years.

To achieve a distinct style, stacked bracelets are your go-to pieces of jewelry. The gently chiming will soothe your heart on days when you have it rough.

The beauty of stacked bracelets is that they can be mixed and matched with other bracelet designs. You should add this to your bracelet collection because they’ll come in handy when you want to achieve a unique look.

Something as simple as a bracelet can significantly impact your appearance. Depending on the type of dress you’re wearing, you can throw on a stacked necklace to achieve a different look.

You can even go as far as engraving inscriptions to your pieces to make them personalized. Sterling silver will give you that shine that your outfit was missing.


There are so many trends to keep up with, but it doesn’t mean you should kill yourself trying to adopt all of them. Only follow your heart and stay true to your sense of style. Remember, what works for someone else might not be what you need.

Top Best Silver Jewelry wholesale Stores in New York

If you’re in New York and you’d like to buy jewelry, it will please you to know that there are so many wholesale stores to shop at.

Whether you’re adding to your collection or starting a jewelry store, ensure you shop with the best of the best. The beauty of purchasing jewelry wholesale is that you enjoy discount prices.

The jewelry industry is a massive one, so there is definitely room for startups.

Even though there are already so many jewelry brands in the market, competition is not as stiff because each brand is unique. If you want to thrive, make sure that you bring something new to the market.

Since New York is the fashion capital, it’s the perfect place to shop for wholesale jewelry. There is a little of everything, and you can easily come up with a unique collection to start your business.

Here are top silver jewelry stores you should check out.

Why you should choose Silver Jewelry Wholesalers in NYC:

1. New York is the Fashion Capital

Since you’re starting a new business, you want to get the best that the world can offer. When it comes to fashion, NYC is the place to get your stuff. All the great fashion designers are based in New York, which means all the good thing is here too.

Even though the industry keeps evolving, once a designer makes a name for themselves, it’s hard for the industry to forget them. That is why your store should have pieces by designers people recognize.

Being one of the major fashion capitals, you can be sure to brush shoulders with the best jewelry designers. This is an excellent way to get inspiration for your collection.

Additionally, NYC is a cultural hub, and this is a gift that keeps giving. Starting a business here allows you to sell to people from different nationalities.

2. There are so Many Jewelry Wholesalers

Even though a lot of people today import jewelry, many are still loyal to supporting local businesses. Since you’re looking for jewelry in bulk, you might as well support a local wholesaler instead of importing jewelry.

You will save yourself from paying steep shipment fees and also enjoy competitive prices. After all, chances are you’ll find what you want to import in NYC.

Since there are so many wholesalers here, it gives you a great deal of variety to choose from. You get to physically asses the pieces you’re buying for damages.

Well-Known NYC Jewelry Wholesalers in 2020

If you’re looking for silver jewelry wholesale in NYC, it means you want to start your business here or close by. Even if the wholesaler you’re working with has an online store, it’s best to purchase bulk jewelry in person.

This way, you can deal with any arising issues on the spot. Seeing jewelry in real life is always better than ordering pieces online because pictures can be deceiving.

Here are NYC jewelry wholesalers you can trust;

1. P&K Jewelry, Inc

P&K Jewelry is among the most reputed jewelry houses in New York. It was founded in 1995 and has grown immensely since. This company is one of the world’s largest source of high-quality Marcasite and Sterling Silver Jewelry.

The company strives to offer its clients the latest products so that they stay on-trend. Their high-quality collection offers you an extensive selection of unique pieces. Whatever you want, P&K Jewelry has got it.

This company travels across the world to find unique and original pieces. They also get inspiration for jewelry designs and different jewelry manufacturing technologies. P&K prides itself on providing clients with custom jewelry and personalized services.

Their commitment to quality is unwavering, and the products they offer include;

  • Rings

  • Earrings

  • Necklaces

  • Bracelets

  • Pendants

  • Pins as well as an

  • Interesting selection of accessories like key chains, money clips toe rings, etc.

2. 47th Closeouts

If you’re in town for eternity and engagement rings, then 47th Closeouts is your solution. They have been in business since 2005, and the quality of their diamonds has never wavered. You can also get earrings, necklaces, and bracelets from them.

This company prides itself on having an unlimited inventory, which allows you always to find what you’re looking for. Their wide selection of beautiful diamonds can be sold both retail and wholesale. No matter your budget, 47th Closeout will ensure that you get a fair deal.

3. Wona Trading Inc.

In the spirit of supporting local businesses, you should make silver jewelry wholesale purchases from Wona Trading Inc. It is among the fastest-growing wholesale jewelry companies in NYC.

The company sells custom jewelry, which is just the thing you need to get your startup off the ground. Founded in 2004, Wona trading has been importing beautiful accessories for the Ney York market and beyond.

4. Wedding Rings Original

As the name implies, Wedding Rings Original specializes in the manufacturing of weddings, as well as engagement rings. The company has been in business since 1953, and it’s safe to say it has built a solid reputation over the years.

With such an immense experience, you can be sure that this company will offer you precisely what you need to start a business. Their assortment of rings comes in the highest quality because they have high-tech manufacturing processes.

It will interest you to know that their rings are hand-made to give each piece a touch of personality. They’ve got massive publicity for this, mainly because the quality is unparalleled.

5. Trendy Wholesale

If you’re looking for the latest styles in fashion, then Trendy Wholesale has got your back. They make sure to update their inventory regularly so that you always get what you’re looking for.

Their goods are low priced and high quality, making them the ideal wholesaler to work within New York. Some of the products they sell include bracelets, rings, necklaces, and other accessories.

Their showroom is a dream because it allows you to experience beauty in its purest. When you choose Trendy Wholesale, you get a partner that helps you stock your shop with variety. After all, buyers want to find something different for every occasion.

6. LUNESSA Designer Jewelry

This is a jewelry box boutique that targets women from different walks of life and of all ages. It was founded in 2005, and over the years, the company has designed pieces for runways and celebrities.

Their signature collection will pique your interest if you’re working on a creative collection. LUNESSA offers handcrafted signature accessories that are made in New York. Working with them will be a huge contribution to local talent.

Their timeless pieces have unique femininity that your female customers will appreciate. The best part is that the company ensures that they consider environmental conservation when coming up with a manufacturing process.

Environmental consciousness is a key factor you should look at when purchasing wholesale jewelry.


Starting a new business is both adventurous and frightening. You’ll constantly be worried of whether or not your business idea will work. That is why you should always source your products from well-reputed wholesalers. This way, you increase your startup’s chances of thriving.

How to Choose the Best necklace for any occasion

Who said that perfect jewelry doesn’t exist? If you have a great taste in necklaces, you can rock every occasion with the right type of necklace. Choosing the best type of necklace is not some rocket science; all you have to do is keep in mind which outfit you are wearing and for what occasion. With a perfect necklace, anyone can enhance or complete an outfit. They really are a great accessory, but you have to be careful while combining it with your clothes, because the right necklace looks depends on the type of dress you wear.


We all keep the occasion in mind before selecting a piece of jewelry. So, here is the guide on how to choose the best necklace for different occasions to complement your beauty:-


  • For Office

With formal wear, it is always a difficult task to select a neckpiece. Formal occasions include conferences, funerals, office meetings, etc. where you can’t overdo anything with your look. Wear a minimalist piece of the necklace when going for any formal occasion.


There is nothing better than the platinum or silver chic chain. They can easily go with a regular shirt and formal pants or skirts. Choose from the stunning collection of the necklace from sterling silver necklaces wholesale showroom. If you want to be unique, then break the rule of wearing only a plain necklace in the office, by simply putting a choker or rope chain with your favorite work outfit.


  • For Wedding

Weddings and receptions are occasions where you can wear intricate and heavy necklaces. But always think about the balance between everything, including the size and length of your necklace. If your dress has a round neckline, choose a piece of medium-sized jewelry that matches with the overall look.


If you are a guest at the wedding, do not exaggerate your jewelry. You can wear a locket or light pendant, but wearing an appealing necklace may not work as the entire focus would go to the necklace rather than the outfit.


If you are the bride, keep in mind that your necklace should primarily match with your gown. Wear a pearl necklace if you want to keep your look simple. Pearl necklaces are best if you want to accentuate your gown.


  • For The Party

If you have decided to wear a strapless dress for the party, then try chokers and short necklaces. With plunging or V necklines, wear lengthy chains or single strand chains. You can also layer two or three chains together on top of each other to increase the visual look of your upper body. Organize the chains by their lengths. Start with the shortest chain first and then wear the long ones. Two to three chains are the least you can go with, but four or five chains look more fantastic. Always choose to wear the latest and conventional designs in necklaces.


  • For Casual Gatherings

Long necklaces with a bold pendant add the right amount of edge to a simple shirt, t-shirt, or dress and give it an elegant and casual look for the day. If your dress is already colored and has details with a specific shade, choose a necklace with the same shade to ensure a balanced appearance.


The design of the necklace you wear determines the look you want to present to others. Simple shapes and textures, like the large color beads, are ideal for staying simple and providing a limited touch of sophistication. In any social gathering, one should try to showcase their own style and taste.


  • For a Date

For a memorable date, wear something classic yet sexy. Find the perfect pendant to match with your taste in jewelry and wear it with your best possible outfit. For a movie date, wear something bold and dazzling because when the lights will off, there would be a focus on you.


You can also choose a leather boho necklace to add more characters to your authentic style. Also, do not add large rings or a handful of bracelets. Let your beautiful necklace steal the show.


Ending Note

If you want to wear a necklace for any occasion, you must decide if you wish to choose something subtle or something more meaningful. Any jewelry, especially a necklace, helps us shine in our clothes and illuminate our appearance. And the transition reflects who you are. Do not be afraid to be experimental. There are a variety of necklaces you can find online that are right for you. Try everything which is in the trend even if something is unusual and unique.

How to Style a Silver Bracelet?

Silver Bracelets

A silver bracelet is a kind of accessory that stylishly decorates your daily look. Bracelet with elegant design decorated with polished metal adds bright reflections to the wrist and delights the compliments in conversations. A silver bracelet can be complemented with every kind of outfit.

As per the high demand for jewelry especially bracelets in terms of fashion. Since sterling silver bracelets are a popular fashion trend, you do not have to go anywhere. These bracelets are available in various online fashion and jewelry stores.

The beauty of bracelets is that they can widely be used by both men and women. Usually, teenagers love wearing various styles of bracelets. There are also different types of bracelets, such as the classic tennis bracelet, the designer diamond bracelet, the red carpet bracelet, the vintage bracelet, gemstone bracelet, the gold and platinum bracelet, etc. But no other bracelet can compare sterling silver bracelets. They are elegant in look and can be styled with any outfit on any occasion.

Everyone’s sense of fashion is different but luckily, there are multiple options in silver bracelets to choose from. So, here are 6 major styles in silver bracelets that you can pick, based on your taste and preference:-

1. Single strand bracelet

The most modern design of the decade is simple and stunning. Simple Sterling silver bracelets have invaded the market. You can also get delicate and plain single strand bracelets online that will steal the show. Plain bracelet of decent quality has become the current choice of the majority of people.

If you’re thinking about a big event, reception or office party, this bracelet is a perfect piece of jewelry to intensify your look. For older women, this plain bracelet can be minimalistic, sophisticated and can easily complement their entire look.

2. Cuff bracelet

The cuff is a kind of bracelet that is in C-shaped or probably oval. Cuff bracelets can be studded with crystals or diamond-like stones which makes this fine bracelet even more fine with an additional touch of brilliance. These types of lustrous cuff bracelets should be worn on a wedding night to look different.

If you are a college-going student who just wears casual tees and dresses, you should definitely go with a silver cuff bracelet. It changes the outlook with minimum effort, just put a silver cuff bracelet and you are done. Rather than simple cuffs, you can choose criss-cross cuff bracelets also known as hinged cuff bracelets.

3. Chain bracelet

Chain bracelets are in small narrow, almost imperceptible links or open and closed versions. Wear a chain bracelet with a pendant to create a unique look for yourself. You can also add drop earrings with it to complete the look. Silver chain bracelet is a very classic and elegant accessory one could own. Chain bracelets itself comes in multiple styles like snake chain, curb chain, cable bracelet, etc. Each chunk of chain bracelet is made of polished silver that helps in forming this classic feminine bracelet.

4. Roman link bracelet

Wearing a new Roman stainless steel bracelet is an incredible way to add an attractive and neat look. The Roman bracelet is a combination of running lines and rope-style joints that are unusual and gives you a perfect fashionable touch. It is being believed that Roman link bracelets are only for men but today; even young girls and ladies have started wearing it with denim and shirt.

5. Bangle bracelet

Bangle bracelet is a kind of bracelet that is generally a stiff circular, but it can also be oval, it fits more easily around the wrist giving it a boho look. Talking about the size, the multi-layered bangle bracelets do not exactly match the size of the wrist, while they are usually larger than the wrist. You can customize the design and size of bracelet from sterling silver bangle wholesale showrooms. This type of bracelet can be the best gift for your near and dear ones.

6. Pearl bracelet

The pearl is used to make beautiful jewelry, such as pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings, and even brooches. For a crystal clear look at the wedding or in a get-together, you can choose a pearl bracelet for yourself. You don’t even have to do heavy makeup or anything, a pearl bracelet can itself draw everyone’s attention on you in a gathering or party. You can wear it with your basic daily clothes, as well as an office outfit.