Ways to Spice up Sterling Silver Necklaces

All the women out there must have a full box of sterling silver jewelry that is only lying inside their wardrobes because there is always confusion of styling them and deciding when to wear them. Sterling silver is an exquisite, versatile form of metal that should be worn regularly. Actually, wearing your sterling silver jewelry is considered as the perfect way of keeping it neat and clean and dust free. The friction produced by wearing helps to keep it away from tarnishing and maintains silver’s shine as it is. While there is no wrong way of wearing your favorite jewelry, sterling silver is one of the best metals that will be enhanced by various styles and items in your wardrobe.

So get out of your sterling silver necklaces because in this guide we’ll be sharing some ways to spice up your sterling silver necklaces. Just keep scrolling to know eight simple ways of styling your sterling silver necklaces and get the most of the use of your sterling silver wholesale pieces.

  1. Go for layering: One of the best ways to spice up your sterling silver necklaces is to layer them together. You can layer your necklaces by wearing some of them simultaneously. But this does not mean that you put all of them together and you are done. No, you must wear them with alternate lengths so that they do not end up tangled and are visible. Like if you have one long silver chain then pair it with shorter chains. In this way, you can rejuvenate the charm of any silver necklaces that you have in your collection and you might have gotten bored of them.
  2. Choosing colors: Sterling silver necklace looks best against certain colors. Regardless of the function, we want our sterling silver necklace to stand out rather than get lost in your ensemble. So it is important to choose the color of your outfit. Black, for example, looks best against the interplay of silver light. However white color also gives a subtle contrast. Also, shades of blue, red, and purple will make your sterling silver necklaces pop. Avoid pastel colors as they will make your jewelry look dusty and faded.
  3. Don’t be afraid of mixing and matching metals: While some people will guide you to never mix and match your jewelry, don’t be afraid because it is actually the best way to add extra visual interest. You can try mixing various jewelry pieces which are made up of silver, rose gold, or yellow gold. Just make sure that your overall look stays sophisticated by investing in good quality jewelry. For this look, try to choose minimalistic jewelry as simple jewelry will better complement each other rather than look tacky.
  4. Choose a centerpiece: You can wear certain jewelry pieces that draw attention. This is the best way to start a conversation with another person. You can also add an antique pendant to your sterling silver chain. Just make sure that the chain is less delicate and your pendant be the centerpiece. One more thing, keep your clothing subtle so that it does not distract the pendant to be the centerpiece.
  5. Wear according to the occasion: It is important to keep the occasion in which you are going to wear your sterling silver necklaces in mind. Silver is a very versatile metal and can be easily styled. If you are wearing your silver necklace during your workweek then you should go for dainty and delicate necklaces so that you look more sophisticated. For evening parties you can wear bolder pieces and can also pair them with other metals to have the spotlight on you. So Keeping all these things in mind and you can make a true fashion statement.
  6. Do not overdo: Experimenting with the different styles is fun but what is important is when and where to stop. It should not look like that you have just vacated your whole jewelry box and created a look which just looks like a mess. So if you are planning to wear some brighter colors and your dress is edgier then choose lesser pieces. Similarly, if you are looking to load up yourself with heavy jewelry then ensure that your outfit is monotone so that your jewelry looks good.
  7. Invest in quality pieces: We understand that it looks tempting whenever we see jewelry. Yes the jewelry pieces must be beautiful and the cost will also be less but they only last for one or two outings. They will not only make your whole look messed up but they also discolor very early. So it is advisable to only invest in good-quality pieces when you try to mix up different metals with your sterling silver jewelry. Only buy jewelry from a reputed jeweler. They will offer good-quality silver at genuine prices.
  8. Makeup matters: Your makeup should go well with your sterling silver necklaces. This jewelry will light up your face beautifully. So keep this in mind and do your makeup properly so that it looks evenly right. Don’t overdo anything. You can go for bright eye shadow and lipstick when styling a silver necklace.


Sterling silver jewelry is one of the most popular materials for jewelry that is elegant and worthy to be worn most often. And when you wear your sterling silver jewelry with style, you will enjoy its versatility. Invest in good quality silver and this will ensure that your piece will last for a longer time. If you are ready to add some unique yet classic spin to your jewelry box then have a look at some of our best-selling sterling silver necklaces on our website!

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Top Advantages of Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Diamonds are forever brilliant, dazzling, and glittering, and are desired by everyone. Yes, each one of us, be it a man or a woman, the richest person or a middle-class person desires to buy diamond jewelry for themselves at least once in our life. A diamond is found deep inside the rocky layers of earth and is known to be the hardest substance on earth making it one of the most costly gemstones to ever exist.

Now as technology changes, there is a solution to fulfilling everyone’s desires. Cubic zirconia is a gemstone that is the perfect alternative to a diamond. Wholesale CZ jewelry is less costly than diamond and fits in the budget of many of the people out there. It is so close to a diamond that even an experienced person cannot tell the difference between the two. It is made with zirconia oxide in the laboratory. Thus, when it comes to fashion it is a perfect man-made look-alike substitute for a diamond that helps to fulfill the desires of people. Today in this blog let’s discuss the top advantages of cubic zirconia jewelry.

Top advantages of cubic zirconia jewelry

Smart people make smart decisions and when it comes to jewelry shopping, CZ jewelry is the way to go. Let’s quickly dive into some of the top advantages of cubic zirconia jewelry:

  1. Affordable: One of the top most advantages of cubic zirconia is that they are affordable. This is one of the main reasons for its popularity among middle-class people and rich people. It is a lab-created substance that has a very affordable processing method. The cost involved in making this type of jewelry is very less compared to authentic jewelry pieces. This is the cheapest alternative to real diamonds if you are among those who want to add diamond jewelry to their collection but cannot afford one.

This factor gives CZ jewelry a big advantage when compared to pure diamond-made jewelry.

  1. Durable: When you invest in jewelry, you hope that your jewelry will be durable. Cubic zirconia jewelry is the best option for you if you are looking for an affordable and durable substitute for diamonds. The material’s hard nature makes sure that it stands for your daily wear and tear. The rating of CZ on the Mohs scale is 8.5 which means these pieces have higher complexity than other types of jewelry. It is resistant to water and dust. Though dust can easily gather on CZ jewelry so you have to be a little careful about it.
  2. High-quality: Cz jewelry has been around for many years. Diamonds and other stones may have good qualities that help to make them truly unique. But they are not the only option now. Cubic zirconia comes in various types of quality. Even the experts cannot truly tell the difference between CZ jewelry and real diamonds. When buying CZ jewelry, assess the quality by its weight, clarity, cut, and color. Also, six categories describe the quality of cubic zirconia: AAAAA (highest), AAAA, AAA, AA, A, and AB (lowest). All of the cubic zirconia jewelry sold at P&K is graded AAAAA.
  3. Environment-friendly: People these days are so concerned about the environmental impact on the earth. So for those cubic zirconia is the welcoming option. As we all know that the mining of diamonds is horrible for our environment. But this is not the case with cubic zirconia. This is another big advantage of buying CZ jewelry as it is not a mined substance. It is a lab-created substance. Making CZ requires less large machinery, no digging is done, and does not excavate dirt. It has very small carbon footprints and so does not cause any negative impact on the ecosystem.
  4. Versatile: You can buy CZ jewelry in a variety of options. When it comes to colored gemstone, there are not a variety of options available. But this is not the case with cubic zirconia gemstone. You have endless colors available in cubic zirconia as it is produced in the laboratory. You can get your piece customized according to your choice be it your necklace, rings, bracelets, earrings and other forms of jewelry. Some of the most common colors available in CZ are pink, blue, green, orange, and purple. Colored gemstone can cost you significantly higher but CZ is easily available at affordable prices. Thus CZ is a versatile gem that allows you to have numerous items to wear on any occasion.
  5. Always flawless: The major disadvantage of diamonds and other stones used in jewelry making is the flaws. One of the precious stones, a diamond, contains inclusions. But cubic zirconia is a perfect alternative because it is a flawless substance. This gemstone has a brilliant fire and sparkles more than a real diamond. So CZ jewelry should be on top of your list.
  6. Easy to wear: This is another advantage of buying CZ jewelry. You can wear your CZ jewelry with all of your outfits like casuals and formals both. If you are looking for ideal blend quality and evident magnificence, cubic zirconia gems are a gleaming piece to suit any occasion.


Whatever your requirements are, cubic zirconia jewelry is a trend that one cannot miss.

Cubic Zirconia is a man-made lab-created substance so this results in a brilliant piece that is affordable and flawless. So if you are looking to add some sparkle to your jewelry collection with a diamond alternative then check out our collection of wholesale CZ jewelry on our website. Get yourself a variety of CZ jewelry in a necklace, rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and more. Shop P&K jewelers today and shine bright like a Cubic Zirconia!

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9 Ways to Wear Multiple Rings at Once: A Style Guide

In the jewelry industry, stacking is the hottest trend from neckpieces to bangles and now rings. From stacked bold necklaces to big bangles to dainty earrings – wearing more of the same thing is the new craze. Wearing multiple rings at once is the easiest way to ease into the trend. It is a stylish way of making a unique statement. An outfit is incomplete without some dazzling jewels and a set of well-stacked rings has the power of enhancing the simplest of outfits. But for stacking rings, there are many things to take care of.

So are you looking to show off your amazing ring collection with the perfect stacking arrangement? No issues! You are at the right place. With very simple tricks you can create an awesome look while experimenting with style, color, and ring pairings. To know more about stacking rings, keep scrolling for a comprehensive style guide on how to wear multiple rings at once.

9 ways to wear multiple rings at once

Scroll to get started on your ring stacking journey.

  1. Mixing and matching various metals: You can create a dynamic look by mixing and matching different colored rings on a hand. Do not hesitate to mix up gold, sterling silver, and rose gold metals together. This is the best way to make your hand more attractive and appealing while maintaining the balance between rings. You can keep on experimenting until you find the one you like.
  2. Go for a range of styles and shapes: Try creating a visual balance with different types of rings rather than just going for uniform ones. Go for statement rings, midi rings, eternity rings, vintage rings, and more, and use a little of every type. Keep experimenting with different themed jewelry from minimalistic to modern designs. Play around with different rings on different fingers and find some new configurations that you like.
  3. Choose rings with neutral stones: There is nothing wrong with wearing multiple rings with stones, but various types of colors will look a little chaotic. So make sure your ring collection must have some neutral-toned pieces. This will ensure that the rings never clash with each other, regardless of how many rings you stack. You can add a pop of color if all of your rings matched one another. Either pair your neutral rings with one of the statement rings or go for several colored rings that have the same shade.
  4. Allow one finger to be empty: Make sure while you stack multiple rings at once, ensure that your one finger remains empty so that the rings do not get overwhelming. One of the most dangerous things which can be done while stacking rings is that either it will create a dynamic arrangement or it will overcrowd your fingers with so many pieces that it will be difficult to know where to look first. So it is advisable to keep your one finger empty.
  5. Wear rings on both hands: Rings on both hands will maintain a balance and this will create an asymmetrical look. Multiple rings on one hand and zero on the other will look jarring and uneven whereas if you wear a similar number of rings on the other hand that will look harmonized. So if you are stacking rings, make sure you have enough of the rings in your jewelry box to put on each hand, regardless of the style and metals you incorporate.
  6. Personalize according to your taste: Get innovative with your pick of rings, personalize them by keeping your name initials as symbols. You can also go for florals. Stack rings according to your mood. If you are feeling romantic, you can choose pearls or diamonds. Want something minimalistic then you can go for simple bands. For boho, you can go for mood rings and big stones.
  7. Add meaning: Wearing multiple rings is more than just layering your rings from your collection. It signifies your style and personal preference. If you are styling rings it must tell you who you are. You can add meaning to your rings while stacking. Choose birthstones, there is no hard and fast rule that one can only wear a birthstone from his birth month. If you do not know about your birthstone or its meaning, then you must look into it.
  8. Single-finger stacking: Why not stack multiple rings on your single finger? Yes, you can stack multiple rings on one finger. It will make a bold statement and will highlight the matching sets. Remember to place the thicker rings on the base of your finger and then wear your thinner rings. Always go from thick to thin, do not go the other way because if you choose thin to thick then it will look like your thicker rings are being squished.
  9. Go with your style: If you want to lean towards a minimal jewelry style and want to make your rings the statement piece of your outfit, you can try minimizing wholesale silver bangles and necklaces. Else if you are looking for some bold style then adding extra jewelry pieces like chunky neck pieces, and layering sterling silver bracelets wholesale will create a fierce and fun look. Whatever you choose, just remember what works well for you is the only important thing.


Now that you know how to style multiple rings at once, it’s time to give the trend a try. Explore our collection of rings and style yourself with our exquisite designs. So for all your requirements regarding rings or any other jewelry item, you can get in touch with our jewelry experts. We will be happy to help you.

It’s never too late to make your fashion game up by purchasing the best rings that suit your style. We hope this guide has been helpful if you are looking for ways on how to wear multiple rings at once.