Top Ways to Measure Your Ring Size Correctly

Whether you are on the lookout for a sterling silver engagement ring or a diamond-studded gold ring, the process of buying a new ring for yourself or for a loved one is really special. 

What makes it slightly tricky though is the fact that people often get the wrong ring size and resizing a ring isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Getting the ring size correct is really important because it is something you cannot simply adjust or alter. Another reason to pay close attention to the size is because a ring is a sizeable investment and the last thing you want is to be dissatisfied with it because of the size and comfort. 

So, how do you measure your ring size? Well, there are some very obvious and some inventive ways to do so. 

Here are some easy hacks to measure your ring size correctly:

1.Head to your local jeweler

Find a local jewelry store near you and have your finger measured. Jewelers have a special metal stick with accurate markings that they use for measuring your finger size. Just to be doubly sure, you can also take your existing ring along when you go for measurement. If you have a ring that fits you perfectly, you can show it to the jeweler and crosscheck the size with it.   

2. Measure your old ring

Another really simple way to do this at home is by using a ruler to measure an existing ring that fits you well. You can use a regular ruler to gauge the inner diameter (edge to edge) of your ring. Note this down in millimeters so you can find the measurement on a size chart when shopping for a ring online. 

3. Use a strip of paper

Here’s a simple and effective hack that can be used to get perfect measurements. All you need is a piece of paper, a pair of scissors, a pen, and a ruler. Follow these steps: 

  • Cut the paper into a thin strip that is 100 millimeters in length. 
  • Wrap this strip around your finger (near the base)
  • Use a pen to mark the point where the two ends of this strip meet
  • Using a ruler, measure the length of the strip (till the point where the paper overlaps) 

This length is basically the circumference of the ring. You can use a standard ring size chart to convert your measurement and find the corresponding ring size. 

4. Use a string

This method is similar to the one mentioned above. However, instead of paper, you can use a piece of string that is 6 inches in length. Follow these steps to find your ring size: 

  • Wrap the piece of string around your finger’s base area
  • You can use a pen to mark where the string meets its other end
  • Use a ruler to measure the length up to the mark you have made

Once you know the circumference of the ring, you can compare the millimeter reading on a ring size conversion chart. 

Bonus Tips for Measuring Your Ring Size

Here are a few expert tips that will help ensure that there is no room for errors or miscommunication when selecting a ring: 

  1. If you plan on using a string (see point #4 above) to measure the ring size, make sure you don’t use a string that is elastic in nature. The stretching of the string may indicate the incorrect size. 
  2. Measure your ring size multiple times so there is no room for doubt. The human finger size fluctuates depending on the outside and body temperature. Our fingers shrink in cold weathers and swell up when there is heat. While this difference is not massive, it is best to gauge your ring size at different times of the day to be sure. 
  3. Consider the size of your knuckle, too, when measuring your ring size. If your knuckle is on the larger side, it is recommended that you order half a size bigger. Sometimes, the size that your finger alone indicates may not be 100% correct, especially if you have big knuckles. 

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