Why Should One Invest in Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry?

Are you interested in the stainless steel jewelry trend? Read on to know everything about stainless steel jewelry. 

When thinking of purchasing jewelry, most people always have images on their mind of beautiful and brilliant pieces. However, such precious metal prices put them off and remain away from the jewelry market, believing everything is costly. 

Over time, many high-quality alternatives to traditional jewelry have emerged. Thus, if you are in the market for long-lasting jewelry, you will most likely find one in the stainless steel jewelry. 

Why invest in wholesale stainless steel jewelry?

There are various characteristics of stainless steel that makes it the best option for jewelry making. It is one such common choice that is loved by women of all age groups. Because of the high price of precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum, stainless steel is becoming famous for its low cost and high aesthetic appeal. 

Following are some of the characteristics that make it a popular metal for making jewelry:

Long-lasting: Various metals are not durable in the long run. They get bent, broken or tarnished. But stainless steel jewelry is one such exception which is durable enough to last for a long time. The stainless steel jewelry is tough, durable and hard to manage material around the years. 

Low reactivity: Stainless steel remains unaffected by chemicals because of the chromium oxide film on it, unlike silver and gold, which stains easily. Chlorine and salt tarnish the metals like silver, but it does not affect stainless steel. Hence it is an excellent choice for swimmers or the aquatic athletes. It is also a right choice for crafting jewelry because even though nickel is present in the stainless steel, it does not trigger a reaction from the sensitive metal skins.

Corrosion-resistant: Stainless steel jewelry is resistant to rust, so it requires low upkeep. It remains brand new without any polishing or cleaning. The metal will not show usual signs of wear and tear, so you don’t require much maintenance to attain that either. 

What features to take into consideration while purchasing stainless steel jewelry?

While purchasing wholesale stainless steel jewelry you must take care of a few things to make the best purchase.

  1. Online user reviews: It is essential to check both negative and positive reviews from different websites before purchasing. Review of sites will provide you with the idea of whom to approach when buying or the best products currently in demand.
  2. Types of stainless steel: There are 150 kinds of stainless steel produced by the manufacturers. Each type serves a purpose like decorative cladding used on the roof of the buildings, surgical implants used in dentistry, making jewelry, etc.

The designers use 302 and 304 stainless steel for making jewelry. So it is essential to know the type of stainless steel jewelry before buying. The stainless steel jewelry has a maximum percentage of nickel and can stain skin.

  1. Design of the jewelry: When buying online, the design is the first impression the buyer gets from viewing jewelry pieces online—the design of jewelry changes from time to time due to change in fashion. 
  2. Weight: Some jewelry pieces are actually made of aluminum rather than stainless steel, so you must check the item’s weight when buying. Stainless steel weighs 7500kg (density) as compared to aluminum which is 2700kgs. Keep in mind that stainless steel jewelry is more decadent than alloy jewelry and lighter than tungsten jewelry. 
  3. Certification: If you buy the stainless steel jewelry from a reputed jeweler, they will certify the jewelry as surgical or implant grade stainless steel. Therefore before you buy wholesale stainless steel jewelryit is essential to check the certification. 
  4. Color: Also, stainless steel looks as gleaming/silvery metal with silvery fractures.
  5. Quality of the jewelry: This is the crucial option when buying jewelry as it represents its durability. Because you are paying a significant amount of money, you should not compromise on the quality of jewelry. So go with manufacturers who are offering certificates with a hallmark.
  6. Cost: The cost of the jewelry is another essential factor to consider. Stainless steel jewelry falls into different categories. We advise you should invest a little more on the metal’s best quality if you have sensitive skin.
  7. Nitric acid test: This test helps to differentiate stainless steel from non-stainless steel jewelry. Nitric acid test is hazardous and reactive, so you need to be very careful. Wear a mask and safety glasses if you choose to run the test at home. 

Put a drop of acid on the surface of the jewelry piece. You could see pungent fumes if the jewelry piece will be non-stainless steel, but if there will be no reaction then the jewelry piece is made of real stainless steel.

Are you looking for stainless steel jewelry?

If you are looking to buy stainless steel jewelry for your jewelry collection, you have come to the right place.

There are chances that you will be delighted with your jewelry choices. From earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces to watches, you can add a huge variety of items to your wholesale stainless steel jewelry purchase as stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, so it is trendy among men and women both. The best part is that it’s durable, sturdy, beautiful yet affordable so all can enjoy it.

Hence if you are in the search of wholesale stainless steel jewelry, check out the awesome collection of dazzling pieces to accessorize your style. So when shopping for high quality and versatility jewelry, stainless steel jewelry ticks all the boxes. 

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